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Even More Photos Taken On Amtrak's Southwest Chief
One of the departure boards at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal. My train was the first one listed.
Getting ready to head south to San Diego on Surfliner Train #564 is private car former Southern Pacific #2981 "Overland Trail" which is a 39 seat
Club-Lounge car featuring a Barber Shop and Shower. This is one of several private cars operated by in the Los Angeles area.
Next to Overland Trail, former Santa Fe Lounge Car #1370 "Acoma" was also on Train #564. This car's claim to fame was that it was
the first stainless steel car built by Budd for the Santa Fe's famous "Super Chief". I need to ride in one of those cars someday!
My train for today would be Pacific Surfliner #761 being pulled by EMD F59PHI #454, bound for San Luis Obispo, and I would ride in Business Class.
And this would be my "chariot" to San Luis Obispo, Pacific Business Class Car #6800, named "Griffith Park".
Upon departing LA, in Business Class, you get a copy of USA Today along with a Motts juice box and a sweet roll and it was delicious!!!
Passing Mission Tower just outside Union Station.
Passing another Surfliner train arriving at LA.
The diamond next to Mission Tower where Union Pacific's main line crosses Metrolink where we are switching onto for the ride north.
Now riding along the Los Angeles River, which today had a little water in it, as quite frequently, it's dry, and has also been used as a set in lots of movies!!!
Passing by Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, CA.
Passing the Van Nuys Airport at Van Nuys, CA.
Taking a break at Chatsworth, CA.
Some mountains near Moorpark, CA.
The Turkey Sandwich on honey wheat bred and a Diet Pepsi I picked up from the cafe car. That sandwich was excellent!
Now at Oxnard, CA, I'd love to have an RV to go railfanning with!
Now starting to do some riding along the ocean, here we are at the Ventura Pier in Ventura, CA.
Now riding past Emma Wood State Beach in Ventura.
Solimar Beach near Ventura.
What a great day to bring the camper to the beach!
Amtrak 774, you're lookin' good! Surfliner Train #774 passed by us just after we departed Ventura.
Passing by Carpinteria State Beach in Carpinteria, CA.
Fernald Point at Montecito, CA.
The Andree Clark Bird Refuge near the Santa Barbara Zoo in Santa Barbara, CA.
Now taking a break at Santa Barbara, CA.
Former Southern Pacific Business Car #142 is on display at the Santa Barbara station. This car was placed here by the Fillmore & Western Railway.
The beautiful Amtrak Station in Santa Barbara.
One more quick view before departing Santa Barbara.
This is Dos Pueblos Canyon in Goleta, CA, of course, on the ocean!
Now coming up to El Capitan State Beach, still in Goleta.
Refugio State Beach, also in Goleta.
Now passing by Gaviota State Beach, I won't soon forget standing on the end of that pier to get photos of the Coast Starlight here back in 2012!
Now riding past Jalama Beach near Lompoc. I also visited here in 2012 to go railfanning and have a delicious, world famous Jalama Burger!!!
Another view at Jalama, the Jalama Beach Store is where you can get your Jalama Burger. Note it was now getting very foggy outside!
Beautiful sand dunes along the ocean!
Now arriving at Lompoc-Surf, CA station.
Lompoc-Surf Station is located on Vandenburg Air Force Base. A 3-mile long runway was built near here for the Space Shuttle Program to be an
emergency landing strip for the shuttle but was never actually used to land a shuttle here. The test shuttle "Enterprise" did get set up on a
launch pad but never actually launched from here.
This is the Union Pacific Lompoc Industrial Lead that ends at this mainline, located just past the Lompoc-Surf Station.
Special thanks to for info on this location.
Ocean Beach Park at the mouth of the Santa Ynez River just past Lompoc-Surf Station.
In Business Class, you get this snack pack around lunchtime which has things like cookies and kettle chips along with trail mix and candy,
with a Diet Pepsi for me of course!
Oceano Dunes at Oceano, CA. That's a lot of sand!!!
I see a salad in my future! One of many farms, this one near Guadalupe, CA.
That's some serious farm equipment!
Making a quick stop at Grover Beach, CA.
A precursor of things to come on this trip! Yep, why do I seem to think those grapes might be for, I don't know, WINE MAYBE???
Some historic railroad equipment being worked on in the Historic Railroad District of San Luis Obispo, CA.
Passing by the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum near the Amtrak Station.
Now having arrived at San Luis Obispo, CA, despite the rain, it was still a great train ride along the ocean getting here!
And here would be my ride to San Jose, on this Amtrak California Thruway Bus!