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Photos Taken On Amtrak's Silver Meteor
Train #97 during boarding at Washington Union Station.
Amtrak P42DC's #14 and 112 couple onto the end of the train as they would be our power for the trip to Florida. Either an AEM-7 or ACS-64
pulls the train from New York to here in Washington while traveling on the Northeast Corridor.
Heritage Diner #8532, a Budd-built car for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, this car started its life as a Coach! These are my favorite cars on Amtrak!
Time for dinner!!! I would have the Amtrak Signature Steak with a baked potato, three grain rice pilaf and mixed vegetables. I'll remember that steak
for a long time, it was absolutely delicious and cooked perfectly!!!
The green and pink Timoinsa Interior in Heritage Diner #8532.
A place setting on the Silver Meteor, they were using the Silver Star's menus for unknown reasons.
Now stopped at Richmond, VA, a couple other trains were parked here.
Time for breakfast the next morning! Here is the Railroad French Toast with chicken apple sausage patties and a Diet Pepsi, good eats!!!
Welcome to Jesup, GA.
The Amtrak Station at Jesup, GA, south of Savannah.
A CSX freight waits for us to pass, lead by GE B40-8 #5948.
A very popular place to railfan is right here in Folkston, GA.
A former Baltimore & Ohio Bay-Window Caboose at Folkston. I need to go railfanning here someday!
This would also mark the first palm tree I would see on this trip!
Amtrak's station at Jacksonville, FL.
Amtrak's Silver Meteor taking a break at Jacksonville.
A view of the train from the other end of the platform canopy.
Now stop me if you heard this one already, I love palm trees!!!
Rounding a sharp bend after departing Jacksonville.
Welcome to Palatka, FL. The station was originally built by the Atlantic Coast Line Railway as a Union Station for joint use
with the Florida East Coast Railway. Today, it's Amtrak's stop here and also houses a railroad museum.
Former Atlantic Coast Line Class M-5 Caboose #0623 is on display at the Palatka Station.
Amtrak's new and improved Side Salad! It's a bigger salad and has more veggies in it, more good eats in the Amtrak diner!!!
Amtrak's Marketplace Special for lunch, Turkey Meatballs in a tomato sauce & parmesan cheese with garlic mashed potatoes! Good lunch!!!
Now arriving at Winter Park, FL. This would be the second town named "Winter Park" that I've rode through, the first being in Colorado!
Welcome to sunny, and very warm, Orlando FL!
Amtrak's Silver Meteor, departing Orlando, with its final destination of Miami, FL later today. That Baggage Car was built in 1961
and has served the Union Pacific Railroad as well as Amtrak ever since!
Now there's something you don't see back north, ceiling fans on an outdoor station platform!!!
Amtrak's station in Orlando, a Seaboard station that is currently undergoing renovations on the street side of the station.
This is another example of a good reason to have a wide-angle lens on the camera!
The SunRail Commuter Train Station located just north of the Orlando Amtrak Station, as seen in the left of this photo.
I made a return trip back to this station in the evening on November 6th to do some night photography of Amtrak's Silver Star.
Here we see the Star, which is Train #92, taking a break at Orlando with P42DC #93 leading this New York-bound train. This,
and the following two photos are Manual HDR images.
Another view of the shiny Silver Star!
One more view of the Star, shortly before departing Orlando. All my night photos of Train #49 over the years prepared me for these!!!