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Photos Taken On Amtrak's Capitol Limited
Amtrak's Capitol Limited taking a break at Cleveland, OH. This was a high-ISO image (hence why it's "noisy", digital term for "grainy" which was used to
describe the not-very-sharp image quality from high speed or high ISO film) as there wasn't enough time to set up the tripod for a Manual HDR image.
Something I thought looked interesting, and it would be a little different on each route, the place settings in the Dining Car. Each Amtrak route
has a personalized Dining Car menu as you'll see throughout the travelogue.
Time for breakfast!!! This morning, I'd have the Railroad French Toast with pork sausage patties with my morning
Diet Pepsi and orange juice (in was in the paper cup).
Some of the last fall colors of the season in Fairhope, PA, getting close to the Maryland state line.
Coming up to the Maryland border paralleling PA Route 96.
Passing through Mount Savage, MD.
Willis Creek, just outside the city of Cumberland, MD.
Welcome to Cumberland, MD!
This sign, courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service, welcomes visitors to Cumberland when you arrive at the station here!
Now having arrived at Cumberland, the Capitol Limited takes a break.
I love the American flags lining the platform here in Cumberland!!!
Shortly after departing Cumberland, we passed CSX Train K-135 with BNSF GE ES44C4 #8079 leading.
This photo was taken from my Sleeping Car as we passed by the train.
CSX power in Cumberland Yard.
CSX EMD SD40-2 #2431 works in the Cumberland Yard.
That's one impressive tower!
A former Baltimore & Ohio Railroad color position light signal, you don't see too many of these anymore!
The south branch of the Potomac River, with the train now in West Virginia.
You ride along the Potomac River for quite a distance on the Capitol Limited!!!
Time for lunch!!! Today, I would have the Angus Steak Burger with bacon and kettle chips with a Diet Pepsi, good eats!!!
Now arriving at Martinsburg, WV.
Another view of the Martinsburg Amtrak Station.
Now arriving at Harpers Ferry, WV. A couple people were anxiously awaiting the arrival of a passenger on this train with one holding up a sign for them!
Riding on CSX's Cumberland Sub at Harpers Ferry, you can see the former Winchester & Potomac Railroad's mainline
going over the Potomac River that is now the CSX Shenandoah Sub.
The Shenandoah Sub's bridge features a fenced in pedestrian walkway.
A view of the Shenandoah Sub going over the mighty Potomac!
A view from the CSX yard in Brunswick, MD.
Now at Rockville, MD, the Washington, DC Metro Rail system also has a station here as seen in this photo.
Now on the south end of the Northeast Corridor, getting close to Washington, DC Union Station, we see a
MARC (Maryland Rail Commuter) MP36PH-3C #30 leading one of its commuter trains.
A couple MARC commuter trains just north of Union Station.
Now having arrived at Washington, DC Union Station, here's one more view of the the Capitol Limited! Yes, we did have "engine engine number 9,
going down Chicago line" on our train, literally!!! Someone did make a comment about that on the radio when we arrived here!
The rear end of the Capitol Limited with some P42's parked on an adjoining track.
Amtrak GE P42DC #156 was at Union Station, this unit was painted up in Amtrak's Phase I paint scheme for its 40th Anniversary in 2011.
Amtrak Northeast Regional Train #94 sits at Union Station with AEM-7AC #921 for power. These locomotives are in the process of being
retired as new Siemens ACS-64 electrics are now arriving. Interestingly enough, the AEM-7's replaced the GE E60's which replaced the
original Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 electrics!
And here is ACS-64 #602 leading Northeast Regional Train #95 headed for Newport News, VA after an engine change.