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Railfanning In Elkhart, IN - November 2nd, 2005
Fall Amtrak Vacation Trip 2005:
Railfanning In Elkhart, IN
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
   At 7:30am, I woke up and called Amtrak to check the Status of Train #49 which I would be boarding to go to Chicago for my final leg of the trip. The train had lost significant time as it meandered its way across New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Amtrak’s virtual agent “Julie” stated the train should arrive in Elkhart at 9:44am. My friend and I grabbed breakfast at another McDonald’s before getting to the station. From around 9:20am when we arrived there until the train came at 10:32am, 8 trains came by, this proves that this is one very busy mainline! Below are photos of the trains that came by in the hour and a half or so that I waited for my train…
The Amtrak Station in Elkhart, IN. A former Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Station (New York Central). According to the National New York Central Museum, the station will be undergoing several big renovations soon. There is an enclosed waiting room in the station for Amtrak passengers but the station itself is not staffed.
The first train of the morning was this Eastbound NS Van with C40-9W #9740 on the lead.
Heading into Elkhart Yard is UP SD40-2 #3062 on the lead of a Westbound Manifest at 9:29am.
CP Rail operates several trains in this area on NS, note this one with AC4400CW #9549.
NS assigns symbol 33T to this train.
This westbound Manifest enters the yard with a freshly painted NS GP38-3 (GP38 Rebuild) #5609.
Eastbound NS Train 20T heads through Elkhart with C40-9W #9554 at 9:57am.
This yard local passes through with GP38-2 #5579 leading.
A symbol of a bygone era, Conrail Bay Window Caboose #21283.
About the only place you see these anymore active on the railroad is on yard local trains.
NS Train #39J heads West with SD70 #2577 on the lead. These units were the last ones to be
painted in Conrail Paint, having been ordered by and numbered for NS though painted for Conrail.
My train would soon be arriving to take me to Chicago for the last day of a very good vacation, please click below...