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Torrey Pines State Beach, CA Photos
This is truly one of the biggest treasures along the Surfline! The North Beach at Torrey Pines State Park!
The Coaster name appears on the bridges in this area. This photo was taken in the parking lot of the beach.

My winter home (Geno, keep dreaming!!!), but seriously, I'd love to have a place up on those hills!!!

The Pacific Ocean, the Surfline, and above are some more very expensive homes with a beautiful ocean view!!!

I've always wanted to get a picture like this in all my years of railfanning!!! Here is Train #583 heading north towards
Los Angeles along the beautiful Pacific Ocean, I swear, railroad photography doesn't get much better than this!!!

Looking south towards San Diego with a northbound Coaster train passing by.
Same Coaster train as above, they also operate in "Push-Pull" mode like the Surfliners.
Surfliner Train #578 heading south towards San Diego with one of dozens of joggers running along
this trail as evidenced by the numerous footprints and bike tire tracks in the sand.
Northbound Surfliner #785, which would be the last train I would see during my visit today to the beach.
Looking north on the beach at Torrey Pines. This park is also home to a world-renowned golf course as well.