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Oceanside, CA Photos
Amtrak's station in Oceanside, CA.
The actual Amtrak station building.

The station facilities are shared by Greyhound Bus and offer amenities such as this Burger King restaurant.
I ate my lunch here when I arrived into town on the train.

This sign says it all!
Surfliner Train #768 arriving in Oceanside.
Train #573 departing Oceanside.
Sprinter train service that runs from Oceanside to Escondido. This operates on a separate line with the station platform
just south of the Amtrak station platform. Note: I put the camera on top of the fence to get this photo!
This sign says it all, and it ain't kidding!!!
Train #775 which would bring me up to San Luis Obispo on October 29th, 2008.
They call it Oceanside for a reason!