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Solana Beach To Fullerton, CA On Amtrak California's Pacific Surfliner
  After parking the car at the very large parking lot at the Solana Beach station, I headed inside and found out that the train I would take today, Pacific Surfliner #579 would be arriving on the normal northbound track through this station which is Track #2. At 2:18pm, Train #579 arrived at Solana Beach Station. My reason for making this trip was to attend the Southern California Rail Travel Meetup Group event at Knowlwood's Restaurant near the Fullerton Amtrak Station. The consist for today's train is shown below and is listed as "backwards" as this train was being "pushed" northbound as trains operate on this mainline in push-pull mode.
6905 Cab/Baggage/Coach Point San Luis Cab Control/Baggage/Coach
34960 Coach Sequoia Grove Coach (Former Superliner I)
6410 Coach Imperial Beach Coach
6408 Coach Capistrano Beach Coach
6305 Coach/Cafe Santa Barbara Canyon Coach/Cafe
6802 Pacific Business Class Gaviota Park Business Class Car
456 F59PHI   Power
SPECIAL NOTE: Car #34960 was built as a Superliner I Coach and was a wreck-damaged car that was repaired with funding from the State of California and is now equipped with 80 seats.
 We departed Solana Beach at 2:19pm, running 5 minutes late. Pacific Surfliner Train #774 passed us somewhere near Carlsbad, on its way to San Diego. The next stop was Oceanside, CA where we arrived at 2:37pm, and departed at 2:38pm, running 7 minutes late. I headed downstairs to the cafe car to have a Diet Pepsi and a Twix and we made our next stop at San Juan Capistrano, CA at 3:08pm and departed there at 3:10pm, running 5 minutes late, having made up some time. Our next stop would be Irvine, CA where we arrived at 3:24pm and departed at 3:25pm, still running 5 minutes late. Next up was Santa Ana, CA where we arrived at 3:35pm and departed at 3:39pm, now 9 minutes late. It turns out the sun was starting to get into my photos (I was hoping it wouldn't be but oh well, can't change the position of the sun!), so I did my best to keep it out of them! We would pass Surfliner Train #580 going southbound near the Anaheim station as well around 3:45pm. We would make our next stop at Anaheim at 3:47pm and depart at 3:49pm, now 11 minutes late. I took some photos of the Anahiem station which was on the other side of the train from where I was sitting. My stop coming up next would be Fullerton, CA where we arrived at 3:57pm, 7 minutes late.
  I met up with my Aunt who lives in the area and we headed over to Knowlwood's to visit and later I would join the rest of the people who showed up for the Meetup Group including my web host, Steve Grande, TrainWeb correspondent Carl Morrison, Bob Manning, Chris Guenzler, Chris Parker and a railfan named Janelle. All of the conversation was great! I had a Bacon Burger and fries with a Diet Pepsi (nothing new here, I don't drink coffee, Diet Pepsi it is!) and around 6:30pm, several of us headed over to the Fullerton Amtrak Station to see the eastbound Southwest Chief. Tonight's Chief departed Los Angeles 18 minutes late at 6:33pm and it was about a half-hour ride to Fullerton. Steve Grande, Carl Morrison, Janelle and a few other railfans, myself included would chat for a bit and I would set up my camera as I wanted to do a night photo of the train here.
  Once I had the camera set up, I started talking with a railfan from the local area who was driving a Cadillac Fleetwood hearse, and it turns out this guy just liked this type of car, he wasn't a funeral director or an undertaker. Though he had the song "Running Down A Dream" by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers playing! He then thought of playing "Highway To Hell" by AC/DC and I later suggested "If Today Was Your Last Day" by Nickelback! Yes, the DJ in me starts coming up with "appropriate" music! Good conversation was had and at 7:14pm, Train #4 arrived at the Fullerton Station and I was able to get a sweet night photo of it (don't worry, you'll see it soon!). My train back to Solana Beach was not set to arrive until 8:00pm so after the Chief left, I had a very at-length conversation with Steve and he showed me his Tesla 100% electric automobile that he drove here from his home in the Pacific Northwest! Before heading back to Solana Beach, be sure to check out some photos from the ride up here from Solana Beach!