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Photos Taken While Riding On Amtrak's Sunset Limited
  Taking a break at El Paso, TX.  
  Superliner II Sleeping Car #32076, one of two cars that joined our train from the Texas Eagle early this morning at San Antonio, TX.  
  A view of Amtrak's impressive station, known s the El Paso Union Depot.  
  A wide-angle view of the Sunset Limited at El Paso.  
  Now having departed El Paso, we ride literally right next to the Mexican border, what you see in this photo behind that fence is Mexico.  
  Another view at the border of the United States and Mexico.  
  Getting ready to cross the Rio Grande River into the state of New Mexico. A BNSF freight sits with some Ferromex power on a track we'll cross over.  
  Crossing over West Paisano Drive in El Paso just before crossing the Rio Grande.  
  The mighty Rio Grande River.  
  Now in the state of New Mexico, looking over the fence at the nation of Mexico.  
  Union Pacific EMD SD70M #4206 seen in Deming, NM.  
  Amtrak's station at Deming, NM. You board the train at a road crossing by this shelter.  
  Another view at Deming.  
  Southwestern Railroad EMD GP40 #9964 at Deming. This unit started its career with the Penn Central and later Conrail, so it
ran back home in the northeast at one time.
  Crossing over North Gold Avenue in Deming.  
  Now heading out of Deming, we see some impressive mountains in the distance.  
  Now coming into Lordsburg, NM, we pass by several of these "budget motels"!  
  Amtrak's station at Lordsburg, NM. Similar to the Deming station, and you board the train here at a road crossing.  
  Good eats at the Stage Coach Inn & Cafe in Lordsburg!  
  An old Western Auto store!  
  Well at least I know I can find "REAL MEXICAN FOOD" when I'm visiting Lordsburg at the El Charro Cafe!  
  Now out of Lordsburg, we pass a parked UP freight lead by GE AC4400CW #6681.  
  Time for dinner for the last time on the Sunset Limited! Here I would have the Amtrak Signature Steak with rice pilaf and mixed veggies with
a Diet Pepsi. Another great steak in the dining car!
  What's left of the visible light in the western sky after sunset. For some reason, most of the passengers in the Dining Car gave me a round of
applause after taking this picture as the three passengers sitting at my table sort of bugged me to take it!
  Now at our station and service stop at Tucson, AZ. The rest of the photos on this page will be of the "Manual HDR" variety as I had enough time to
take enough "data photos". Here we have a wide view of the train.
  Superliner II Sleeping Car #32111, my sleeping car on this train.  
  Tucson is a fueling stop for this train. Since there was no way I could get a photo of the head end from here, I thought it might be interesting to
get a photo while we were being refueled, hence what you see here.
  A platform view of the train looking east, with a full cart of trash from the Dining Car!  
  The following morning, having made up all the time we lost earlier in the trip thanks to good dispatching from Union Pacific and some generous
schedule padding, we arrived in Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal some 20 minutes EARLY! After getting off the train, I walked around
the end of the platform and saw there was no train on the adjoining track. I knew I wanted to get a night photo of the train once I arrived here
but I was in total shock when I found this angle! Here we have one final look at the Sunset Limited in Los Angeles, CA before sunrise!!!