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Photos Taken While Riding On Amtrak's Southwest Chief
  Located on Track #16 at Chicago Union Station, the Southwest Chief is seen here with GE P42DC #18 leading, just before departing for points west.  
  This train was one of the last ones I rode on that still had a Heritage Baggage car. I know this is not a "roster photo" but this close-up shows what a
railroad car looks like that has racked up as many miles as it has both as a coach and as a baggage car, having starting its career in 1961, built
by The Budd Company for the Union Pacific Railroad, which conveyed the car to Amtrak in 1971. Although these are only baggage cars, I will still
miss them once they are all retired as they have so much history behind them, and are really the last cars on Amtrak that have the direct
connection to the days back when freight railroads ran passenger rail service in America.
  On an adjacent track is Heritage Baggage Car #1260 which was built in 1955 for the Santa Fe Railway by American Car & Foundry. Considering
this car is 60 years old and has what's likely millions of miles on it, that stainless steel looks to have held up very well!
  Looking south from the platform at Chicago Union Station shortly before departing.  
  Now having departed Chicago Union Station, we turn west on to the BNSF Chicago Subdivision, also known as the "Chicago Racetrack" by some. This
is the old Chicago, Burlington & Quincy mainline. The overpass in the foreground is the St. Charles Air Line which is used by state-sponsored Amtrak
trains as well as the City Of New Orleans.
  Passing by the Union Pacific (Ex-Chicago & North Western) Global I East Intermodal Yard which is next to the BNSF mainline that we are on.  
  One last look back at the mighty Willis Tower!  
  BNSF EMD GP50 #3150 (trying very hard to hide its former Burlington Northern identity, said tongue-in-cheek) works at the BNSF yard in Cicero, IL.  
  Now arriving at Amtrak and Metra's station in Naperville, IL, which is the first stop on the Southwest Chief.  
  Passing by a farm in Earlville, IL.  
  Two former Illinois Central (later Metra) Highliner Commuter Cars at Mendota, IL. These are owned by the Union Depot Railroad Museum in Mendota.  
  A 1949 Pullman-Standard former Southern Pacific Dining Car in the process of being repainted at the Union Depot museum.  
  Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Class O-1A 2-8-2 Mikado #4978 is on display at Mendota. This steamer was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1923.  
  Some more of the grounds at the Union Depot Railroad Museum in Mendota.  
  Passing one more of the many farms along this route, this time at Malden, IL.  
  Interesting rainbow effect in the clouds in this photo, seen in Galesburg, IL.  
  Chicago, Burlington & Quincy #3006, a 4-6-4 Steam Locomotive built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1930 is on display at the Galesburg
Railroad Museum located just east of the Galesburg Amtrak Station.
  A wider view of the steam locomotive along with a CB&Q Railway Post Office car.  
  Just before sunset, we arrived at Galesburg, IL. The station is located next to the Galesburg Railroad Museum, and one of the displays includes
the CB&Q 40ft box car in the background.
  This classic Amtrak Chevron Logo (also known as the "pointless arrow" logo) is very much alive and well at Galesburg!  
  Amtrak's station at Galesburg, IL on South Seminary Street. This station is not the original station for this city as the old Santa Fe station here
was used before the Southwest Chief was rerouted over the old BN out of Chicago.
  The place setting in the Dining Car on the Southwest Chief. Newman's Own dressings, among the best salad dressings in the world!!!  
  Amtrak's side salad served before dinner in the diner!  
  Time for dinner! The Amtrak Signature Steak with rice pilaf and a mushroom sauce with the omnipresent Diet Pepsi! More good eats from the Amtrak diner!  
  Strawberry Cheesecake for desert in the diner! This was absolutely delicious!!!  
  During dinner, the train stopped at Fort Madison, IA, the only stop in the Hawkeye State for the Southwest Chief. Next stop is La Plata, MO and
my next destination of Silver Rails Country, check out the link below!!!