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Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Empire Builder
The Empire Builder just before departing Chicago Union Station with P42DC #181 for our leader. The train departs
out of one of the tracks that leads north out of Union Station, in this case, it was Track #19 today.
Another view of the train just before departing Union Station.
The Chicago River just north of Union Station.
Amtrak now provides a small toiletry bag for all sleeping car passengers. This was sitting in the room when I boarded.
Somewhere near Glenview, IL.
Relaxing in my sleeper! I set up the GPS on the window and our sleeper attendant came by and gave everyone
free bottles of champagne or sparkling cider, whichever you prefer. The champagne was J. Rojet Spumante!
Welcome To Milwaukee! We had a brief smoking stop there.
The joint Amtrak-Greyhound station at Milwaukee, WI.
Care for a beer anyone? Milwaukee is home to Miller Brewing Company and this is their headquarters!
An interior view of our Superliner II Dining car not long before dinner!
Crossing one of many diamonds along the route!
Dinner Salad on the Empire Builder!
The steak dinner tonight with a baked potato and beans.
Winona, MN Station. A smoking break was granted here.
Train #7 now taking a break at St. Paul-Minneapolis Station.
Former Rock Island Business Car "Gritty Palace" which is kept at this station when not running.
GNW&B actually stands for "Going Nowhere & Back"!!!
Original Empire Builder Vista-Dome "Puget Sound" is also based here when not on charter runs.
Taking a break and refueling at Minot, ND.
A couple BNSF Freights behind us at Minot.
One of many farms along the way!