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Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Southwest Chief
A New Mexico Rail Runner Express train at Albuquerque with MP36PH-3C #104 for power.
Because the train is serviced at this station, federal law requires the train be "blue-flagged" when being worked on,
thus the blue sign with the word "Stop" on it located behind the train in the left of the above photo.
Local Native Americans sell their arts and crafts on the platform at Albuquerque Station. This tradition dates back to the
days when the Santa Fe Railway ran the famous Super Chief through Albuquerque!!!
Albuquerque is a fueling stop for the Southwest Chief. Also Amtrak tries to keep a protect unit P42DC here as seen in the above pic.
Some more New Mexico Rail Runner equipment stored at Albuquerque.
The Southwest Chief, minutes before departing Albuquerque for the rest of the journey to Los Angeles!!!
P42DC #139, sitting in Albuquerque as a protect unit should another P42 break down along the route of this train.
Beautiful fall color just west of Albuquerque!
Time for dinner! Tonight I had the Amtrak Signature Steak with wild rice, mashed potatoes,
a mushroom gravy and a small side salad (not shown) with a Diet Pepsi!
Taking a break at Flagstaff, AZ.
Amtrak's station in Flagstaff, AZ which also houses the Flagstaff Visitor Center.
The Amtrak and Metrolink (Los Angeles & Vicinity's Commuter Rail System) Station at San Bernardino, CA.
Some Metrolink equipment parked at San Bernardino.
Some new Metrolink equipment near San Bernardino.
Paralleling the California 91 Freeway, I was hoping to see the nice morning California sun, oh well, I guess Mother Nature had other plans!
This place is called "All Ford Dismantlers", I wonder if my first car, a 2001 Taurus ended up here???
Amtrak's former Santa Fe station at Fullerton, CA, a place I've visited many times over the years on previous trips.
Some BNSF power and a caboose on a siding past Fullerton.
Coming up on the flyover over the Los Angeles River.
Tracks at the Redondo Roundhouse at Amtrak's 8th Street Yard facilities.
The Redondo Roundhouse is also the home of Santa Fe 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive #3751.
Superliners at 8th Street Yard.
The fueling pad at 8th Street Yard with P42DC #153 waiting to be filled up. #153 will be the lead unit on the
Coast Starlight that I will board at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal soon.
Pacific Parlour Car #39973 - Santa Lucia Highlands sitting in the yard. These cars can only be found on the Coast Starlight!
Getting close to downtown Los Angeles, the City Of Angels!!!
Welcome To Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal, the western terminus of the Southwest Chief!
A super wide-angle view of the main hall of Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal.
Many movies been shot here over the years!
The beautiful wooden ticket counters at LA Union Passenger Terminal. These are only used when a movie is being shot here.