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Silver Rails Country 2012: The Exhibition Of Amtrak History
  Located behind the Depot Inn & Suites, the Exhibition Of Amtrak History is a museum dedicated to the history of our nation's passenger railroad and is built inside two former Amtrak 1400-series Material Handling Cars and is set up on a piece of panel track. The panel track used came from behind the headquarters of as there was a siding there serving the industry that occupied that building before bought it. The museum is operated and maintained by the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation. Admission to the museum is free (though donations are accepted), and to enter it, you just need to ask whoever works the front desk at the Depot Inn for the key. Included here is an extended photo essay of this great museum. Being the Amtrak fan that I am, I knew I had to visit this place! Enjoy...
Former Amtrak Material Handling Car (MHC-1) #1451. This car was also built in 1986 by Thrall and was retired by Amtrak in July 2003.
Special Thanks to for historical information on this car.
About one half of this car contains photos/memorabilia dedicated to Amtrak's recent 40th Anniversary.
This case features photos of the P42's Amtrak painted up in classic paint schemes for its 40th Anniversary along with other collectibles.
Normally, I would never take a close-up of another photo, but in this case, I'm breaking my own rule because the photographer who took
this photo is also the person who runs this web site, yours truly!!! I'm very honored to have been asked to provide a photo for this display,
and am glad to see how it was actually displayed! Special thanks to Bob Cox for contacting me in regards to using this photo! By the way,
it's the Phase I-painted P42DC #156 on the head end of the Lake Shore Limited at Buffalo-Depew Station in March 2011!
Collages featuring milestones during Amtrak's first 40 years.
The other half of this car features an O Scale toy train layout.
The layout features a Sunoco Oil Refinery and a John Deere Tractor Factory!
That's it, I wanna get back into model trains again!!!
Former Amtrak Material Handling Car (MHC-1) #1429. This car was built in 1986 by Thrall and was retired by Amtrak in July 2003.
Special Thanks to for historical information on this car.
As soon as you walk into this car, you're greeted with a model of an Amtrak California coach along with a sign on the wall that shows
what Amtrak "almost" got named before it was to be called Amtrak, "Railpax", I think Amtrak has a nicer ring to it!
A cut-out model of an Amtrak California coach, nice cars!!!
In this car, the left side of it is filled with several cases featuring just about everything you can think of except a real P42 or F40!!!
LEFT: Amtrak mugs, a conductor hat, a race car and who knew they sold frisbees at one point??? RIGHT: An Amtrak bag, hard hat,
towels and a blanket. You can still buy Amtrak-branded blankets on long-distance trains today in the lounge car.
LEFT: Cups, A tickets/revenue envelope and some Amtrak t-shirts. RIGHT: Acela Express-branded apparel and memorabilia.
BOTH: Memorabilia from my favorite Amtrak train of all time and the one that I rode at the start of this trip, The Lake Shore Limited.
The Lake Shore is today's version of the New York Central's "20th Century Limited" and "The New England States" providing daily
service from both New York and Boston, to Chicago. It is also the first Amtrak train I ever rode on my first trip back in July 1996!
LEFT: Amtrak Junior Conductor hats as well as some other children's toys. RIGHT: Memorabilia from Amtrak's Capitol Limited
along with some HO Scale models of the Material Handling Cars that comprise this museum!!!
LEFT: Memorabilia from Amtrak's Crescent, some First-Aid kits and employee manuals along with Empire Service gear.
RIGHT: Amtrak's Auto Train promotional materials including a banner, hats, a mug, mouse pad and apparel.
LEFT: Apparel from Amtrak's Silver Service trains serving Florida as well as memorabilia from the state-sponsored Carolinian.
RIGHT: Memorabilia from Amtrak's Texas Eagle including dining car menus.
LEFT: Amtrak's Hoosier State which serves Indianapolis and Amtrak's Cardinal which runs from Chicago To New York via
West Virginia, a very scenic route! RIGHT: The train that serves Silver Rails Country each and every day, Amtrak's own
Southwest Chief along with some info on the Grand Canyon Railway which you can get to by riding the Chief!
LEFT: Mugs, a dining car menu and apparel from Amtrak's Sunset Limited. RIGHT: Mugs, apparel and a poster from
Amtrak's signature Rocky Mountain adventure, known as the California Zephyr.
LEFT: Safety Lanterns and lots of pins! RIGHT: Napkins, mugs, pins, gifts and name tags! I like that model of the P40!
BOTH: Bottles of wine and wine glasses along with dining car menus and other memorabilia from Amtrak's Empire Builder.
LEFT: Operation Redblock, The Game! RIGHT: More great Amtrak memorabilia.
I hope someday Amtrak starts running to Las Vegas again!
LEFT: Amtrak's Coast Starlight banner and umbrella along with a towel and toiletry bag from the Twilight Shoreliner.
RIGHT: Amtrak Vacations is available to plan a great vacation by rail! Also included is more Coast Starlight gear.
BOTH: More great memorabilia from Amtrak's Coast Starlight including mugs, more wine, even a license plate frame!
LEFT: The state-sponsored Amtrak Cascades trains and the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner service depicted in lots of collectibles.
RIGHT: Metrolink, Southern California's commuter rail system along with memorabilia from the service that today is now
known as Pacific Surfliner, Amtrak's San Diegans.
More Amtrak calendars and other signage along with photos celebrating Chris Guenzler's millionth mile riding Amtrak!
Anyone remember "Mail & Express"? Remember when the paying passenger was referred to as "the guest"???
A wide view of the other side of the car featuring all the display cases. The filing cabinets contain books/manuals about Amtrak
available for reading while visiting, I hope you enjoyed this pictorial of this great museum! As of when this travelogue went online
the entire museum has been rearranged, so I need to come back again to see how much has changed since October 2012!
  The photos shown here were taken using a tripod and cable release on the camera, mostly without a flash to eliminate the "blob of light" that usually accompanies a photo with glass in the foreground where the flash's light can bounce off. I truly had a great time visiting this incredible museum! To find out more about the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation, click in the link below. For now, let's go do some railfanning on the BNSF Marceline Sub!!!