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Amtrak Superliner I Coach Baggage #31014
Emeryville, CA
October 10th, 2013
California Zephyr #5
Phase IVb
Digital Photo
Canon EOS 60D
Tamron (Canon) 17-50mm
f2.8 Zoom Lens
f9.0 @ 1/200th sec
ISO 100
Coach Baggage
31514, 31014
This car was originally built as a Coach with the upper level featuring coach seating and the lower level featuring a large baggage room in the space that would otherwise be fitted with additional seating. In September 1997, the lower level of this car was converted into an enclosed smoking lounge and renumbered 31514. Amtrak eventually prohibited smoking onboard all routes except the Auto Train (which has since banned smoking onboard as well), and this car was converted back into a Coach Baggage car in May 2004 and renumbered back to its original number 31014. Historical Information about this car provided by