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Two Incredible Rides On The Napa Valley Wine Train
  Two of my biggest reasons for my visit to Napa would be not one, but TWO train rides on the Napa Valley Wine Train! Today, I would take my first ride as a "Go Loco" trip as the Wine Train calls it. This is a railfan's dream! You get to ride in the cab of a locomotive with the engineer and the conductor through the middle of Napa Valley! To get the best of both worlds, I chose to ride north to Saint Helena in the cab (the lighting for photography purposes was better riding north as well) and ride south in a Dining Car and have the Gourmet Express Lunch on the way back to Napa.
  I would take my second ride of the day in the Vista Dome Car for dinner. Taking both rides allowed me to sample both menus and experience the wine train both during the day and at night. Having rode in this car once before, I can honestly say, this is a ride you need to experience yourself! First, the food served in the Dome Car is prepared in the lower level of the car separate from the rest of the train, thus this car has its own menu. Also, you have full access to the entire train when you're not eating, drinking wine, or looking out the dome windows at the vineyards! I had a friend ride with me on this train so we would both go explore the train after dinner being the railfans we are! Looking for photos? TRUST ME, they're coming soon. For now though, click below for the stories about my two rides on the Wine Train...