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Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak California's Capital Corridor
The beautiful former Southern Pacific Station in California's State Capital of Sacramento, used today by Amtrak.
The actual station platforms are a fair distance from the station building and are next to the buildings that were part of the
Sacramento Locomotive Works, one of which still bears the Southern Pacific name on it!
This train information board is set up in the walkway to the platforms at Sacramento. The train I would be riding today,
Capital Corridor #535, would be boarding from Gate 4W.
Now on the platform at Sacramento, waiting for our scheduled time to depart, we have a clear signal! I also like to caption
photos like this by saying "Amtrak, May all your signals be green!!!"
Amtrak California Capital Corridor Train #535 with Amtrak GE P42DC #144 for power, minutes before departure.
One of the buildings from the former Sacramento Locomotive Works.
Coming into Davis, CA. Interesting mural!
Amtrak's station at Davis, another former Southern Pacific station. Bike riding is very popular here as evidenced by the bike racks.
An inside view of the Coach/Cafe car on this train, this is one of the nicest decors I've seen in my Amtrak travels!
Another view inside the impressive Coach/Cafe car.
Now riding through the Joice Island State Game Refuge.
U.S. Navy ships parked in Suisun Bay, part of the "Mothball Fleet" as these ships are inactive and in storage, aka "mothballed".
Buy a new car recently? It may have been off-loaded here!
Crossing over the Benecia-Martinez Railroad Bridge. The bridge in this photo is the
Benecia-Martinez bridge which carries I-680 into Martinez.
Coming into Martinez, home of lots of industry including oil refineries which explains the tank cars!
Riding along the Carquinez Strait and the Martinez Region Shoreline Park.
The Carquinez Bridges which carry I-80 over the Carquinez Strait. I drove over these bridges on this trip!
In the background of this photo, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge, a bridge I drove and walked across during my last
trip to the Bay Area in 2011.
The Amtrak Station at Berkeley, CA.
Taking a break at Emeryville, CA.
A huge container facility at the Port Of Oakland with the San Francisco Bay Bridge in the background.
Now arriving in Oakland-Jack London Square where the train runs down the street!
Now at the Oakland-Jack London Square station stop.
The Coliseum, home of the National Football League's Oakland Raiders and Major League Baseball's Oakland Athletics.
A former Western Pacific Bay-Window Caboose on display in Fremont, CA.
Part of the station facilities at Fremont-Centerville, CA.
Some old dilapidated structures at Alviso, CA. One of them towards the right of this photo has the word "wanderer" painted on the roof.
Levi's Stadium under construction. Starting in 2014, this will be the new home of the National Football League's
San Francisco 49ers. This stadium is located in Santa Clara, CA.
Located near Levi's Stadium is California's Great America Amusement Park which is owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company,
parent company of my favorite park in the known universe, Cedar Point!!!
Caltrain's service facilities at San Jose, CA. Caltrain is a commuter railroad serving the Bay Area.
A couple Caltrain commuter trains lead by F40's!
As viewed from the platform at San Jose, here is a Capital Corridor train and a Caltrain commuter train.
Caltrain on the left, Amtrak California on the right at San Jose.
The San Jose Diridon Amtrak Station, a beautiful building that is of Southern Pacific heritage.
I don't think you'll have too big of an issue getting a cab at this station!!!
An interior view of the San Jose Station, beautiful building!!!
And then there were three!!! Two Caltrain trains with what will become Amtrak California Capital Corridor Train #538.
The Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge at Alviso, CA now heading back towards Sacramento.
Union Pacific EMD GP40-2 #1433 at Newark, CA.
Private car "Virginia City", which is a Pullman Observation Platform Car, was sitting in Amtrak's yard in Oakland.
Back at Sacramento, yes, the station building is THAT FAR away from the platforms!
As seen from the Sacramento Station platform, P42DC #144 was the engine that pushed the train back here from San Jose.
The entrance to Sacramento Station from the platforms.
Underneath all that scaffolding, there is a station waiting room!!! At the time of my visit, Sacramento Station was being renovated
to make it better able to withstand earthquakes, and remaining open during the renovations!