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CP At Night: Daylight Photography Is Overrated!!!
It has become an annual tradition for me to do night photography at CP! Night photography for me originated years ago by photographing Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited. Using that train as my "practice canvas", I taught myself the art of "Manual HDR" where I take photos of the same subject at different exposures then use a process called "Layer-Masking" in Adobe Photoshop to balance the overall exposure by using the best parts of several photos and create an image that appears more or less the way your eyes would see it. Using this concept allows me to do night photography with nothing more than a camera, tripod, and cable release, no flashes or umbrellas! I took this simple concept and applied it to roller coasters and other rides/attractions at CP. In this section, you'll see a collection of night photos I took during a couple of my visits here this year. Enjoy...
This is the sign located at the end of Cedar Point Drive at the intersection with Cleveland Road (U.S. 6) in Sandusky.
When you see this sign, you know you're close to this world class park!!!
GateKeeper at night, well actually, just before sunrise! I had the privilege of attending Media Day for this ride back in May 2013, and
because it was a new media-related event, it started at 4am! This allowed for TV stations to do live reports from the park about
this new world record-breaking coaster! One coaster buff I talked to told me this event was "bucket list quality", I agree!!!
A view of GateKeeper near the new front entrance gates! The huge jack-o'-lanterns on the roof of the gates
let you know there's no doubt that it's HalloWeekends time at Cedar Point!!!
The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad Funway Station! The lights along the roof line really enhance the look of this station at night!
Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad Engine #22 - "Myron H." taking a break at Funway Station.
Also taking a break at Funway Station is Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad #44 - "Judy K.".
The top of the Mantis coaster lift hill with Power Tower all lit up in the background!
Even the "dead" enjoy some wine & spirits!!!
Cedar Point's oldest coaster "Blue Streak", a classic wooden coaster built in 1964.
GateKeeper on the beach at night, what a sight!!!
Utilizing GateKeeper's on-ride photo flash, you get a "ghost image" of the coaster train.
Finally, here's a beach view of the "Giant Wheel" along with coaster "Wicked Twister" as well as "WindSeeker".
Well I hope you enjoyed the night photography at CP, now, let's go railfanning!!!