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New For 2013 At CP: GateKeeper
  New for 2013 at Cedar Point is GateKeeper, a winged coaster that features coaster seating on each side of the train which gives a different ride experience based on which side of the train you sit on. Basically, this ride gives the effect of flying in a plane, but not at your sardine can-sized seat, but rather being strapped to one of the wings! Special thanks goes to Cedar Point for the specs on this unbelievable ride! Each of the ride's 3 coaster trains features 8 rows of seats with 2 seats on each side of the train. The ride features a 170ft lift hill with a 164ft drop at a 40 degree angle and features a total 4164ft of steel tubular track. The ride features a total of 4 inversions and flies over the main entrance through two keyhole towers. To minimize noise from the ride, the track is filled with sand. The ride occupies 3.5 acres of land and cost approximately $30 million to build. Included here are photos taken of this world class coaster that makes its presence be known as soon as you walk up to the front gates! Back on Media Day in May of this year, I rode this coaster 7 times and rode it once on this trip. You really need to ride this coaster on both sides to truly experience it. These photos were taken over the course of my three trips to the park this year (thus the reason for different weather conditions in the photos). Enjoy...
As you walk towards the main entrance to the park, there's no denying that GateKeeper let's you know you have arrived
at the best amusement park in the known universe!!!
GateKeeper's 170ft tall lift hill as seen from inside the park next to the neat GateKeeper sign!
A view of that impressive lift hill from the beach!
The coaster goes through its first inversion as soon as it reaches the top of the lift hill, this is awesome!!!
Without a cloud in the sky back on Media Day in May 2013, GateKeeper "transports" some of its first riders!!!
LEFT: GateKeeper's train as it goes through its second inversion. RIGHT: Coming down from the second inversion, the train
goes through an inversion and flips upright by the time it gets to the bottom of this hill. What a rush!!!
Going through yet another inversion, this time over an access road the coaster is built over.
Another view of that impressive inversion, this time from the beach.
LEFT: Going through the two keyhole towers over the front gates. RIGHT: The train exiting the second keyhole tower. These
photos were taken on 2 different days, hence the crazy sunshine in the left photo and the lack thereof in the right.
A close-up view of the 2 keyhole towers over the main entrance gates. If you think this looks crazy here, you need to ride it!
I wonder what that seagull must be thinking about this ride???
LEFT: GateKeeper going through its final inversion located to the west of the entrance gates.
RIGHT: On its way back towards the loading platform passing next to the 2 keyhole towers.
Passing by the keyhole towers as viewed from just inside the park's main entrance gates.
Having just passed through some trim brakes to gently slow the ride down, GateKeeper is heading back towards the loading platform.
Hope you enjoyed your ride on the world class GateKeeper!!!