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Photos Taken On Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited
I know it's only a non-descript sign that you see at most Amtrak stations but Buffalo-Depew Station was the station I boarded my first
Amtrak train at back in July 1996 and since then, 42 of my 52 trips on Amtrak have originated from this station!
Some crazy light reflections in this photo as I pointed the camera outside one of the cafe car windows to get a photo of the platform
at Erie, PA with the reflection of my laptop computer as well as windows inside the car! The crazy things that a high-ISO image like
this will capture!!!
An inside view of what is currently Amtrak's only Viewliner Diner #8400. This car is the test bed for new Viewliner II diners that are
currently under construction by CAF in Elmira, NY. On this night, the car also made for a place for one passenger to take a nap!
First Energy Stadium, home of the NFL's Cleveland Browns, conveniently located behind the Amtrak Station in Cleveland, OH.
Taking a smoking break at Cleveland. There wasn't enough time to set up the tripod and do Manual HDR night photos so I just
set the camera to ISO 6400 and used the onboard flash to get a quick and noisy photo like this!
Now at Sandusky, OH, Having just gotten off the train and (after a nap) I'm off to Cedar Point, I can't wait!!!