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The Pine Tree Limited At North Evans, NY
  For 2014, the American Association Of Private Railroad Car Owners (AAPRCO) would be having its convention in Portland, ME. A special train consisting of 26 private cars owned by AAPRCO members would run from Chicago, IL to Portland, powered by 3 Amtrak GE P42DC's. This year's train would be running through Western New York and so I decided that since I've never seen a train like this in person, I needed to get out and photograph it! Think about it, how often does a train with 26 private cars ever run? Once a year, but it goes somewhere different every year so with the train heading through my neck of the woods, I needed to see this in person!
   I decided I wanted to get photos of this train in more than one location if at all possible, so I ventured out and looked for good photo angles at a few locations. I decided in the end that my first location would be Overhead Bridge Road in North Evans, NY. I was not alone, as 4 other railfans had the same idea and would eventually show up there as well, 2 of which had been chasing the train since Cleveland, where it had departed that morning! This mainline is the old Nickel Plate (now the Norfolk Southern Buffalo-Chicago Main) and I had the privilege of riding on 2 NS Steam Excursion Trains behind the mighty Class J 4-8-4 #611 back in 1992 and 1993 on this mainline! Now that I think about it, 1993 was the last time I ever saw an excursion train on this mainline, until today! Included here are some photos taken of the train when it passed through here, about 16 miles from Buffalo. Enjoy...
With my 200mm zoom lens zoomed all the way in, we see the train approaching us. Today's train had 3 Amtrak GE P42DC's, with #44
leading the train with help from 97 and 151. Amtrak provides power for this train which is running on a mainline that normally doesn't
see passenger service, so this was a real treat! As I said earlier, the last time I saw a passenger train on this line was in 1993!

A wider angle view of the Pine Tree Limited. I couldn't have asked for better lighting and weather for photography!
How often do you ever see a passenger train like this???
As the train went by, I tried (almost successfully) to get a roster photo of every car and engine! Here we have former
Great Northern Dome Coach "Puget Sound".

You can see a roster photo of every car in the train in the previous section. Bringing up the markers on the Pine Tree Limited
is Pullman-Standard Lounge Car "Georgia 300". This car has hosted 4 U.S. Presidents in its career!