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Cedar Point Opening Day 2012
  One of the biggest reasons for taking this trip of course was to visit Cedar Point on Opening Day 2012! New this year is "Dinosaurs Alive" which consists of animatronic dinosaurs that move and make noise as you walk past them! Also set to debut later in the season is "Luminosity" which is a new singing/dancing/laser/fireworks show at the end of the night. Cedar Point has once again earned the title of "Best Amusement Park In The World" for an amazing 14th straight year and if you've ever visited this place, you'll understand why! One thing you may know about me if you've visited this site in the past is that I also DJ weddings on the side and one thing I couldn't help but notice this year was how much better the music was in the park! I like hearing lots of current pop music when I'm at the park! Way to go CP on another great Opening Day! Included here is a sample of photos taken on my visit. Enjoy...
A view looking near the top of the Main Midway. There used to be a huge screen blocking the view of the Millennium Force
roller coaster (coaster to the left of the photo) until this year as a new stage for the "Luminosity" show was erected (can be
seen next to the yellow and red coaster "Iron Dragon"). The stage was in the final stages of construction on Opening Day
as that show would not start until mid-June.
The last time you could get a photo of the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad's Main Midway Station like this would be back in
1994 before the big screen that was used for several years for the park's laser shows was built!
And of course, in 1994,
Millennium Force wasn't located there! Actually, the Giant Wheel was there as the coaster there now hadn't been built yet!
93mph high-speed rail welcomes you on Millennium Force! This monster opened in 2000 as a world record breaking coaster!
It was voted again this year as best in the world by Amusement Today Magazine, ride it once, and you'll see why!!!
A T-rex welcomes you to "Dinosaurs Alive" which is new for 2012!
Who would have thought that one day, dinosaurs and roller coasters would peacefully coexist? Here we have Millennium Force
with its prehistoric security guards, two Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs!

LEFT: A new view of Top Thrill Dragster, don't worry, it's only 420ft tall and only goes 0-120mph in 4 seconds! Yep, more high-speed rail
at Cedar Point! You need to ride this to experience how awesome it is! RIGHT: The perks of having a 200mm zoom lens and a high
shutter speed on the camera! Yes, that is Dragster's train just after coming over its peak at 420ft up!

Here's a view at dusk of what is actually 4 rides in one photo: On the left, that big tower is Windseeker, the Giant Wheel is in the
middle with the big building that says "12" on it being an enclosed bobsled coaster called "Disaster Transport". The ride in the
foreground is a multiple spinning ride called "Troika"!
Another one of my "fun with Photoshop" photos! We have Windseeker to the left being made to look like its moving and standing
still in the same photo! Next to that is Wicked Twister, a double-impulse roller coaster celebrating 10 years at the park this year,
with the Giant Wheel sporting its new lighting package for 2012 on the right, oh, and the Dippin' Dots cart is in the photo for good
measure, I'm hungry for some futuristic ice cream now! Hope you enjoyed CP on Opening Day, I'll be back here again soon!
  After spending the entire day at the park, I drove back to the hotel and made good use of the Jacuzzi in my room as I was absolutely spent after all the walking I did that day! I would check out of the hotel the following morning and make the drive back home. Cedar Point put on a great Opening Day once again. This was the third one I have had the privilege of attending! I'll definitely be back here again this year because well, I can't get enough of this place! And so ends another great road trip, until next time, Happy Railfanning...