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Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train Tour

  Night photography is something I really enjoy since every photo presents a unique challenge. I knew that when I was in Toledo, I wanted to get a night photo of the Exhibit Train. I would end up getting that photo as well as a few others. This kind of Night Photography is not easy. It involves having to take several photos at different exposures, then a lot of work in Adobe Photoshop using a technique called "Layer Masking" which allows me to create a balanced exposure and thus allow you, the viewer to see a night photo more or less the way your eyes would see it. Special thanks goes to Amtrak for allowing me to get the close-up photos of the Capitol Limited and the Exhibit Train that you'll see here. Included here are 4 photos I took while in Toledo. Enjoy...

Amtrak's Train #30 - The Capitol Limited takes a break at Toledo Union Passenger Terminal before heading to points east
with its endpoint being Washington D.C.
The Exhibit Train resting up for National Train Day.
Another view of the Exhibit Train. It was parked on Track #3 at the station until after the westbound Lake Shore Limited departed.
Finally, Train #49 - The Lake Shore Limited on its way to Chicago, IL takes a break at Toledo with the Exhibit Train next to it lead by
F40PH #406. This photo was taken from the pedestrian bridge to the west of the station shortly before sunrise.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this travelogue, I certainly enjoyed experiencing all of this! Amtrak did nothing short of an incredible job with the Exhibit Train and the Amtrak staff at Toledo Union Passenger Terminal also did a great job handling everything related to this event. This was the first National Train Day event I have ever attended and everything about it was just plain great! Toledo really knows how to put on a great train show! Special thanks again goes to Amtrak for putting on such a great event and for their assistance with some of the photography in this travelogue. I began my journey back to Buffalo shortly before the event ended later on Saturday afternoon. The ride was uneventful, though there wasn't much time to relax once I got home since my next trip would start 4 days later! Until my next road trip, Happy Railfanning!!!