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Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train Tour

  After seeing some great roster photos of this train, it's time to take the grand tour of all things Amtrak!!! The tour will start in Display Car #10093 which was the first car I entered when boarding the train to begin the tour. The tour will then take you through each car as well as through the Superliner cars that were also part of the train. Being such a huge fan of Amtrak, I knew that I needed to see this...AGAIN! Yes, as I stated before, this is my second visit to this wonderful collection of Amtrak History. Amtrak has certainly accomplished a lot in over 40 years of service, and this train gives you an idea of just how much Amtrak has done to keep the passenger train alive and relevant in America. I hope you enjoy this photo essay on the history of Amtrak as told by the Exhibit Train!

An early 1970's female Amtrak uniform is modeled next to an original Chevron Logo (also known as the "Pointless Arrow" logo)
sign that was originally used inside Washington Union Station.
Amtrak's Official 40th Anniversary Painting by artist J. Craig Thorpe. A true fitting tribute to everything
Amtrak has accomplished in its first 40 years!
I wish all Amtrak trains had a drumhead like the one on the door of this car! The car connected to this one was the sleeping car
used for the crew only. It was not open for any tours.
A time line of the history of Amtrak.
The 2011 Amtrak System Map with an inset of the 1971 Amtrak System Map.
An HO Scale representation of a "Rainbow Era" early 1970's Amtrak train with E-units (inherited from the freight railroads).
An example of 1970's era dining car china dinnerware with an example of a 1970's era dining car uniform.
Ride Amtrak all over America!
Remember those "earth tone" seats? These used to be in Metroliner cars years ago!
Some previous advertising campaign posters from Amtrak's earlier years.
Some early onboard service uniforms. Note the band-aid on the forehead of the male mannequin!
An HO Scale rendition of a Superliner-equipped Amtrak train from the 1980's complete with 2 F40's!
I have to thank the Amtrak employee who told me about this unique photo angle, Thank You, whoever you are! This was
accomplished by putting the camera behind the end of the plastic display tube the train was set up in!
LEFT: A display case with everything from an HO Scale model of an Amtrak Station (I personally have that model
on my desk at home) along with some frisbees! RIGHT: Another display case with more Amtrak history!
LEFT: An engineer's seat, looks relatively comfortable! RIGHT: Amtrak's 10th Anniversary, hard to believe that
was over 30 years ago, time sure flies (or in this case, rides the rails at a high rate of speed!).