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Amtrak Amfleet I Café Car #43377
Washington, DC
November 3rd, 2014
Northeast Regional #94
Phase VI
The Budd Company
August 1976
Full Dinette
48915, 20915, 20215
Digital Photo
Canon EOS 60D
Tamron (Canon) 17-50mm
f2.8 Zoom Lens
f9.0 @ 1/80th sec
ISO 100


Built as an Amdinette with 8 four-place booths, snack bar and 23 coach seats in August 1976 and numbered 20215. Refurbished for Metroliner Service in May 1983 and renumbered 20915. Trainline-equipped for push-pull operation in October 1991 and renumbered 48915. Car is now set up with 14 four-seat booths (date of this conversion unknown) and in August 2004 was renumbered 43377. With its "Northeast Regional" branding, this car can be found on the Northeast Corridor as well as on Empire Service trains, and rarely on long-distance trains as well. Historical information about this car provided by