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Altoona Railway Museum Club: Horseshoe Curve NRHS - Memorable Moments from the Past


Memorable Moments from the Chapter's Past

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January 2005 Business/Social Meeting

January 25,2005 7:35 p.m.

The minutes from the November meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Larry McKee and seconded by Denny Walls.

Treasurer’s report for this meeting was read.  A motion to approve the Treas. Report was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Don Goebel.

 Neil: reported that he spoke with Jeff Yohn and it is being checked into if the REX car can be brought to Millennium Rail property. Frank will need to also talk with Alan Maples on that move. Sherwin Williams will give us the paint for the car.  Denny ask if the car should be cleaned out, it was decided that only if the car needed to be unsecured while at Millennium Rail.  Bill Mangicarne ask Neil if he thought Jeff would be agreeable to hanging the brake beams while the car is there, Neil feels they may and he will follow up on that question with Jeff.

Frank: ask George Thompson if his video machine was fixed to do some tapes. George will work on that and also working to do DVD’s .  Some discussion was done about doing a Part II video of the Trolley tape to include the Walter truck..

Frank: read a letter received from Mike Ward, he would like the Union League moved from the siding along with the Museum equipment as soon as possible. Bill spoke with Mike and we are welcome to keep operable equipment on the siding, not the loading dock side. But these pieces need moved because of their condition.

Scott Cessna attended our meeting to also discuss this situation with us as we all have rolling stock together and pieces that need something done with.Les made a motion to get in touch with Jeff Pontius and ask if he wants the Union League. Denny Walls seconded this motion. All voted in favor.

Bill Mangicarne made a motion that if Jeff doe not want the Union League and the Penelec siding is not available through Alien Maples for storage in the next couple of months, we should pursue thru Scott the scraping of the car in exchange for hours of crane time to the Museum through Bryce Saylor. Will Teeter Seconded this motion. All voted in favor. 

George and Joyce Thompson would like to hold a Social meeting in February at the Train Collectors Club 7p.m..  Email and cards will be sent.

Dick: Canal Park will be doing an excursion on Saturday April 2nd, three trips 11 am, 1p.m. and 3p.m. from Hollidaysburg to Rodman and return.  Chapter will only car host the train.

Dave: 500 to 600 cars will attend a car show at the Convention Center in September.  Swigerts wife is the Chairperson. . Dick and Dave will be attending a meeting,  There may be a chance they will want to do a train ride, and figures need to be discussed.

We had two guests with us for this meeting,  Dan Kerstetter: Assoc.Research Engineer for Penn State and Leland Barrington: Quality Assurance Director ORX. They are gathering information on the K-4 so the American Society of Mechanical Engineers can nominate the engine for a Historic Landmark in about 2006.

The National Directors meeting will be in Cumberland April 8-10. 

A motion was made to adjourn by Denny Walls and seconded by Bill Mangiacarne.

Meeting adjourned 



Frank Givler     Karin Givler    Don Goebel     George Thompson    Denny Walls …Teeter    Bill Burket     Mike Walls    Duane    Neil    Dave Behe    Bill Mangiacarne    George Merrits    Les Shaffer   Len Alwine    Larry McKee Joe Harella   Dick Charlesworth


22 February 2005 Business/Social Meeting

The February Social meeting was held at the Alto Model Train Museum.


March  2005 Business/Social Meeting

March 22,2005

Attendance: Frank Givler, Denny Walls, Les Shaffer, Ed Wilt, Theresa Wilt, Len Alwine, Harley Burket, Larry McKee, Will Teeter, Dave Behe, Dave Seidel, George Thompson, Don Goeble, Dick Charlesworth, Bill Mangiacarne, Joe Harella

The regular meeting of the Horseshoe Curve chapter, NRHS was called to order by President Givler at 7:32 PM. Denny Walls appointed to take minutes in the absence of the Secretary. Frank read the minutes of the January 25, 2005 meeting. Dick motioned to approve, Larry 2nd, carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  All bills paid. Les motioned to approve, Dave B 2na, carried.


Neil said there is no word yet on the REX car from Jeff Yon.

We are still working on getting the Union League moved. FRA was contacted to get a letter for the move. Jeff Pontius was to look at the car but it is not known what his feelings are. The Everett RR has agreed to store it for awhile. Bill said we need a waiver 1st. He talked to Ron, a new man at the FRA about the movement. Open discussion about the future outcome by all present. Mike Ward is happy about the progress on the move. Harley suggested that if end up scraping it, we should notify the national to see if anyone else is interested in saving it. Frank, Neil, Denny and Mike were at the siding on Saturday to check on security.

The Dusquesne came up and the same problems exist on a move for that car. There is a broken rail on the siding on our side at the joint. Al Noventy was called to see about getting parts for a repair. Discussion started, including the break was not caused by the derail of the GG1.

A work party was announced for Saturday morning at 9 am for cleaning the cars at WYE.

Volunteers were also asked for and gotten for car hosting on April 2. That weekend detail was explained to all. Bill said about the S gauge convention having a trip on July 30. It goes to Martinsburg and back. It will be open to the public while the conventioneers are touring Roaring Spring. The Santa trips were discussed by all and the prices worked on. For the July trips ticket prices are $ 10 and $8.

Dick said a trip to Steamtown is set for May 21. It will include a tour and a K-4 update along with a yard movement trip and the trolley museum and ride. On the return a supper stop will be made. $75.00 includes all costs for the trip. Will leave at 6:30 am and arrive back about 10:30 PM.

Frank gave George the master tape so he can make VHS and DVDs of the streetcar video. 2 dozen of each style was asked for.

The Coal Bucket needs help. Bill volunteered to take this on but wants input for articles. Open discussion held. It was reported that Chris Behe is not able to do the website anymore on a regular basis. He will give it to someone else to do or else just do it when he is able to. Harley said he has some experience, he will investigate into it. He will report back after he reviews what is involved.

Dick said help is needed doing tours for the S gauge convention being held by Alto Model train club. See him if able to help. It will be similar to the directors meeting we held. He is going to the next director’s meeting. He said the Lancaster chapter is raising money to restore a station by selling bricks at $100 each. He motioned we buy one, Bill M 2na, carried. Frank asked for a round of applause for the Alto Model train club for hosting the February social meeting.

Frank then read a letter from Dan Karstetter in part concerning the letter of endorsement that was sent concerning K-4 1361. One group wants both the 1361 and the 3750 included. They want the class of locomotive not just a single engine. They also wish to want for the 1361 to be fully restored. There was a discussion about live steam at the Curve. Those meetings are to start in April.

Dave S said about a slide show he is doing on April 5™ in Tyrone on the 1st restoration of the K-4.

Len showed a map of the streetcar lines in Altoona from 1930-31 that he put together. Discussion on the history of streetcars in Altoona.

Dick said he would try and do a social meeting at his house next month.

Dick motioned to adjourn at 8:54.


Denny Walls, Acting Secretary


April 2005 Business/Social Meeting

No Business Meeting Held.


April 1 to 3, 2004

>Spring Directors Meet in Altoona, PA April 1 to 3, 2005.  These images are of the banquet Saturday evening, April 3, 2004. 

Horseshoe Curve Chapter President, Francis X. Givler, offers opening remarks for the Spring Board of Directors Meet at the Ramada Inn, Altoona, PA. Head Table
  Horseshoe Curve Chapter members in front two tables.
William Burket and Denny Walls Director M. Richard Charlesworth, and wife Toni.
Cathy and Joe Harella and Jamey Rickens NRHS President Gregory Malloy presents a bronze tablet to Scott Cessna, Exec. Director, Railroader's Memorial Museum, recognizing the 150th Anniversary of Horseshoe Curve.
NRHS President Gregory Malloy presents a bronze tablet to Scott Cessna, Exec. Director, Railroader's Memorial Museum, recognizing the 150th Anniversary of Horseshoe Curve. Director M. Richard Charlesworth offers comments to convention attendees.
Spring Board of Directors Meeting, National Railway Historical Society, Ramada Inn, Altoona, PA April 4, 2004, hosted by Horseshoe Curve Chapter. This scene is of the visit to the Alto Model Train Museum April 4, 2004, of those departing late in the day from the NRHS Spring Board of Directors Meeting. This days activities hosted by President Francis X. Givler, Director M. Richard Charlesworth and Chapter Historian David W. Seidel.

Photos by David Seidel.


May 2005 Business/Social Meeting

May 24,2005

Attendance: Frank Givler, Denny Walls, Neil Myers, Dave Seidel, Greg Miller, Will Teeter, Harley Burket, Barry Kaufinan, Dave Behe, Don Goeble, Dick Charlesworth, Dwayne Miller, Len Alwine, Dave H.?, Joe Harella, George Thompson

The regular meeting of the Horseshoe Curve chapter, NRHS was called to order by President Givler at 7:29 PM. Denny Walls, acting for the Secretary read the minutes. One correction was made and then Dick motioned to approve, Don G 2nd, carried.

No treasurer’s report was available, but all bills should be paid.

Frank said the Walter truck is to come out of storage next week and it is planned to work on the hydraulics.

On the Huntingdon and Broad Top auction, no one from the chapter went but Harley understood it to be quite a collection and most items went to a museum and collectors.

Frank said the cars are still not moved off the Ward siding. The schedule is being checked on.

The brakes were serviced and tested on the Union League and the tool car. Both work well enough for a move. NS is the holdup now. There was a discussion on the car and the siding.

Len said he got the tape mailed off to New Jersey that was asked for.

It was reported that 36 spike sculptures were assembled and are at the museum.

Dick reported the Steamtown trip has been the most successful trip to date. It was this past Saturday and it was very enjoyable. He then gave a K-4 progress report. He feels it will be back next year. It will be right when it leaves. The chair thanked Dick for his efforts.

A weekend trip to the Western Maryland in Cumberland may be scheduled this summer and also the Potomac Eagle.

Greg Miller gave an update on the S gauge convention that includes the East Broad Top and trolley museum and the shops and a buffet. Public tours have been added.

George said the tapes and CD’s are made. Westsylvania may take some to sell in their shop.

Harley said he saw a 2 bay open top coal hopper, which is rare on a west bound mixed consist today.

Copies of the Coal Bucket were passed out to members present.

Frank started an open discussion on the dues increase proposed at the national level. This was an item in the NRHS News Extra.

Harley said he has a double set of bulletins. He would like to find a home for the doubles.

Greg motioned to adjourn at 8:25, Don G. 2”, carried.


Denny Walls, Acting Secretary


June  2005 Business/Social Meeting

No Business Meeting Held.


July 2005 Business/Social Meeting

Meeting was called to order and the minutes from May meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Dave Behe..

Treasurer’s report was read. 

Work is progressing on the Walter, winch, dump bed are working. The lift cylinder on the front for the plow was taken to Central Hydraulics in Martinsburg and they are looking for one like it, the hand brake and cables for the grater blade still needs work.  .

Neil, Frank and Dave Seidel put a handbrake on the Union League so it can be moved to the Everett Railroad..  Al Novotny will store it out at the shop.  Bill Mangiacarne is making arrangements for this movement.

Neil was able to acquire two pair of ABDX brake valves and one ABDXL and reservoirs.  These brakes are good for 144 months.  Dick recognized Neil for all the great work he has done in the short time he has been a member.

A thank you was received from the Blair County Children and Youth for the money donated to the children’s X-mas fund.. 

Saturday July 30th excursions:   11:00 am,  Canal Park to Roaring Spring , and 12:30, Roaring Spring to Martinsburg.  Also that weekend will be the Antique Truck and Machinery Show at Lakemont Park.  The Walter will be on display with plow and grated blade attached.

Coal buckets were passed out to those present at this meeting  The remaining will be mailed.

 I would like to thank Denny Walls for standing in and doing the minutes for the last couple months.

Motion made to adjourn by Bill Mangiacarne and seconded by Dick Charlesworth.

Meeting  adjourned 

Karin Givler,  Secretary 


Denny Walls  Karin Givler Frank Givler  Will Teeter Les Shaffer Neil Myers Dave Behe   Dick Charlesworth  Len Alwine Bill Mangiacarne  Bill Temple


August 6, 2005


 21 August 2005 Business Meeting / Annual Picnic

August 21,2005 3:45 p.m. 

The meeting was called to order at Camp David, where the annual summer picnic is held.  The minutes from the July meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Denny Walls..  Due to the absence of the Treasurer, we did not have a report on the treasury.

Frank reported there is still no word on the moving of the Union League and Tool car.

Plans are still in the works for the Robert Hanningan to be moved from East Freedom.

The Walter Truck won the “slow uphill race” this year with the plow and grater blade attached. This years award was a golden grasshopper.  The Frink badge plate on the plow does not seem to be attainable, so Frank thought we could draw it off on paper and have someone remake it for us.

A check was received from the Museum for postcard books, tapes, and trackmen. Sherry would like more trackmen and a Keystone.

Dick reported on the Directors meeting he attended in April, where he was approached by the Secretary of the National, who is a member of the Cumberland Chapter.  We are invited to attend a joint picnic with Cumberland Chapter, Chambersburg Chapter. This will be held at Orbesonia on Sept. 17th.  Dick will need to know the number of members That will be going by Sept. 1st.

The Coal bucket will be sent out this week.

Volunteers will be needed for Railfest trips the last weekend of September. Trips will be Saturday and Sunday.

The YMCA in Hollidaysburg is doing a train trip with on October 15th, 3 trips that day. The YMCA has planned a “train robbery” tickets are purchased through them, we are only car hosting. Car hosts will be needed for that day.

The motion was made by the president to adjourn, the secretary seconded the motion. Meeting adjoured



Frank Givler  Karin Givler  Dick Charlesworth  Duane Miller  Denny Walls Les Shaffer    Bill Temple   Larry McKee  Len Alwine  Dave Seidel Dave Behe  Neil Myers


September  2005 Business/Social Meeting

Sept. 27, 2005 7:30 p.m.

This meeting was called to order and the minutes from the August picnic meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Larry McKee and seconded by Dick Charlesworth.

The Treasurer gave his report. All bills are paid. The books are present for review for the members. A motion to approve was made by Denny Walls and seconded by Joe Harella.

Cars were moved from the Ward siding. The tool car is in the Museum yard, the Union League is now at the East Freedom siding.            |

Bill reported on the trips over Railfest weekend, the trips went very well. Bill received an e-mail from Alan Maples and he was very pleased with the weekend. 

The trips on October 15th will be 10am-noon-2pm. Car hosts will be needed for these trips, please e-mail Bill if you are interested. The “Y” will need a meeting prior to thetrips.

A discussion was held on the cost of the Santa trips compared to the expenses, maintenance on the equipment etc. Scott offered free admission to the curve and museum along with ticket, on either day of either weekend. A price of $12.00 for adult and $8.00 for child was decided. The dates will be the Saturday before and Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Frank will call Rich Neely to ask about playing Santa again this year.

Dick recognized a job well done by new members Tim and Niki Heidler for Railfest. He also reported on the picnic at East Broad Top between Cumberland, Chambersburg and us. It was a ride on the EBT #13, Trolley ride and Tours of the shop facilities and then a picnic buffet. It was discussed to make this an annual get together with each Chapter taking a turn.

Len Alwine told the Chapter about a project that he and Dave Seidel embarked on about a year ago. It was to be a book about the Altoona & Logan Valley Trolley Company. This idea took much research and discussion and lots and lots of time. It was submitted to publisher Arcadia and then the waiting began. Finally they were notified the book was accepted and should be released October 10, 2005. It will be available in bookstores and the museum gift shop. Len and Dave also told the membership that they have decided to donate the royalties to the Chapter to continue the restoration on the Walter.This is a great achievement for Len and Dave, Congratulations to you both.  Bill made a suggestion that the money coming from Len and Dave be set in a separate account just for the truck.. 

Membership renewals will be coming soon. Dues increases will be $2.00.

Scott thanked the Chapter for a great job on Railfest at the Hollidaysburg end. All good things were said; Scott was very pleased and looks forward to next year.

Motion made to adjourn made by Denny Walls seconded by Dick Charlesworth


Frank Givler   Karin Givler  Les ShafFer  Andy Mulhollen Neil Myers Denny Walls Dick Charlesworth Scott Cessna Mike Walls Duane Miller JoeHarella DonGoebal Tim Heidler Niki Heidler Dave Behe Dave Seidel Guest: Pat McKinney


September 4, 2005

Volunteers of the Kittanning Trail Fire Co., coordinated by Neil Myers, are shown repainting GP-9 # 7048 at Horseshoe Curve. Members of the Kittanning Trail Fire Co. working on the project are: Ella Cruse Paul Cruse Mike Cruse Paul Tackas Keith Tackas John Andrews Sr J. Smith These guys are to be commended for a great job and excellent community service. The job is almost complete for black paint but lettering is yet to be done. All rust areas were prepared and primered prior to final paint.

Photos by David Seidel.


17 September 2005

End of summer joint picnic with the Cumberland Valley Chapter and Western Maryland Chapter NRHS chapters.  Held at East Broad Top Railroad and Railways to Yesteryear Trolley Museum, Orbisonia, PA


October 25, 2005 Business/Social Meeting

The minutes from the previous meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Joe Harella and seconded by Larry McKee.

A Treasurer’s report was not given due to the absence of the Treasurer. The Secretary gave the figures that were emailed.  The motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Wayne Burket and seconded by Will Teeter.

Rich Neely will do Santa again this year for the train rides. George Thompson has access to a wireless mic for rich to use but he will contact Bill and see if he had any luck with Bettwy.

Dick told the members Mike Albenese designed the tickets for the train rides. Dick suggested using the caboose but Frank was unsure of that. Dick also made a suggestion to be considered, that the Chapter give the Roaring Spring Historical Society a donation, since we do use the station and they have done a lot of legwork for these trips. Dick made a motion to make a donation. Neil Myers seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Bill, Dick and Frank talked with Alan Maples about what he was charging for the use of his coaches.  There are going to be repairs that that will be a large expense to the Chapter.   Denny Walls made a motion to increase the rate for the coaches per car per day.  Motion seconded by Will Teeter.  All voted in favor.

Dave Seidel brought a copy of the book that he and Len Alwine put together.  Dave told members it is available at Walden’s, Thompson’s, and the Museum. Gene’s Trains also is carrying it. Leonard and Dave will be at the Tyrone Station for a program November 3rd, and Nov. 16th at 11 a.m. Amtran will be doing a book presentation. On Dec 11th they will be doing a book signing at the Museum.

Denny mentioned about plans for a Christmas party, plans were made for Thursday Dec. 8th at Hoss’s at 7 p.m.

Denny also made a motion to make contributions to the Tree of Hope and Blair Co. Children and Youth in the same amounts as last year. Neil Myers seconded this. All voted in favor.

Frank told the members present that John (his son in law) is working on taking the Walter truck to his employers or friends garage to work on the plow.  We would have to pay for materials but possibly not labor. Frank is looking for an okay to move ahead with this job. Dick made a motion to allocate funds to start work. Denny Walls seconded this motion.  All voted in favor.

Frank also told members that Andy Mulhollen had contacted him.  The Board of Directors at the Museum has a seat on the Board they would like to offer to the Chapter.  It was decided that Neil Myers should take this seat as he works very closely with Scott.

Motion was made to adjourn by Denny Walls, seconded by Neil Myers

Meeting adjourned Secretary


Frank Givler, Karin Givler, Denny Walls, Mike Walls, Dick Charlesworth, Neil Myers, Dave Behe, Dave Seidel, Joe Harella, Len Alwine, George Thompson, Wayne Burket, Will Teeter, Don Gobel, Bill Temple


November 2005 Business/Social Meeting

The October minutes were read and a motion to approve was made by Denny Walls and seconded by Neil Myers.

The Treasurer's report was read.  Motion to approve the report was made by Larry McKee and seconded by Joe Harrella.

Frank welcomed two guests Pat Naughton and Dan Kerstetter, who came to visit and are thinking about becoming members.

Bill wanted to point out some things that needed attention for the Santa trips in the future.  The car hosts need to arrive at 9:30 to 9:45 a.m.  This will give time to load the treats.  The bags will need improvement, perhaps a budget will need to be set up to go along with Gene Kurtz or continue to do our own.  We need to look into including fruit, either apples or oranges.  We need to consider selling our postcard books on the Santa trips.  After some further discussion the plans for fruit were put on hold until next year.

Tim and Nikki Heidler will sweep out the cars Friday before the Saturday trip.

Frank informed members present that a $2.00 National dues increase will come this year but there will be no Chapter increase.

If anyone is coming to the X-mas party, please call Denny by December 1st.   Denny has a count of 31 to date.

Dan Kerstetter gave us a report on the designation on the K-4, still getting ruling from the committee in New York. Two k-4's nominated.  Plans are moving along and he will keep us posted.

The Secretary brought before the officers the nominations for the new year.  All officers were asked if they would like to continue their current office.  All were in agreement.  The Secretary has nominated and passed the nomination that all officers holding an office will hold the same office for the coming year.

The motion to adjourn was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Neil Myers


November 2005

Chapter Members Co-Author Book

Recently, Chapter Members Leonard Alwine and David Seidel collaborated on/co-authored a book entitled; "Altoona and Logan Valley Electric Railway".  The book contains approximately 200 photos of the Altoona & Logan Valley, covering its entire history, including a chapter on the Logan Valley Bus Company. The trolley operations ended in 1954 and the bus company ended in October 1959, resulting in the creation of Pennsylvania's first public transit authority which we know today as Amtran (publicly owned/controlled as opposed to a private entity).

There will be a book presentation at Amtran on November 16,2005 at 11:00 AM, and, tentatively, an event at the Tyrone Historical Society Thursday evening November 3,2005 at 7 PM. A book signing event will be held on Sunday December 11,2005, from 1-4 PM, at the Railroader's Memorial Museum.

Leonard and David currently have a trolley exhibit on display at the Tyrone Station (museum) related to this, which was installed prior to Railfest. Trolley operations to Tyrone ended March 31,1938 and bus service replaced it effective April 1,1938.

The book is currently it is on sale at Railroader's Memorial Museum, Thompson's Pharmacy, The Book Store, Gene's Trains, Waldenbooks. Copies of the book retail for $19.99 and can also be ordered from the publisher at http: / /   Proceeds from the sale of the book (a percentage of the net) will benefit programs and services of Horseshoe Curve Chapter, National Railway Historical Society.  (Bill Mangiacarne)


Leonard Alwine (L)  and David Seidel; 7-27-2005;  proofing the caption text of the book as received from the publisher. "Altoona and Logan Valley Electric Railway"


November 7, 2005

Horseshoe Curve Chapter NRHS assists Roaring Spring Historical Society with the Roof coating project and detailing of their PRR N-5 Caboose

David Seidel >Dick Charlesworth
>Dick Charlesworth Gene Kurtz and Dick Charlesworth

Photos by David Seidel.


November 19/26, 2005 

Santa Train Excursion


December 2005 - Business/Social Meeting

No Meeting Held due to Christmas Party.


December 8, 2005 - Chapter Christmas Party

The Chapter Christmas dinner was held at the Hoss' Valley View (Altoona) location on December 8, at 7pm.


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