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Altoona Railway Museum Club: Horseshoe Curve NRHS - Memorable Moments from the Past


Memorable Moments from the Chapter's Past

This page was last updated on: March 06, 2017


January 2004

The Monthly business meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.


Update - Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS Annual Report For 2003

The Horseshoe Curve Chapter continued regular monthly meetings on the 4th Tuesday in Memorial Hall of Railroader’s Memorial Museum, Altoona, PA, except for special social occasions as will be noted in this report.

2003 began the commitment and planning preparations for hosting the NRHS Spring Board of Directors meeting in Altoona for April 2004 in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of Horseshoe Curve. Discussions and correspondence were initiated and plans made for a formal proposal at the NRHS Spring 2003 BOD meeting in Richmond, VA.

Director M. Richard Charlesworth and Chapter Historian David Seidel traveled to Richmond in April for the NRHS BOD meeting to formalize Horseshoe Curve Chapter’s proposal for hosting this conference in 2004. The Society accepted the proposal. During 2003 planning for this event continued with negotiations with NS for a Juniata Shop Tour, the Everett Railroad excursion, and the logistics for other rail and non-rail tours. The Ramada Inn was selected as the host hotel.

May 2003 marked the 35th anniversary of Horseshoe Curve Chapter. Following the regular business meeting, a cake with the NRHS Logo was presented and served.

Planning was finalized for the Chapter’s train excursions on the Everett Railroad lines for the balance of the season. While some adjustments were inevitable, our participation in the annual ‘Spring Dam Days’ at Roaring Spring was finalized as were an annual Dinner Train, Fall Foliage Trips, and the ever-popular Santa Trains.

The Chapter’s 1946 Walter SnowFighter Truck from the former Altoona and Logan Valley Electric Railway was exhibited at various shows and events around the greater Altoona Area, concluding with the AACA show at Harvestfest, DelGrosso Park, Tipton, Pa in late September. The vehicle won the annual Grasshopper Award at the Antique Truck & Machinery Show, Lakemont Park, earlier in June, for the third consecutive year.



Mary passed-away on July 31 (2003), at age 62 in Albany, GA, following complications from heart surgery, where she resided with her father, Joseph F. Wahl. Mary Jo was one of the original founding members of Horseshoe Curve Chapter and held the position of senior Chapter member with David W. Seidel & H. Wayne Burket as other founding members. Mary Jo had resided in Albany GA since 1977 but maintained her membership through the years. Her parents Bernice (Babe) and Joseph Wahl were also active members of Horseshoe Curve Chapter in the years preceding their relocation. Mary was pre-deceased by her mother. Her father, Joseph will celebrate his 90th birthday June 2004.


The annual Chapter Picnic scheduled for the first Sunday in August, to be hosted by Dave and Virginia Seidel, was canceled due to the death of Mary Jo Wahl.

Members of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter volunteered to assist Railroader’s Memorial Museum with RAILFEST, primarily working as car hosts and station attendants for the Railfest Train in October.

Member Leonard Alwine provided a special slide program in November on bus transportation/history as part of his research allied to the former Altoona and Logan Valley Electric Railway in Altoona and its present day successor, AMTRAN. The program was especially informative and entertaining.

2003 concluded with the annual Christmas Dinner hosted by Denny Walls and his family at the Geeseytown Fire Hall, where Denny is Assistant Chief. The efforts by Denny and his family are most appreciated. As usual, there was a definite railroad theme to table decorations and a display of memorabilia, which we all enjoyed. It was great to see Frank Oessenich at this event, following his recent illness.

ADDENDUM: All Officers remain the same EXCEPT that of Newsletter Editor: Change to Mr. Jamey Rickens, Horseshoe Curve Chapter NRHS, P.O.Box 1361, Altoona, PA 16603-1361

Publications For Sale: Booklet: A PostCard History of Altoona and the PRR. High resolution images from antique postal card views.

VHS Tape: The Altoona Trolley Story.

Report submitted March 3, 2003 By David W. Seidel, Chapter Historian


12 February 2004 Update - Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum Founders Recognition (Photos by David Seidel & Virginia Seidel)

(L-R) Representative of the American Society of Civil Engineers presents a brass plaque acknowledging the engineering achievement for the design of Horseshoe Curve to: Dr. Andy Mulhollen, Railroader's Memorial Museum Board President, Scott Cessna, Executive Director of Railroader's Memorial Museum, and museum board member Rudy Husband, also representing Norfolk Southern RR. David Seidel accepts founding status recognition for Mary Jo Wahl, deceased, who was Railroader's Memorial Museum's first Board Secretary.
H. Wayne Burket, Lou Leopold, Larry G. McKee, and Dick Heiler. Note: Harley Burket and Dave Seidel are the only two remaining founding members of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, National Railway Historical Society. Seated, (l-r) John Kazmaier, David Seidel [who also accepted a posthumous recognition on behalf of Mary Jo Wahl as well as himself], P. Richard Bertram, Lou Maierhofer, and Colson Jones;

Standing: Scott Cessna, Executive Director, Railroader's Memorial Museum, Spence Garvin, son of Raymond Garvin who was Railroader's Memorial Museum founding Chairman; Larry G. McKee, Jack Hatch, Joseph Orr Jr [representing Joseph Orr Sr., deceased], Duane Bordell, and Dr. Andy Mulhollen, President, Board of Directors, Railroader's Memorial Museum.

Article from the Altoona Mirror.    


15 February 2004 Update - Horseshoe Curve 150th Anniversary

Dick Charlesworth, Dan Cupper, Scott Cessna, and  visit the Horseshoe Curve on its 150th Anniversary.  Photo by David Seidel 2-15-2004


24 February 2004 - Combination Monthly Business & Social Meeting

February 24, 2004 7:07 p.m.

There were no business meetings for Nov. or Dec. 2003. The scheduled meeting for January was cancelled due to bad weather..  This months meeting was called to order and the Treasurer’s report was the first order of business.  The books were available for the members to review.A motion to accept the report was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Denny Walls..  Dick reported on the update of the Director’s meeting.  Denny is handling the registration form returns.  Joe Harella is donating his time to drive one of the tour buses.  Dick also made a motion that the Chapter should donate toward the Horseshoe Curve plaque.  Bill Burket seconded this motion. All in favor.  George Thompson volunteered to do the name badges for the Director’s meeting and Mike Albanese brought a sample of the tickets that he printed for the trips and banquet.

Frank also informed the members present about looking into heat for the coaches, in the event of cold weather for the Directors meeting weekend.  In talking with Jack Hatch, a type of wall heater could be bought.  We also could rent torpedo heaters from RSC or Telepower.  Frank’s opinion is we should rent heaters as the wall heaters may not work on the size of the coaches.  Len Alwine made the motion that the Chapter should rent the heaters.  David Seidel seconded the motion. All in favor.  Bill Mangiacarne added an amendment to this motion, that any electrical equipment needed to use the heaters can be purchased.

Frank discussed with the members present our insurance situation for this event.   Bill Mangiacarne made a motion to purchase the insurance needed. Greg Miller seconded the motion. All in favor.

An excursion schedule was discussed for the new season.  It tentatively stands as follows:

Directors Mtg. April 3, 2004

Spring Dam weekend: Saturday July 24,2004,1:00p.m. Roaring Spring to Hollidaysburg.

Dinner Train: Sunday September 19, 2004

Fall Foliage: October 10,2004,1pm & 3pm

Santa Trips: Saturday Nov. 20,2004 (Roaring Spring Historical Society) 1 lam & 1pm & 3pm. Saturday Nov. 27,2004,1 lam & 1pm with a possible trip at 3 pm.


Alan Maples will need to be approached about the train costs.  Len Alwine was ask to follow up on the 7th Street bridge plaque.  Greg Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting, this was seconded by Don Goebal.

Meeting adjourned


Photos by David Seidel, Chapter Historian


Secretary Karin Givler, President Frank Givler, and Treasurer William Mangiacarne conduct business.

This meeting was hosted by George and Joyce Thompson at the Alto Model Train Museum Association facilities at Pellegrini Engineers, Altoona, Pa.

(l-r):  Dorothy Vinglas, Karin Givler, Virginia Seidel, and Pat Shaefer


Photos by David Seidel

 The Alto Model Train Museum Association, Altoona, PA, location of the February Meeting of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, National Railway Historical Society. Exhibits and displays are O-guage and S-guage train layouts of modular design

Photos by David Seidel

 The Alto Model Train Museum Association, Altoona, PA, location of the February Meeting of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, National Railway Historical Society. Exhibits and displays are O-guage and S-guage train layouts of modular design

In-depth final planning for hosting the NRHS Spring Board of Directors Meeting in Altoona on April 1-4, 2004

2-24-2004 Meeting of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter NRHS at the Alto Model Train Museum Association HQ, Altoona, PA

Photos by David Seidel

 The Alto Model Train Museum Association, Altoona, PA, location of the February Meeting of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, National Railway Historical Society. Exhibits and displays are O-guage and S-guage train layouts of modular design



March 2004 Business/Social Meeting

March 23, 2004 7:45 m.

 The minutes for the February meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Larry McKee and seconded by Dick Charlesworth.  Due to the absences of the Treasurer there was not a report given at this meeting.

Frank brought to the members attention that we will not receive the one plaque from the 7th Street Bridge.  One plaque will be displayed at the park site and the other will be given to the grandchild of the city councilman at the time the bridge was built.

Dick reported on the Directors meeting, things are getting in order. 79 registrations. Our Regional V.P John Swigart is having open-heart surgery so he and his wife will not be attending. There will be 90 on the rail tour.  Still some small things to finish up. Jamie brought the information milepost fliers to be reviewed.  These will be passed out on the train.  The bronze plaque has arrived, wording is as we planned.  It is 18x24 in size.  We have generated funds to donate back to the National.

Dave Seidel is doing a display  of railroad china and memorabilia at the Tyrone Station in April..  Anyone having anything they would like to show please see Dave.  This is being done under the Chapter name.

A motion to adjourn was made by Denny Walls and seconded by Wayne Burket. Meeting adjourned


31 March 2004 Update - NRHS Spring Board of Directors Meeting Planned for Altoona, PA, Horseshoe Curve Recognition Event Planned

The National Railway Historical Society's Annual Spring Board of Directors Meeting, comprised of delegates from across the United States, will be held in Altoona the weekend of April 2-4, 2004.  Hosted by the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, the Society will tour the Juniata Locomotie Shop of Norfolk Southern RR and other area historical sites during the annual conference.
Planning for this event has been a year-long exercise by a committee of Horseshoe Curve Chapter members who met recently at the home of David and Virginia Seidel to finalize arrangements.
Seated left to right:  Marjorie Goebel, Dorothy Vinglas, Leonard Alwine, Frank & Karin Givler. Standing:  Joe Harella, Denny Walls, Don Goebel, Joyce & George Thompson and M. Richard Charlesworth.
The National Railway Historical Society will recognize the engineering achievement and geographical significance of the 150th anniversary of Horseshoe Curve with a presentation of a bronze tablet to Railroader's Memorial Museum, at a banquet to be held at the Altoona Ramada Inn on Saturday evening, April 3, 2004. The tablet will later be mounted on a granite base at the Horseshoe Curve Flagpole.
The National Railway Historical Society is a non-profit educational and historical corporation.  The Horseshoe Curve Chapter was formed on May 11, 1968 and will celebrate 36 years of service to the greater Altoona area this year. (David Seidel)


04April 2004 Update - NRHS Meets in Altoona to Recognize Horseshoe Curve

The National Railway Historical Society annual Spring Board of Directors Meeting was held in Altoona this weekend from April 2 - 4 at the Altoona Ramada Inn. Hosted by Altoona's Horseshoe Curve Chapter, the Spring meeting of the Society's Directors from across the United States met in Altoona to recognize the engineering significance of Horseshoe Curve as one of the most significant landmarks and geographical achievements which date from the earliest genesis of railroad technological development. The three-day event in the greater Altoona area included two days of touring regional historical sites. Friday included tours of the Allegheny Portage Railroad, Gallitzin Tunnel Park, Luncheon at Station Inn (Cresson) and a visit to the Cassandra railroad overlook. Friday evening included an informal reception at the Horseshoe Curve National Historic Site for refreshments and a slide presentation of Horseshoe Curve images. Saturday's activities included a rail-heritage tour and a cultural tour of the city for spouses. A tour of Juniata Locomotive Shop was provided by Norfolk Southern Corporation, followed by a tour of Railroader's Memorial Museum. An afternoon Excursion on the Everett Railroad from Hollidaysburg to Roaring Spring was provided by host Horseshoe Curve Chapter who operates passenger excursions on the Everett Railroad Line, formerly the PRR's Morrison Cove Secondary. The cultural tour included the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Mishler Theatre, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, lunch at Michaels Café, followed by a visit to The Wall That Heals at the Van Zandt VA Hospital, and Baker Mansion. The Society's Spring Banquet was held Saturday evening at the Ramada Inn for the formal recognition of Horseshoe Curve as an engineering landmark. Keynote speaker for the evening was Dan Cupper, author and historian, who's published HORSESHOE HERITAGE-The Story of a Great Railroad Landmark, is well known on local bookshelves.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation by National Railway Historical Society President Gregory Molloy, of a bronze tablet (see attached photo) recognizing the engineering achievement of Horseshoe Curve and its impact on transportation and the railroad industry. Opened February 15, 1854, Horseshoe Curve has continued to serve the needs of the commerce and defense of the United States, from inception to present time. Mr. Molloy presented the bronze tablet to Mr. Scott Cessna, Executive Director of Railroader's Memorial Museum for later installation on a granite base at the flagpole at Horseshoe Curve. Other honored guests at the head table included Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Givler (President and Secretary of Horseshoe Curve Chapter, respectively), and Mr. (& Mrs) William Reindl, Supervisor of Contract Services, Norfolk Southern Corporation. Rich Neeley was Master of Ceremonies. The National Railway Historical Society was founded in 1935 and is incorporated as a non-profit historical and educational corporation under IRS rules 501 C 3.

Mr. Gregory Molloy, President, National Railway Historical Society presented this bronze tablet recognizing the importance of Horseshoe Curve, to Mr. Scott Cessna, Executive Director, Railroader's Memorial Museum.


3-17-2004 Planning Meeting of Horseshoe Curve Chapter members for the Spring Directors Meeting of the National Railway Historical Society. Seated (l-r): Marjorie Goebel, Dorothy Vinglas, Leonard Alwine, President Frank Givler, Secretary Karin Givler; Standing (l-r) VP Joe Harella; Denny Walls, Registration Chair; Don Goebel, Joyce and George Thompson, M. Richard Charlesworth, Director. Co-Chairpersons for the Spring Directors Meeting were Dick Charlesworth and David Seidel, Chapter Historian, absent from photo. 4-2-2004 Evening reception for the Directors of the National Railway Historical Soceity at Horseshoe Curve. Virginia Seidel (left) and Karin Givler served coffee and cake to the 90+ Directors who visited Altoona for the weekend.
4-3-2004 Gregory P. Molloy, President, National Railway Historical Society, presents a bronze tablet from the NRHS to Mr. Scott Cessna, Executive Director, Railroader's Memorial Museum, for later placement at Horseshoe Curve. The Society recognizes the engineering and historical significance of the Horseshoe Curve in the 150th anniversary year. 4-2-2004, Boarding at the Station Inn, Cresson, PA
4-2-2004, Cassandra Overlook Special cake depicting the October 21, 1954 night photo of Horseshoe Curve served to Directors of the NRHS, Friday, April 2, 2004 at Horseshoe Curve
Mr. Bill Lechner, Norfolk Southern RR, Juniata Locomotive Shop, provides an orientation for the Directors of the National Railway Historical Society prior to a shop tour on 4-3-2004. Norfolk Southern Juniata Locomotive Shop-Model is explained to the Directors of the National Railway Historical Society prior to a shop tour on 4-3-2004
Norfolk Southern locomotive in repair bays at Juniata Locomotive Shop. Directors of the National Railway Historical Society tour the Norfolk Southern Juniata Locomotive Shop escorted by Tom Gardner, Foreman.
Busses carrying the Directors of the National Railway Historical Society prepare to depart Norfolk Southern's Juniata Locomotive Shop on 4-3-2004.  Mr. William Lechner and Mr. William Reindl, NS Management Team, who welcomed and coordinated arrangements for this tour, are in foreground.  
Orientation for Directors of the National Railway Historical Society at the Norfolk Southern Juniata Locomotive Shop Apjril 3, 2004 Directors of the National Railway Historical Society enjoy an evening reception at the Horseshoe Curve National Historic Site April 2, 2004.
Visitors Center of the Horseshoe Curve National Historic Site, Altoona, PA Directors of the National Railway Historical Society enjoy an evening reception at the Horseshoe Curve National Historic Site April 2, 2004.

David W. Seidel, Chapter Historian


April 2004 Business/Social Meeting

April 27, 2004 7:42 p.m.

The meeting was called to order and the minutes from the March meeting were read and one correction was made, the exhibit at the Tyrone station that Dave Seidel is doing will be later in May. The minutes were approved by Les Shaffer and seconded by Joe Harella.

The Treasurer was absent from the April meeting so the report was given by the President

Dick reported very favorable comments about the Directors meeting.  A thank you to all who helped to make this such a success.  We received a Thank you letter from the President Greg Mallory and the Minneapolis Chapter sent us a copy of their news letter with a story and pictures.  Total registration was 119.  George Thompson gave a thank you to Dick and Dave for all the initial work to get this all started.

On April 21st,  Frank and Dick, along with Rick Geist and others rode, from Johnstown to Altoona on a Colorado Rail Car.  This car is equipped with new RDC technology. There is hope that this could turn into the next transportation from Altoona to Pittsburgh.

Dick asked the members present what they thought about getting back to a social meeting every other month.  We could even do small road trips on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Dick is planning a trip to Gallitzin Tunnels on Sunday May 23rd instead of a May meeting.  An email and cards will be sent with details.

Dick is also thinking about a 2 day trip to New York City and it was also discussed about a trip to Cass W. Va. Or go and ride the Greenbrair and Cheet Mt.  The floor was then open for other discussion.

Motion to adjourn by Les Shaffer and seconded by Dick Charlesworth.


Frank Givler    KarinGivler    George Thompson   Joyce Thompson
Don Goebal     Dave Seidel     Wayne Burket         Joe Harella
Duane Miller   George Merritt LenAlwine        PatMcKinney
Dick Charlesworth    Betty Ruck   Les Shaffer   Larry McKee
Bill Burket     Bill Temple


11May 2004 Update



23May 2004 Update

5-23-2004. Chapter outing to Gallitzin Tunnel Park (GTP) where we enjoyed a  viewing GTP's new film on the history of Gallitzin and the Gallitzin Tunnels.

Gallitzin Tunnels are marking the 150th Anniversary this year, paralleling the Horseshoe Curve opening.

Front row-standing: Miss Betty Ruck, Bill Temple, Bill Mangiacarne, Judy (?), Jamey Rickens, Karin Givler, Larry McKee, David Seidel, Diane Alwine Back row: Duane Miller, Les Shaefer, Frank Givler, Gary Clare, Bill Burket, Len Alwine, Don Goebbel. Absent from photo: Marjorie Goebbel. And....Sebastian being held by Karin Givler.

Photos by David Seidel.


May 2004 Business/Social Meeting

No Business Meeting Held


June 2004 Business/Social Meeting

June 23, 2004

Our meeting was called to order and the minutes from April meeting were read and a motion to approve made by Larry McKee and seconded by Dick Charlesworth.

The Treasurer’s report was given   The ledger was available for review.  All bills are paid.  Motion to accept by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Don Goebel. 

Frank reported on the May trip to Gallitzin Tunnels.  We had about 16 people for a beautiful day to watch trains and a good lunch at the Iron Horse Inn.

The Walter will be going to the Antique Truck & Machinery Show in July at Lakemont Park.

Bill reported on the schedule for excursion trips this summer, dates and times as follows:

Frank, Bill, Dick, Karin and Gene Kertz had a meeting to discuss running excursions on a budget so as not to lose money.  It was agreed no trip will run if we cannot at least break even, and limit paid advertising.  Dick had a few calls from the ad in the paper.  Dave will send out the Public Service Announcement by July 1st.

Andy asked for a list of dates and times and stated the Museum will pass them out in their packets that are given to all visitors.  Bill will also mail Scott a schedule for the Museum web site.

Frank read letters from Greg Mallory, National President, Larry Easterwood, Senior VP and Richard Billing, Treasurer, thanking us for a wonderful Directors Meeting and what a great job we did.

All membership is up to date.  The chapter had 10 non-renewals this year.

Denny Walls brought before the meeting that the $30 – 35 he spent in postage and phone calls for the Director’s meeting was his donation to the Chapter.

Dave Seidel mentioned about the moving of equipment in the Museum yard.  He asked the members, if it was possible, would we like to see the REX car in the yard also.  Frank stated that he always wanted it to go there with some cosmetic restoration.

Discussion followed concerning the REX and RPO that belongs to K.R.A.P..  Scott and Andy were a part of this discussion.  Frank asked Scott to pursue the cars being moved and he would speak with Ed Wilt about the RPO.

Dick made a motion that if okayed by NS the REX and RPO be moved to the Museum yard and we give up the lease on the East Freedom Siding.  Motion seconded by Dave Seidel.  All present in favor.

The chapter picnic is Sunday, August 7th at Seidel’s Camp David.

Motion to adjourn by Frank.  Seconded Bill Mangiacarne.

Meeting Adjourned

Karin Givler, Secretary



July 2004 Update - Frank Oessenich (1934-2004)

"Horseshoe Curve Chapter member, Frank Oessenich, 70, died on July 1, 2004. Born March 21, 1934, Frank battled a brain tumor for some time until his passing, and his friendship will leave a void for those who knew and loved him. Frank is survived by his wife of 48 years, Mary Ann; a son, Dr. Kevin Ossenich of Langhorne, PA; a daughter Danae Kemmerer of Newtown Sq, PA and five grandchildren. Frank was a 1951 graduate of Altoona High School and a 1952 graduate of the Altoona School of Commerce. Ordained as a minister of the Church of the Brethren, Frank recently retired after 14 years as pastor of Altoona First Brethren Church. He served on the board of Blair Christian Home and was Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole; Frank taught at Altoona Bible Institute and served in the Pastoral Care Department at Bon Secours-Holy Family Hospital. Other occupations included work in food and hardware sales and he owned a painting and wall covering business. Frank was a special friend and member to the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, National Railway Historical Society, and he enjoyed various other venues in his railroading hobby which included membership with the Toy Train Operating Society, Train Collectors Association, and Railroader's Memorial Museum. While much of the above was extracted from his obituary, we fondly recall Frank as a friend in our railroading fraternity. Over the 36 years of Horseshoe Curve Chapter- NRHS existence, we have been privileged to meet, know, and enjoy the friendships of many people over the years in pursuit of our special interest. Special people pass through our lives in this regard, and many leave us prematurely. Since Harley Burket and I are the only remaining members from the founding days, we can recall those special people who are now listed on our Roll of Honor where, someday, our own names will appear. Frank Oessenich was a quiet man of principle, whose demeanor provided leadership by example. We are privileged all, to have known him, and he will, indeed, be missed."   David Seidel, Chapter Historian August 14, 2004


27 July 2004 - Business/Social Meeting

The minutes from June meeting were read and a motion to approve made by Denny Walls and seconded by Dave Behe.

The Treasurer’s report was given. All bills are paid except for videos to George Thompson.  Motion to approve by Denny Walls and seconded by Larry McKee. 

We had a guest speaker Karen Richards from the Hollidaysburg YMCA.  She spoke about the Y and showed us a short video.  She invited any of us to call her and be her guest for our first visit to the Y.

Frank reported the Walter lost the uphill slow race at Lakemont Park, first time in three years.

The July 24th excursion  trip was cancelled due to slow ticket sales, only 30 – 35 tickets were sold.  Discussion followed concerning costs and profits and ridership.

Bill showed a brochure by Jamie and passed around for review.  This would be taken to the Convention Center and such places to get the word out about our excursions.  The excursions also need to be in the Coal Bucket in advance of season.  Discussion continued about ways to find ridership.  A decision will need to be made concerning if trips will run next year.

Frank will have brochure printed and Bill will have posters made.  George Thompson offered to put our posters with the Train museum’s posters.

Frank mentioned that a decision needs to be made on what to do about the Coal Bucket.  Frank has no problems getting it printed and sent.  Jamie still wants to be editor but will need more input from others.  Jamie will work on an issue for the end of August.

Bill made a motion that if Jamie is committed to doing the Coal Bucket, the Chapter will provide him with the programs he needs to do the work.  The motion was seconded by Barry Kaufman and Don Goebel.  All in favor.

Bill asked the members present if they thought we should make a donation to the YMCA.  Harley made the motion to make a contribution to be determined by the Chapter with Thank You letter.  Don Goebel made an amendment to send an initial amount and then more in Nov. when the  public is told of the expansion.  Motion seconded by Dave Seidel.  All in favor.

Don Goebel suggested getting out two groups together for a bus trip to Bellefonte to ride the RDC.  They are in financial difficulty and he thinks this would be a nice gesture on out part.  Frank will talk to Dick

Denny brought a prospective new member Neil Myers, to help with maintenance.

Frank asked members if August 14th or 28th would be good to have some help coating car roofs at Duncansville at 9 am.

Motion to adjourn Don Goebel, Second Dave Behe.  Meeting adjourned. 

Secretary Karin Givler



01 August 2004 Update - Annual Chapter Picnic

All photos by David Seidel

Larry McKee and Ron Givler Judy Dodson and brother Bill Baird (front) Don and Marjor Goebel, rear George and Joyce Thompson (Many thanks for the extra tables) Bill Gibbons (center)
John and Nellie Turkeli of Farmingdale, NY holding Luke and Logan (twins) Behe l-r:  Pat Shaefer, Theresa Wilt, Denver Thompson. Standing (rear) Mary Thompson and baby Hannah Abigail
r-l:  Les Shaefer, Ed wilt, Frank Givler, Gary Clare, Pat and Patrick McKinney(foreground) New Daddy Denver Thompson. Congratulations to Denver and Mary on the birth of Hannah Abigail on July 25, 2004. Hannah's first picnic
l-r: Patrick and Pat McKinney, Gary Clare, Frank Givler. Standing rear: Duane Miller. (facing camera) Chefs David Seidel and David Behe
Neil Myers (hidden), Denny Walls and Frank Givler tackle the corn-on-the-cob. Neil provided a quick boil pot for the corn which was a big hit. 8-1-2004 Denny Walls, Ed Wilt,Frank and Ron Givler, Les Shaefer 8-1-2004
Ron Givler, Denny Walls and new member, Neil Myers  8-1-2004    


August 14, 2004 - Coating Chapter Coach roofs at Roaring Spring, PA

Denny Walls and Neil Myers Frank Givler
Denny Walls... reaching for ....something..showing his best side Denny Walls and Frank Givler...Roof preparation...chipping/scraping
Frank Givler stirs the "goop". Denny Walls, Neil Myers, Frank Givler
George Thompson hooking up PA system connections Frank Givler trims encroaching foliage
Discussion Period:  Neil Myers, George Thompson, Denny Walls and Frank Givler Neil Myers, Denny Walls, Frank Givler and George Thompson

All photos by Dave Seidel...who did man the brush during the day too.


August 2004 Business/Social Meeting

The minutes from July meeting were read and a motion to approve made by Denny Walls and seconded by Don Goebel.  No Treasurer’s report this meeting.

Dick Charlesworth reported he had about 25 for the dinner train.  Gene Kurtz has 11.  Should put a small ad in the paper.  Dave Seidel will do public service ads.  Cut off will need to be determined. 

George M. suggested giving a couple tickets to WRTA for them to talk about and give them away.  George will take tickets to the station.  Jamie will ask WKMC about a broadcast spot.

The Coal Bucket is ready but not picked up from Wicks.  Everyone will receive theirs in a day or two.

A work day will be Sat., Aug. 28th at 9 am.  The cars are in Duncansville.

Railfest will run on the Nittany & Bald Eagle with Jeff Pontius equipment.  The Chapter has not heard about car hostings.

Frank showed the members present an idea that Neil came up with and thought we could do for Railfest.  He made 3 different RR spike single workmen and one double that we can chance off.  All proceeds would go to the Chapter.  Roundstock and track would be the Chapters only expense.  If we can okay with Scott for a booth at Railfest Neil will set up to make a few and volunteers can help paint and sell them.  Don Goevel offered a table for us at the train club at BG High School to sell these during Railfest.

Denny gave a thank you for a wonderful picnic at Camp David.

Dave Seidel mentioned the addition of two new plaques to the memorial wall plaque, Mary Jo Seidel and Frank Osenich.

Motion to adjourn Dick seconded Jay Fornwalt.

Secretary, Karin Givler 



September 2004 Business/Social Meeting

The minutes from August meeting were read and a motion to approve made by Les and seconded by Dick. 

Treasurer’s report was read.  All bills paid. 

Frank asked for volunteers to help for the Railfest weekend.  Dick is covering the 5 car hosts that are needed for the excursions on the Nittany & Bald Eagle. 

No word from Union Tank if the Duquesne has been primered and if it can be moved to the siding at 4th st. 

Blasting and painting the REX car.  Bosses to meet.  Expenditure could end up only being cost of paint, lettering will be put back on.  Dick made a motion that the painting on the REX be pursued, with more info for next month.  Seconded Dave S.  All in favor. 

Denny asked if he should plan a X-mas party this year.  Or if not enough people do we want to go somewhere else.  Dick suggested doing Hoss’s this year to give Denny a break.  Denny will make arrangements for Dec. 4th Sat. at 7 pm.

Fall Foliage excursion Oct. 10th possible will be a sell out.  Dick asking for full staff.  Frank will send out emails to ask for car hosts.

Dick would like the chapter to form a letter and send to various officials to support Amtrak. 

Motion adjourn Don, second Dave B.

Secretary, Karin Givler 



October 2004 Business/Social Meeting

October 26, 2004 7:30 p.m.

The minutes from the September meeting were read and a correction to the amount in the savings account was made. Motion to approve . 

The Treasurer gave his report .  Spike men sales doing well 4 sales on the train and 3 sales at the BG craft show.  Bill commended Neil for his idea and work on this project.  Treasurers report available for review. Motion to approve Dick seconded by Len.

No report on Duquesne, Frank will call Dave Gildea.

Change in X-mas party plans- It will not be Sat. It must be weekday to have a private room.  We must chose between Monday thru Thursday first week of Dec. Email and cards will be sent out when Denny talks to Hoss’s and gets back to Frank.  Dave Seidel suggested a guest speaker and asking Dave Gildea or Ed Strong.  Frank will contact Dave Gildea.

No definite word on the REX car. Paint experts coming in, were given paint chip to match correct color. The Paint Co. may donate the paint.  Dick commended Neil for his accomplishments in the short time he has been with the Chapter.

Santa trips- Dick says his ticket sales are going well.  Bill is asking for help on the trips.  Rich Neely will be Santa for the Chapter trips.  Bickels will donate a toy for each child.  We thanked Gene Kurtz for getting Bickels involved.

Frank brought to the attention of the members present that we received two letters, one from Toys for Tots and one from Blair Co. Children and Youth for a X-mas donation.  Dick made a motion to give both a donation to each.  This was seconded by Dave Seidel. All voted in favor. Bill will send checks.

A letter was received from the Rockhill Trolley Museum at Orbisonia for guide polls, rails,ties, etc.  Bill made a motion to send a donation.  Seconded by Don Goebel.  Bill Burket made an amendment.  The amendment was also seconded by Don Goebel.  All voted in favor.  Bill will send a  check.

Frank brought to the attention of the members present that during Railfest Bennett Levin approached him about buying the B-60. Franks response was he could not sell it without bringing it before the members at a monthly meeting. Frank received a letter from Bennett pursuing the interest.  Much discussion .  Denny made a motion that we advise the B-60 is not for sale but could be for leased with terms to be determined. This was seconded by Dave Behe. All voted in favor

It was decided before the meeting adjourned that the X-mas party would be Thursday Dec. 7th Pleasant Valley Hoss’s at 7p.m.  Order from the menu 15% gratuity on bill.  Nov. 28th last day for reservations.

Motion to adjourn by Len Alwine Seconded by Barry Kaufman 

Meeting adjourned 



Neil     Duane Miller    Barry Kaufman   Frank Givler   Karin Givler
Larry McKee   Don Goebel    Bill Mangicarne   Dick Charlesworth
Ed & Theresa Wilt   Wayne Burket   Dave Behe   Len Alwine Denny Walls
Joe Harella    Bill Burket   Bill Temple


November  2004 Business/Social Meeting

November 23, 2004 7:45 p.m. 

The minutes from the October meeting were read and a correction was made on the date of the Christmas party of Dec. 2nd. The motion to approve was then made by Denny Walls and seconded by Dick Charlesworth.

The Treasurer’s report was given.  The books were open for the members to review.  The Railroad Spikemen are in the Museum gift shop, we may also try to get them at the Gallitzin Tunnel gift shop and Gene’s Trains at the Meadow’s Intersection.  A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Larry McKee.

Frank reported the Walter is stored for the winter back at Perm Turf.

Frank also spoke with Dave Gildea about speaking at our Christmas party but he declined. He told Frank he is not pushing for the Duquesne to be moved right away, he will try to get it sandblasted and primered before it must be moved.

Frank forwarded a letter to Bennett Levin that we are not selling the B-60.

The Santa trips will be Saturday Nov. 27th 1 la.m.-lp.m.-3p.m..  Rich Neely will play Santa Claus.

Once again it is November and nominations of Officers is upon the Chapter.  The Secretary has asked all present officers if they want to hold their office another year. All officers did agree to hold their office. The Secretary has made the motion that all Officers now holding office will continue for the year 2005. The motion was seconded by Len Alwine. All voted in favor

Motion made to adjourn by Bill Mangiacarne and seconded by Will Teeter.

 Meeting Adjourned

Secretary , Karin Givler 


Frank Givler  Karin Givler  Neil Myers  Wayne Burket  Barry Kaufinan Pat McKinney  Will Teeter  Larry McKee  Dick Charlesworth  Dave Seidel Denny Walls  Bill Mangicarne   George Thompson  DaveBehe   Chris Behe Jamie Rickens  Len Alwine   Jim Hooks


Santa Train,  November 27, 2004

Everett RR train crew members, Norbert  ? and Dave Ritchey Chapter President
Young David Claar, son of Atty & Mrs. Benjamin Claar, anticipate Santa's arrival.  
SANTA greets train passengers ! Trainman Neil Myers, aka Chapter Blacksmith and master of many trades
SANTA greets all the children before boarding at the Roaring Spring train station.

Photos by David Seidel.


December 2004 Christmas Party

DECEMBER 2, 2004 AT HOSS'S RESTAURANT-ALTOONA An evening of good conversation and fellowship was had by all. We were treated to some commentary from Mr. Mike Walls, Retired Signal Maintainer for Conrail, Penn Central and PRR, who described his working career for us. As railfans, we observe and photograph but don't often know the intricate details of what it takes to maintain the railroad's infrastructure for peak performance and efficiency. Our thanks to Mr. Walls for providing that insight for us. As usual, the PRR memorabilia on the walls of Hoss's Restaurant, provided the appropriate backdrop for a particularly nice evening. Hoss's was a contributing sponsor, among others, for the NRHS Bronze Tablet which was placed at Horseshoe Curve this year for the Spring Directors Meeting, for which we are most appreciative. All Photos by Dave Seidel


Photos by David Seidel.


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