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Altoona Railway Museum Club: Horseshoe Curve NRHS - Memorable Moments from the Past


Memorable Moments from the Chapter's Past

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7 Jan 2002 Update - Recruiting Docents

The Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS is currently recruiting volunteer candidates for the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum.  Anyone wishing to volunteer or learn how to become a Docent at the Museum is encouraged to contact any Chapter Officer.  


January  22, 2002 -Regular Chapter Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.  The minutes from the November meeting were read and a motion was made to approve by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Joe Harella.  The report from the Treasurer was emailed to the Secretary and was read.  The Treasurer will give a more detailed report at the next meeting.  

Frank Givler showed the new Walters truck speedometer to the members present.  The company it was purchased from set  the mileage about exact, as we had asked them to do.  Frank also told the members of a new storage facility that is in the works.  It will be a building in Duncansville that can be accessed at any time and the cost should be about the same as we are spending now.  

Frank read a Thank You form the Gloria Gates Foundation for the donation of toys that we gave to the Toys for Tots program.  

Frank, Bill Mangiacarne, Dick, and Gene Kurtz are to set up a meeting to discuss the excursion schedule for 2002.   Frank and Denny Walls will be making a schedule for the maintenance work that needs done to the coaches for this season. Work will include things such as lettering, electrical, buffer plate, etc.  Frank will notify members by card mailing and will also contact Al Novotney to have the coaches brought to Duncansville. 

Dick will possibly be holding the February Social meeting at his home.  If he intends to do this he will send a card to the membership.   If you do not receive a card the meeting will be held at the Museum's Memorial Hall. 

Frank asked for a committee of 2 people to plan the Christmas party for this year.  Dick Charlesworth and Denny Walls volunteered. 

Frank also asked if Dick and Bill would plan a bus trip or two this year to fund the Chapter and Keystone Restoration and Preservation Society.  Dick indicated that he will try to plan a trip to the Baltimore Inner Harbor in late May or early June. 

The Chapter received a letter tom Cheryl Smith of the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum asking if we would participate in the Scholarship drive again this year.  Frank told those present that Bill had received a bag full of thank you letters from the students we sponsored last year. Denny Walls made a motion that we participate again this year in the amount of$500.00. Motion seconded by Joe Harella.  Motion carried.

Frank mentioned to those present that he has a potential member for Rail Camp this year.  More discussion will follow on this when mailing from the National is received.  

Prior to adjourning, Denny Walls introduced a guest,  Jim Cooper,  who is considering joining our Chapter.  (Frank Givler)


January 23, 2002 Update - New Member

The Chapter has a new member : Jim Cooper.   He does have an e-mail address which you can add to your lists:   Welcome him aboard.  


January 23, 2002 Update - Message from President Givler

Hello from the President.  2001 was a good year for the Chapter as we have enjoyed a slight increase in membership. We have continued our up-grading of equipment with work being completed on the Chapter passenger cars as well as the Walter truck.  We hope to continue in 2002 with additional endeavors on the equipment as time permits.  Our excursions were successful, even with the cancellation of a few trips scheduled for the season.  We hope to try some new ideas in 2002 to enhance the excursion program.  Thanks to all members who have and are able to contribute in whatever way possible to and for the benefit of the Chapter. Thanks.  Frank


  March 26,2002-Regular Chapter Meeting

"The minutes from the January meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Andy Mulhollen.  The Treasurer's report was read by Bill Mangiacarne.  The breakdown on the summer excursions and other trips was shown to the members present.  A motion to approve was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Dave Behe.

Bill reported that a few coach seats were still available on the Washington trip, which is Saturday May 27th. If anyone is interested please contact Bill.  He also presented the schedule for the Roaring Spring 2002 trips. These trips are as follows:

Saturday July 20th - Roaring Spring to Martinsburg 9am & 11am
Roaring Spring to Hollidaysburg 1pm
Saturday July 27th Roaring Spring to Hollidaysburg 9am & 12noon & 3pm
Sunday July 28th Roaring Spring to Martinsburg 1pm & 3pm
Saturday September 15th Hollidaysburg to Roaring Spring 1:30pm
Saturday November 30th SANTA TRIPS Roaring Spring to Martinsburg 10:30am & 12:45pm & 2:30pm.

Frank Givler brought to the Chapters attention that in discussion at the K-4 Committee meetings it was agreed upon that the Chapter will be responsible for any car hosting on the trips that are made with the K-4.

Frank and Bill discussed with the members present about a meeting that they and Dick had with Grant Geis and Jerry Jacobson from the Ohio Central.  They would like to run an excursion here on the Nittany and Bald Eagle. This would take place on a Saturday and Sunday. The Chapter would market and sell all tickets and a potential to run our coaches.
They are looking at possibly 900 people.  NO plans are confirmed yet and Bill and Dick are working on more information.

Dick reported that he is working on a trip for Keystone Restoration that will take place Saturday June 8th . Bus to Washington Union Station. Ride the Acela to Baltimore.  Tour the B & O Museum, Trolley Museum and spend remaining time at Inner Harbor.  Cards will be forthcoming to Chapter members.

Dick also reported that the Canal Park in Hollidaysburg is holding an opening at the Reiser House the weekend of April 27th. Dick spoke to Niki Rudell and we can set up a table with our membership brochures but we can not sell any items. Any members that would like to go are invited.

Frank ask the members present that have email addresses if they would have any objection to receiving their notices by email instead of sending cards, but those that do not have an email address would still receive a card.  All present seemed in favor of this idea. Frank asks all those to be sure he had their email address.

A workday needs to be scheduled as soon as the weather is a little more dependable. Frank would like to do some work on the generator car. A notice of this day will be sent by email.

Frank informed the members present that we are losing the property insurance on the coaches as of June 30th. This is not the insurance that covers injuries but the insurance that would cover the value of the coaches should anything happen to them. Chuck Johnson is looking for another agent, but we will also check with Bob McCarthy for an agency.

The April Social Meeting will be held at the Givlers.

No further business Dick Charlesworth made a motion to adjourn and the motion was seconded by Dave Behe.

Meeting Adjourned."
Secretary, Karin Givler


April 7,  2002 Update - Message from President Givler

"The chapter is going to start sending notices via email to those chapter members who are online about trips , workdays etc.   Members who are not online will still receive notices via regular mail.  Members who are on-line need to email their addresses (email) to me or Dave Seidel so that they can be added to the address book.  Sending  notices via email will/should save the chapter a good bit of money on printing/mailing expenses."


April 13,  2002 Update - Rockville Limited / NRHS Director's Meeting

The Rockville Limited was a superb experience. Just seeing ex-PRR class E-8 locomotives in their original paint design "under former PRR catenary" at Harrisburg was a sight to behold. The special train, hosted by the Harrisburg Chapter NRHS, was truly the event of the year, and generated such response that a second trip was scheduled for Sunday, April 14th.

The Rockville Limited consisted of the two E-8 locomotives, the Kitchi Gami private car, and a parlor from the original "Senator". At the rear were two additional private cars, the last being the Pennsylvania 120 bespeaking elegance and varnish from another period. Standard Amfleet coaches filled the balance of the consist in the 16 car train which accommodated 800 + passengers per trip.

Departing Harrisburg at 7:30 a.m., the train traveled the Amtrak main line to Philadelphia, passing under 30th street station and entered the northeast corridor. Traveling south to Perryville, the special left the corridor to begin the return trip to Harrisburg via the Columbia and Port Deposit branch paralleling the Susquehanna River, a spectacular section of railroad which passed hydro-electric plants and coal generating plants along the river.

The special traversed the west side of the Enola Yard and crossed the famed Rockville Bridge, once one of the 7 wonders of the world because of its status as the longest stone arch railroad bridge structure in the world, returning to Harrisburg station at approximately 2:50 p.m.

Rockville bridge turned 100 the preceding weekend and was noted by a special observance/ceremony in the community of Marysville on the west shore. In addition, noted Historian, Dan Cupper, presented a slide program at the Harrisburg Hilton Friday evening, April 12th, outlining the history of the structure. Dan has also completed a new soft bound book on the Rockville Bridge which will be released from the publisher shortly (Withers Publishing Co) [].

The Harrisburg Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society hosted the Directors Meeting at the Harrisburg Hilton and was highlighted Saturday evening, April 13th, with a banquet in the Harrisburg Ballroom with the keynote address by Mr. James W. McClellan, Senior V. P., Planning, Norfolk Southern Corporation. Mr. McClellan supplemented his remarks with a power-point slide presentation which included historical photographs of the former PRR between Harrisburg and Altoona, as well as charts and graphs indicating the performance, plans, and growth forecast of the railroad to maintain pace with emerging technologies to meet competitive demands in changing markets.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation to Norfolk Southern, of a substantial cast brass plaque which will be affixed to Rockville Bridge commemorating the 100th anniversary of the structure. Mr. McClellan was also presented with a kerosene railroad lantern of gleaming polished brass in appreciation of his participation in the event and in appreciation for assisting the Chapter with the efforts for the special train.

Mr. McClellan was introduced by Mr. Richard Timmons, V.P., Public Affairs- Pennsylvania, Norfolk Southern Corporation.

The semi-annual meeting of the National Railway Historical Society convened Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. in the Harrisburg Hilton. Horseshoe Curve Chapter was represented by Director M. Richard Charlesworth, President Francis X. Givler and Secretary Karin Givler, Chapter Historian David Seidel, and Larry G. McKee.

HCC_members_Harrisburg_4-13-02.jpg (34533 bytes) The semi-annual meeting of the National Railway Historical Society convened Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. in the Harrisburg Hilton. Horseshoe Curve Chapter was represented by Director M. Richard Charlesworth, President Francis X. Givler and Secretary Karin Givler, Chapter Historian David Seidel, and Larry G. McKee.   Submitted by David Seidel.

The Harrisburg Chapter, NRHS is to be congratulated on a superb effort to provide a stellar weekend of activities worthy of the serious or amateur rail industry historian, modeler, or photographer. The Harrisburg Chapter is to be congratulated for their professionalism in organizing this event which was, for all practical purposes, an NRHS "convention" event. (Submitted by David Seidel; 14 Apr 2002)


April 23, 2002 - Chapter Social Meeting

The Social meeting was held at the Givler's with about 20 members in attendance. Many of them brought their albums of photos and postcards to share. We had a couple videos on the television as well.  The food of course was served amidst all this show and tell.  Everyone seemed to enjoy him or herself.  The wives always have a good time doing our usual thing, and we know what that is , don't we ladies!!!!"   (Submitted by Karin Givler)


June 2002

The "Just Because" sub-group of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, gather for conversation at the Alto Model Train Museum Club headquarters.  Photo by David Seidel


May 28, 2002 Chapter Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:32 p.m. The minutes from the previous meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Larry McKee and seconded by Dave Seidel. The Treasurer's report was read and a hand out was passed around to show the members a breakdown of expenses. All bills are paid at this time. A motion to accept was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by George Merritt. Frank reported that the trip that was discussed with the Ohio Central was put on hold until possibly nest year as there were to many logistics to cover and not enough time. Bill Mangicarne reported that Norfolk Southern gave us permission for parking in the Sam Rae shop parking lot for the Sept. 15th dinner trip. Bill, Frank, and Dick will be having a meeting with Gene Kurtz at Dick's house on Thursday evening. Frank ask George Merritt if he would again this year be in charge of scheduling the car hosts for the Roaring Spring trips, George agreed. Anyone wishing to help on these trips please let George know.

Frank is still working on a date for a work day. The Everett R.R. will move the cars to Duncansville. Gary Shields will need to be contacted to clean the car. Someone broke into the car at Roaring Spring and used the fire extinguisher all over the inside. Frank is working on ideas to secure the vestibule doors.

The speedometer is back in the Walters and works well. The windshield is also sealed. The truck was at its first car show at Wal-Mart for the year on Sunday night.

Bennett Levin is planning an excursion with a group in Clearfield sometime in October, and they want to use our coaches. A new lease will be drawn up for this leasing.

Andy discussed the situation with coaches and that the Museum is looking at for the return of the K-4. He also gave some back ground on the financial situation with the Museum.

The Chapter received a Thank you form the students at Penn Cambria Junior Class for sponsoring their trip to the Museum.

No other new or old business to discuss a motion was made to adjourn by Bill Mangicarne and seconded by Les Shaffer .  Meeting adjourned


July 8, 2002 - Death Notification

"It brings me sadness to let all of you know that in the early hours of July 6, 2002, James Kelly past away.  Jim gave many presentations at both Philadelphia and National Chapter meetings.  He was a photographer taking photos of PRR steam in the 40's and 50's. I remember him telling me the story of photographing K-4sa #612.  He almost killed himself falling down an embankment because he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Jim wouldn't raise his camera for a diesel, he felt they were not worth the film. Furthermore, he also was an advocate to aiding model manufacturers to producing quality, PRR HO models. He was the motivator to aiding Bowser in the B-6sb project due by years end. He also pushed Bowser to do a N-8 with applied grab irons which is in the works, along with other PRR related modeling with different manufacturers. Jim had a different way with people, unique to his own. He didn't care about anything but PRR, and he will be greatly missed. He was a mentor to me, getting me highly involved in the PRR, traveling to the RR Museum of PA to photograph the B-6sb for Bowser, and researching other projects for all us modelers. ... Yours in health, Greg Vlassopoulos, Jr."

At one time in the early years of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS, Jim Kelley was a member and resident of Altoona.  David Seidel


July 18, 2002 - Death Notification

"Former NRHS member Vincent Civiello, age 60, died from heart attack this week.  Vince was quite active with the Altoona Association of Model Railroader's.  A former employee of Conrail, Vince was often seen trackside watching the trains with the rest of us. Our sympathies to his family."  David Seidel


July 23, 2002  Chapter Business Meeting

The minutes from the May meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Joe Harella and seconded by Dave Behe. The treasurer report was read and an amount will be given to us from the Roaring Spring Historical Society for use of the coaches on the Fishing Derby Day excursions. A Financial Report was passed among the members present for review. A motion to accept the minutes was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Dave Seidel.

Norfolk Southern contacted Bill and we can not use the Sam Rae parking lot for the September 15th trip to Roaring Spring. We have looked into the area at the Lytle Group and Blair Mill Outlet. Mulch can be spread on an area large enough to spot two vestibules. Departure time will be 1 :30 p.m. Everything is confirmed with the Roaring Spring Fire Hall.

The Walter truck will be at Lakemont Park this weekend for the Antique Truck and Machinery Show.

A new lease will be modified and given to Bill for our attorney to review for the Clearfield group. Chuck Johnson is still pursuing an Insurance carrier for the coaches. Bill will also contact Mike Deeble. We would like to have Insurance in place before leasing the coaches in October. The six car hosts that are signed up for the weekend excursions will have their lunch provided, anyone extra that shows up that day your lunches will be on your own. Bill would like anyone interested in car hosting for Railfest to please let him know. If you have not had a training class in two years, your training will have to be renewed.

Dick discussed with those present a bus trip and donate the proceeds to the Museum. He discussed possible using the Clearfield excursion. Dick ask those present if their were any objections to this idea. George Thompson made a motion to use the Clearfield excursion and donate the proceeds to the Museum. Motion seconded by Denny Walls. Dick also made the announcement that the bus trip to Hagerstown is sold out.

Denny gave a Thank you to George and Joyce Thompson for the great get together in June at the Model Railroaders Club. Denny also brought to the attention of the members that he feels it is important that we get the cars lettered again. This was tabled for further discussion and more research.

Dave Seidel asked those present if there would be any interest in doing a work day and painting the engine at the curve. Denny mentioned that we could get an Eagle Scout group but this would hinge on approval from the Museum. Frank mentioned that this type of work should be done by volunteers that are ladder worthy as we need to be safe for liability reasons. Also the radio at the top will need some maintenance. We would be looking at a time frame of early fall. More information will follow after checking with the Museum and a Scout group.

Frank introduced and welcomed a new member Don Goebel. A motion was made to adjourn by Les Shaffer and seconded by Dave Seidel. Meeting adjourned.


July 28, 2002 - "Spring Dam" Weekend

CHAPTER_TRIP_ROARING_SPRING_7-28-2002-A.jpg (43861 bytes) Photo is of Chapter trip approaching Roaring Spring PA station on Sunday, July 28, 2002.  This was Roaring Springs "Spring Dam Weekend".  At left of scene is antique auto show.  Photo by David Seidel


August 14, 2002 - Chapter Picnic

"The annual picnic of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, National Railway Historical Society was hosted by Dave and Virginia Seidel at his cottage  in conjunction with members of the Altoona-Blair County Photo Society. Fifty + persons were in attendance on a hot Sunday August 4, 2002. Shaded by the Hemlock trees, good conversation abounded while Hamburgers and hot dogs and sausage smoked on the charcoal grilles and the aroma wafted through the trees. Everyone brought good appetites and a covered dish to share. Food and fellowship were in abundance and a good time seemed to be had by all. Dave delegated the grille-work (as usual) while he parked cars between all those trees. Late afternoon brought refreshment with Virginia Seidel's annual water balloon tossing contest. Since everyone was attired in drip-dry permanent press fabrics, a good time was had by all (we formerly used EGGS!). This year was one of the largest crowds yet and we were maxed out on parking. Can't park in the farmers corn field now, can we? This year's picnic was an AUSPICIOUS OCCASION with the presentation to Director Dick Charlesworth of his silver 25 year NRHS membership pin. The picnic also coincided with President Frank Givler's birthday. MUCH TO CELEBRATE. Congratulations to all. Joan Stern reminded "camera-club" people (some dual memberships there} about the forthcoming August 20th meeting/gathering at the Stern residence in Roaring Spring as well as the preparations for the club's 50th anniversary exhibit at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art/Altoona. Dick Charlesworth announced the September 15 NRHS dinner train to be operated by the Horseshoe Curve Chapter: Depart Hollidaysburg Canal Basin Park at 1:30 PM. Travel to Roaring Spring, PA. Shuttle to RS Fire Hall for one of their renowned turkey dinners. Return, of course, to Hollidaysburg in the same manner.  Reservations via Dick Charlesworth at 695-2201 or Bill Mangiacarne at 943-6784. The evening ended with reflection and more conversation as the locusts and crickets serenaded the assembly. Not sure how all the "guys" ended up in a cluster and the "girls" ended in another. I guess it was "JUST BECAUSE" (you had to be there to understand that one). Thanks to ALL for visiting Camp David. "  David Seidel


August 24, 2002 - The Blue Mountain Express

Saturday, August 24th dawned late for members and friends of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter, National Railway Historical Society.   The morning was still dark as pitch when we departed from Altoona Railroader’s Memorial Museum, en-route to Hagerstown, MD, to board the Blue Mountain Express, sponsored by the Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum.

The morning was still leaden and overcast when we arrived at the Hagerstown museum facility adjacent to the CSX Yard.   Boarding the MARC passenger train, with a coach to ourselves, we headed north over Jacks Mountain into Pennsylvania, from whence we sort-of originated.   However, the line over Jacks Mountain was well maintained and very scenic, cresting the mountain at the de-commissioned military installation, Fort Ritchie, before descending into Adams County, Pennsylvania to Gettysburg. Passing the famed Civil War battlefields we proceeded a short distance to New Oxford, Penna., our destination.

By arrival in New Oxford, the day had brightened considerably and became hot and humid.   But, we adapted well, and fanned out all over the small town. Lunch was first priority and we all selected our favorite location to try, and then onto this town of antique shops. 

New Oxford is a nice town situated on still busy U.S. Route 30, complete with a town square (or is it a traffic circle) and great examples of period architecture from the 1800’s.   Many of us located a treasure or two rummaging in those great antique shops and re-converged on the town railroad crossing.   New Oxford still has the original depot which is, today, a railroad museum with a unique and eclectic collection of railroad memorabilia. Directly across the street are two former Baltimore and Ohio smooth-side passenger cars, which, for years, housed an excellent railroad hobby shop.   These cars still remain, and one serves as an ice cream parlor, which was well patronized on this occasion.    

Eventually, train time beckoned, and we boarded for the trip back to Hagerstown.   The return trip was equally enjoyable but I suspect some of us experienced some serious nap-time. On arrival in Hagerstown, we enjoyed the opportunity to tour the Hagerstown museum and, eventually, some of us had to be pried from the premises to get the bus back on the road. 

En-route home, we all enjoyed a dinner stop nearby with a variety of personal choices to enjoy an evening meal on our own. A good time was had by all, we hope.  By Dave Seidel

BLUE_MOUNTAIN_EXPRESS.jpg (88773 bytes) 8-24-2002 - New Oxford, PA. Frank and Ron Givler, David Seidel, Les and Pat Shaffer, relax on the porch of an antique shop adjacent to the station. BLUE_MOUNTAIN_EXPRESS-1.jpg (29847 bytes)  


August 27, 2002  Chapter Business Meeting

The minutes from the July meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by Joe Harella. A correction was made as to the amount of money received from Roaring Spring, Frank will check on that with Bill.

Frank ask the members present if they were willing to agree to advertise in the AAMT booklet for 2003. The Walter truck was at the Antique Truck and Machinery Show at Lakemont Park and won first place in the up hill slow race for the second Grasshopper award.

Frank reported that Bill contacted the attorney about the lease on the coaches and the attorney never received the papers that were mailed to him. Bill emailed the lease and confirmed an arrival. The attorney will look it over and get back to Bill.

Frank brought to the members' attention another avenue to explore for lettering the coaches. Gary Deem can be contacted for an estimate, and Denny is also checking with Millenium Railway about stencils. Dave Seidel also mentioned we should put the NRHS decals on with the lettering.

A work day for the diesel at the Curve was discussed, it was decided September 28th at 9a.m. Denny will make a contact for the Scout troop and Dick will contact Cummins. The Chapter will provide materials and the Scouts will bring goggles and gloves. It was decided the worst areas on the engine will be cleaned up in time for Railfest.

Dick reported the trip from Hagerstown to New Oxford had 53 passengers. The trips from Clearfield to Karthaus on October 26th will be 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. The cost will be $58.00 and $56.00 for Seniors. The proceeds will be split between the Chapter and the Museum. Dick and Frank brought to the attention of the members present a proposal from Andrea Vibert. She would like to save an AEM 7 and if this is possible would like our support with regard to the Chapter storing the locomotive until it can be put in the Museum yard. This was the locomotive that replaced GG-1 4913. Greg Miller made the motion to send a letter of acceptance for the AEM 7 and George Thompson seconded that motion. Dave Seidel added to change the word acceptance with intent. This motion was accepted.

Dave Seidel and Dick Charlesworth have been discussing the 150th anniversary of the Horseshoe Curve which will be in 2004. Dick would like to see our Chapter host a Directors meeting that Spring. Dick ask the members present if they would be in favor of this as he needs to make a proposal at the November Directors meeting in Iowa. All members present were in favor of pursuing this idea. More details will be forth coming.

It was mentioned to pursue a dinner meeting with the Cumberland Chapter as we have done in the past. It was agreed to look into setting this up for sometime in October. Dave Seidel wanted to recognize Denny and Jamie with a Thank you for painting the vestibules in the coaches.

Frank also welcomed a guest at tonight's meeting Francis Berletic. Motion to adjourn made by Denny WaIls and seconded by Greg Miller .

 Due to the absence of the Treasurer there was not a report for this month's meeting.

Dick Charlesworth did report that the dinner train on Sept. 15th was a success and that the profit made should have made up for the loses on the other trips this season. The lease to the group for the Clearfield excursions is being finalized with the attorney, and Dick will deliver it as soon as it is finished. We should see an income for the week that this group will be leasing the coaches.

Frank reported that he spoke to Gary Deem about lettering the coaches. Gary will take a look at them but gave Frank a quote of $200.00 for all three coaches. He will do the HORSESHOE CURVE CHAPTER, N .R.H.S on both sides of all three coaches, he will also try to get a color as close to the reporting marks as possible. If the color is different and we would like to redo the reporting marks, there will be an additional charge. Denny did check with Millinium Railway and they no longer do stenciling. Dick Charlesworth made a motion to authorize Frank to make the decision to get the lettering done. Denny Walls seconded this motion. All voted in favor.

Dick reported that there is a time change on the October 26th trip to Clearfield. The 8am trip has been cancelled, so the 1 pm will be the only trip and it has sold out. Since there is now only one trip the all proceeds from this trip will go to the Museum.

Dick contacted the Cumberland Chapter as to a dinner meeting but we have no confirmation from them as of yet. If a date is set after this meeting, cards will be sent to members. Plans for this dinner meeting may be moved until January.

Dick reported that he has received material from the National on the process of the Director's meeting. It must be understood that we as members will need to help in various areas to put this together. Dave Seidel and Dick are continuing to work on this and reports will be forthcoming.

Frank ask Denny Walls to take charge of the work day scheduled for Sept. 2Sth on the GP9 at the Curve, as Frank has to take the locomotive springs to Steamtown. If it rains that day the work day will be cancelled. Frank will contact George for the paint and get brushes and mineral spirits. Dick will contact Cummins so Jim at the Curve is aware of the workday.

All those working the train for Railfest are reminded of a meeting at the station Wednesday Sept. 25th at 6:30pm.

Denny Walls reported the Christmas party will be December 7th at the Geeystown Firehall. The menu will be turkey and ham dinner. Denny will have a confirmation by the end of the month and Dick will send cards as soon as Denny has the confirmation.

Denny also reported that Millinium Railway will look at our coaches and may consider painting them, Denny will also check on them looking at the REX car.

With no other new or old business to discuss, a motion was made by Joe Harella to adjourn. This was seconded by Len Alwine.


            Chapter Participation in Clearfield, PA Excursions

During October the chapter's three coaches were leased by the Clearfield Chamber of Commerce for a series of excursions in the Clearfield area. The coaches left Altoona on the evening of Monday, October 14th for the RJ Corman interchange at Cresson. Here is the consist for the move as witnessed by Chapter members Andy Mulhollen and Dave Seidel. Conrail SD80MAC #'s 7214, 7200, 7203, 7216 followed by the Chapter coaches NRHX 104,103,102, followed by Conrail GP 38-2 #5311, NS SD80MAC's #7213 and 7202.

On Saturday, October 19th a special train of private passenger cars arrived in Clearfield having been powered by the restored PRR E-8's owned by Bennett Levin. The train had left Philadelphia that morning and used the ex-PRR Buffalo line to Keating and then took the NYC line along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River to reach Clearfield. When the train initially arrived it was parked on Williams Street in Clearfield on the former B&O line so that the general public could see the train. Among the private cars in this train were PRR #120, Warrior Ridge, J. Pinckney Henderson, Mount Vernon and Palmetto State.

10-19-02_RJCorman_Clearfield.jpg (28257 bytes) These photos are of Bennett Levin's E-8's and the private cars that were in Clearfield on October 19th. They were taken on Williams Street in Clearfield.  Duane C. Miller 10-19-02_RJCorman_Clearfield-3.jpg (21268 bytes) These photos are of Bennett Levin's E-8's and the private cars that were in Clearfield on October 19th. They were taken on Williams Street in Clearfield.  Duane C. Miller
10-19-02_RJCorman_Clearfield-2.jpg (23486 bytes) These photos are of Bennett Levin's E-8's and the private cars that were in Clearfield on October 19th. They were taken on Williams Street in Clearfield.  Duane C. Miller    

As evening fell the train was backed into the Clearfield yard so that the fire company could wash the train. The Harrisburg Chapter of the NRHS then conducted a night photo session. They had the E-8's with the private cars on one track and positioned two of the RJ Corman locomotives with the three chapter cars on the next track. After taking several photos the E-8's returned into town and some night photos were taken of just the RJ Corman locomotives with our coaches.

On Sunday, October 20th the private cars went on an excursion to Bigler and Cherry Tree. An additional night photo session was held that evening. The train then left on Monday morning for Pittsburgh.

On Tuesday, October 22nd through Thursday the 24th they ran excursions from Clearfield to Bigler using the chapter's coaches and RJ Corman locomotives for 5th and 6th grade students from the area school districts.

On Friday, October 25th they began to run excursions for the general public. You had the choice of buying a commuter ticket for $20, which would enable you to ride in the chapter's coaches, or a coach ticket for $35. Santa Fe coach "Mohave" and Southern Pacific coach "Golden Sand" had been left behind when the private cars had left on Monday. A coach ticket was good for a ride in either of these cards. For the excursions there was a RJ Corman locomotive on each end of the train. On Friday and Saturday they ran trips from Clearfield to Karthaus and return at 8:00 a.m. and at 1:00 p.m. The trip traveled along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River on the former New York Central line. Beside following the river there was also four tunnels it went through.

Chapter member, Dick Charlesworth, organized a bus trip from Altoona to Clearfield to ride the Saturday afternoon excursion to Karthaus. They rode aboard the coach "Golden Sand". After the return to Clearfield they went for dinner at the Days Inn in Clearfield. The profits from this bus trip went to the Railroaders Memorial Museum".

10-19-02_RJCorman_Night- Photo-1.jpg.jpg (16994 bytes) These photos were taken during the night photo session that was held in the RJ Corman yard in Clearfield during the evening of October 19th. On the photo of only the RJ Corman locomotives, you can see the chapter coaches attached to the locomotives.  Duane C. Miller 10-19-02_RJCorman_Night- Photo-2.jpg.jpg (17071 bytes) These photos were taken during the night photo session that was held in the RJ Corman yard in Clearfield during the evening of October 19th. On the photo of only the RJ Corman locomotives, you can see the chapter coaches attached to the locomotives.  Duane C. Miller
10-19-02_RJCorman_Night- Photo-3.jpg.jpg (19702 bytes) These photos were taken during the night photo session that was held in the RJ Corman yard in Clearfield during the evening of October 19th. On the photo of only the RJ Corman locomotives, you can see the chapter coaches attached to the locomotives.  Duane C. Miller 10-26-02_RJCorman_Shawville.jpg (22052 bytes) These photos are of the afternoon excursion to Karthaus on October 26th.  The train is shown crossing the bridge across the West Branch of the Susquehanna at Shawville.  Duane C. Miller
10-26-02_RJCorman_Shawville-2.jpg (17050 bytes) These photos are of the afternoon excursion to Karthaus on October 26th.  The train is shown crossing the bridge across the West Branch of the Susquehanna at Shawville.  Duane C. Miller 10-27-02_RJCorman_burnside.jpg (21641 bytes) These photos are of the excursion to Cherry Tree on October 27th. One photo shows the train passing the former New York Central passenger station in Burnside. The other two photos show the train passing through the former location of the Cherry Tree yard. This yard was removed by Conrail in the early 1990's before the line was sold to RJ Corman. Duane C. Miller
10-27-02_RJCorman_burnside-2.jpg (18656 bytes) These photos are on October 27th and shows the train passing through the former location of the Cherry Tree yard. This yard was removed by Conrail in the early 1990's before the line was sold to RJ Corman. Duane C. Miller 10-26-02_RJCorman_Clearfield_yard.jpg (22030 bytes) These photos of the afternoon excursion to Karthaus on October 26th. On these photos the train is shown passing through the railroad yard in Clearfield.  Duane C. Miller
10-26-02_RJCorman_Clearfield_yard-2.jpg (24191 bytes) These photos of the afternoon excursion to Karthaus on October 26th. On these photos the train is shown passing through the railroad yard in Clearfield.  Duane C. Miller    

On Sunday, October 27th, they again ran an excursion to Karthaus in the morning. In the afternoon they ran an excursion to Cherry Tree and return. Cherry Tree is located at the junction of Clearfield, Cambria and Indiana Counties. The routing used to reach Cherry Tree was to take the former Baltimore & Ohio from Clearfield to Curwensville and then follow the former New York Central from Curwensville through Mahaffey to Cherry Tree. Among the highlights of this trip was going along the Curwensville Lake and passing the former B&O stations in Clearfield and Hyde, and the former NYC station in Burnside.

Also on Sunday, an additional train of private cars arrived in Clearfield. I did not witness this train but it was scheduled to use Amtrak locomotives. Among the private cars scheduled were Virginia City, Scottish Thistle, Chapel Hill, Hollywood Beach and City of Spokane. The train stayed the night and then left in the morning for Pittsburgh.

On Monday, October 28th, they returned the chapter coaches to the interchange with Norfolk Southern at Cresson. For this dead-head move they sold tickets and then had buses meet the train in Cresson to return the passengers to Clearfield. As of Saturday they had only sold approximately 50 tickets but over the weekend they sold enough additional tickets to require four buses to return the passengers to Clearfield. To reach Cresson they again followed the B&O line from Clearfield to Curwensville, and then NYC line from Curwensville to Mahaffey. At Mahaffey the train then went onto the former PRR line through Westover and Patton. Aboard the train we noticed a car with an out-of-state license plate that was meeting the train at each crossing to photograph the train. By the time we was nearing Cresson, everyone was cheering when the car was spotted. On this excursion there was the three chapter coaches and two RJ Corman locomotives on the front end.  By Duane C. Miller


Sightings of Chapter Coaches Enroute to Clearfield, PA


October 22, 2002  Chapter Business Meeting

The minutes from the September meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Denny Walls and seconded by Larry McKee. The Treasurer report was read and a breakdown was passed around for the members present to review. A motion to accept the was made by Denny Walls and seconded by Dave Seidel.

Frank reported that the workday for the GP 9 at the Curve was tabled until Spring as only four Chapter members showed for the workday and Denny also reported that the Scouts had a camping trip that weekend that he did not know about.

Frank sent an email and cards to the members about the Christmas party. RSVP to Denny Walls by November 15th. Scott Cessna may be the guest speaker.

Dick reported that Dave Seidel has formulated a letter to be sent to the National with a copy to the officers telling our intentions for a Directors Meeting. Dick feels certain we will get the bid but final decision will be at the Spring Directors meeting in Richmond, VA.

A company, Elite Tire, contacted Frank about tires for the Walters. Six tires in good condition are available at $100 each. Frank ask the members if they felt we should spend the money. We will need other tires as the present ones are cracking. Bill asked if storing the tires until we really need them would deteriorate them any further. Frank suggested a storage location. Dick made the motion that the Chapter purchase these tires. Bill Mangiacarne seconded the motion and all were in favor.

Denny Smith invited the Chapter members to his annual fall picnic. Dave, Denny, Frank, George and Joyce Thompson were among those that attended. There was a lot of steam machinery, some in operation, antique trucks to photograph and lots of food to enjoy.

Some general discussion followed the meeting. A motion to adjourn was made by Denny Walls and seconded by Jamie Rickens. Meeting adjourned.


November 26. 2002; 7:36 p.m - Chapter Business Meeting

The minutes from the October meeting were read and a motion to approve was made by Joe Harella and seconded by Don Goebel. The Treasurer was absent and the figures for the report were given to Frank and they were read. A motion to approve was made by Dick Charlesworth and seconded by George Thompson.

Frank reported that the Walter truck is now in storage. He contacted Ellenberger Yoder Rentals, they agreed to store it until May and we will pay $2.00 a day. Payment made in full until May. No word on the tires, but Elite Tire International will call when they are coming this way and deliver them.

This is the month for election of officers, the Secretary has appointed those persons presently holding office to another year term with unanimous consent.

Dick reported that the 1l a.m and 1 p.m Santa trips are sold out. Calls are still coming in. Dave Seidel put an ad in the Bedford Gazette and Bill Mangiacarne gave the radio station WAYC 16 tickets to give away. Gene Kurtz sponsors the 3 p.m. trip for the residents of Roaring Spring. We will not be starting any plans for the 2003 season trips until we hear from the Everett Railroad on insurance costs.

Frank reported that Andy Mulhollen contacted him. Andy held a discussion with Scott Cessna about a need for a place that can be rented out to local businesses for meetings, conferences, and small parties. Scott's idea was to use a couple cars that are restorable to service and covert them into this need. The Duquesne and Union League came up in the conversation. The question to be put before the Chapter is this, if Scott could get the grant money, would the Chapter be willing to donate the cars back to the Museum for this project. If so, the Chapter would be given credit for it and would be able to use the cars

for our Chapter meetings just as we do with Memorial Hall.

Much discussion followed and Denny Walls asked that we table this decision until further discussion with Scott so we can obtain more information before a final decision is made.

Dick Charlesworth and Dave Seidel were at the Ramada discussing the Directors meeting, and it is almost certain we will book our Director's meeting with them. While they were there it was mentioned to them about sponsoring a Christmas tree for $100.00 for the Toys for Tots benefit. The Chapter has decorated a 4 foot tree in front of

Ballroom A for the Christmas season.

Denny reported that money for the Christmas party can be given to Frank now or to Denny the night of the dinner. Denny is still taking reservations tonight for those that want to attend. There being no further new or old business to discuss, Denny Walls made a motion to

adjourn and seconded by Barry Kauffman. Meeting adjourned

Karin Givler, Secretary


Chapter Christmas Party

The Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS Christmas Party was held on 12/7/2002 at 6 pm at the Geeseytown Fire Station Social Hall. It was attended by about 30 people. Scott Cessna and his wife and daugther were the guests. Scott spoke about the present and future of the ARMM. He took questions of which there were several. There were some tables set up for show and tell and several folks brought out their items. After the meal and Scott spoke, Dave Seidel, Chapter Historian, presented a slide show of some of the events and people that have been part of our organization from the very early days. My how some have changed and how many we have lost over the years! The meal was prepared by the fire company and consisted of ham, turkey, potatoes, corn, gravy, filling, cranberry, and a homemade cake decorated for the occasion along with Ritchey's decorated ice cream. Denny Walls.

NRHS 12-7-2002-A.jpg (55712 bytes) The superb cake prepared by the staff of Geeseytown Firehall for the NRHS Christmas dinner on December 7, 2002. Very unusual, creative and MUCH APPRECIATED by those attending the Horseshoe Curve Chapter NRHS annual event. Arrangements for the Christmas Dinner were coordinated by member Denny Walls, Assistant Chief, Geeseytown Volunteer Fire Department.  Photo by David Seidel. NRHS 12-7-2002-B.jpg (43256 bytes) Photo of Chapter member Jamey Rickens, 12-7-2002, assisting the crew at Geeseytown Vol. Fire Department put up the Christmas lights prior to the NRHS dinner.  Photo by David Seidel.



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