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Hall of Honor
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Horseshoe Curve Chapter, NRHS

Hall of Honor

These pages were last updated on: September 20, 2018! 


Birth/Death Dates

Membership Years

Office Held/Miscellaneous

Ames, Howard

07/16/1903 to 03/20/1986

  Born in Wilmington, Delaware the son of Howard Stillman and Emily (Butcher) Ames.
Married Ruth Lykens on November 28, 1928 . Yardmaster, Altoona Classification Yard PRR, PCRR

Amigh, Carl J.

  1936 to 1995     Tower Operator, PRR, PCRR, Conrail Altoona Area

Amigh, James E.

  03/02/1912 to 12/11/1989    

Arthur, Harry

  03/05/1900 to 11/28/1988    

Arthur, Pearl

  08/20/1901 to 03/01/1997    

Beefelt, Gary

  08/30/1941 to 11/17/1995     Vice President
Briggs, Sherman 10/31/1901 to 12/31/1988  
Born in Bellwood, 
The son of Brice Briggs. & Martha E. (Shields) Ames.  
Married 1st to Tressa K. Taylor in New
Florence, Pa. on June 23, 1923: 
2nd marriage Hulda L. Griffith. 
he died in Tyrone, PA
Briggs, Hulda L.  06/23/1912 to 05/18/1998      

Burket, William E.

 12/24/1936 to 12/11/2017   Chapter Member.

Burrows, Paul

 09/14/1914 to 01/22/1997   Former steam locomotive engineer.
Charlesworth, Max G.

02/13/1912 to 03/24/1998

Detrich, Paul

08/28/1905 to 08/14/1987

   Clerk, PRR, East Altoona Stores Dept
Detrich, Mary H. 

07/06/1906 to 05/27/1995

Garvin, Raymond G. unknown to 10/16/1982 01/1968 to  Chairperson, Railroad Museum
Development Committee
Garvin, Elizabeth  08/27/1923 to 01/10/2001 01/1968 to    
Gorsuch, Charles 05/1923 to 03/08/2001    Member of the Chapter and the Life Member of the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum
Gundel, Ralph M.

02/26/1921 to 08/14/1992

  1st Chapter V.P.; Clerk, PRR, PCRR, Conrail - Trainmasters Dept

Hammond, Jeannie

  08/20/1951 to 01/22/1996     Vice-President

Hollobaugh, Thomas W.

  02/27/1915 to 01/25/1997   Railroad employee, Altoona Works;  Accomplished railroad artist.

Hommer, Roy

  1920 to 1996


Hunt, Roy C.

  08/22/1927 to 02/15/1998   Engineer, Everett Railroad Company.

Mangiancarne, Henry

  10/10/1911 to 05/02/1993   Conductor, PRR Passenger Operations from altoona
Nail, Clyde

11/01/1933 to 10/10/1998

Oessenich, Frank  03/21/1934 to 07/1/2004    
Price, Barbara "Bobbie Jo"

04/13/1957 to 01/10/2018

  Chapter Member; Life member of the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum; Spouse of Gary Price
Price, Roy G.

10/25/1923 to 08/29/1989

  K-4 Project Engineer, 1986

Reese, Wayne T. (Tim)

  08/05/1940 to 01/17/1992     Chief Mechanical Officer

Seidel, David W.

  01/04/1938 to 03/11/2022 Charter member to 2022 He was employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad in its last 2 years of operation until 1968, which confirmed his life-long interest in railroad history. He became a founding member of the Altoona Railway Museum Club, Horseshoe Curve Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society (serving as Chapter Historian) and the Railroaders Memorial Museum. He maintained an active association in these interests during his lifetime. David was an active member of the Blair County Historical Society, from whom he received “The 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award: Railroad and County Historian,” Blair County Genealogical Society, Bellwood Historical Society, Tyrone Historical Society, and Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society. In addition, he authored the following histories: “Horseshoe Curve” and “Altoona-Post Card History Series”; and was co-author with friend, Leonard E. Alwine of “Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Railway.” He consulted on production of a DVD about the Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Railway. He particularly enjoyed volunteering at the Railroaders Memorial Museum.

Seidel, William J.

  08/02/1914 to 12/03/1993   Former Car Repairman/Machinist Altoona Works
Seidel, Catherine Venance (Maricq)  09/03/1914 to 03/23/2008   Husband:  William J. Seidel; sister and brother-in-law: Bernice M. “Babe” Wahl and Joseph F. Wahl;  niece: Mary Jo Wahl; son:  David Seidel; Grandson: Christopher Behe; Son in law: David Behe
Smay, Robert E 07/05/1939 to 11/06/2004   Secretary

Thompson, Patricia L.

  10/01/1938 to 06/03/1991     Secretary

Vauclain, Charles

  04/15/1905 to 02/03/1977   Descendant of Baldwin Locomotive's Samuel Vauclain

Vauclain, Letha

  07/03/1909 to 06/12/1996    

Wahl, Bernice Mary (Babe)

  02/02/1916 to 02/08/1994   Charter member and energetic supporter of early Chapter activities.
Wahl,  Joseph F. 06/03/1914 to 07/29/2007    Charter member; Exhibit Builder.  Model Railroad Builder.  History enthusiast.
Wahl, Mary Josephine 2/13/1941 to 7/31/2003 01/68 to 07/31/03 A native of Altoona, PA, Mary Jo had resided in Albany for  27 years.  Founding member of The Altoona Railway Museum Club, 1965-1968
Founding member of the Horseshoe Curve Chapter,1968 to 07-2003
 Founding member of the Altoona Railroader's Memorial Museum ARMM Board of Directors 1972 - 1976

Westbrook, Paul W.

  01/27/1919 to 01/30/1994     President
Wolf,  Arlington I.  (ARLEY)  03/18/1910 to 04/09/1989   
Born in Wolfsburg, Pa. on March 18, 1910 the son of Daniel and Hester (Harclerode) Wolf; 
Married Mabel Lingenfelter on Jan. 29, 1927 in Cumberland, Md.  
Wolfe, M. Mabel

05/23/1909 to  09/05/2000 

Wright, Howard E.


  Broadcast journalism cinema photographer for Altoona CBS affiliate in television.  Producer of many documentary films now in the Chapter's Library.

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