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"The Algoma Central Railway" by O.S. Nock, published 1975 by A&C Black Co. (Out of Print)

"The Algoma Central Railway Story" by Dale Wilson, published 1984 by Nickel Belt Rails of Sudbury, ONT. Out of Print

"The Tracks of the Black Bear" by Dale Wilson and Gordon D. Jomini, published 1990 by Nickel Belt Rails of Sudbury, ONT.

"Algoma Rails" by Dale Wilson, published 2009 by Nickel Belt Rails

Magazine Articles:

Magazine Abreviations:

     CRM    = Canadian Railway Modeller
     CR     = Canadian Rail Magazine - C.R.H.A.
     RMC    = Railroad Model Craftsman
     SLHS   = SOO Line Historical & Technical Society Newsletter
     Trains = Trains Magazine
Mag. Issue Page Subject
RMC Feb 1971 38 ACR Business Car "Agawa" - Scale drawings of the Agawa before 1971 modernization
CR 335 (12/79) Algoma Central Railway pt.1
CR 336 (1/80) Algoma Central Railway pt.2
RMC Apr 1980 64 The Agawa Continues - Scale drawings of the modernized Agawa
TRAINS Sept 1984 ACR Tour Trains and Tonnage
RMC Aug 1988 80 Modelling the Ortner Aggregate Car - Kitbashing from MDC 5-bay Ortner hopper. Rather obsolete with the introduction of Walthers' Ortner hopper, but has a nice photo of both the prototype and the model.
RMC May 1991 72 Detailing an Algoma Central Railway GP7
RP Aug 1994 Hawk Junction
SLHS Winter 1996 ACR Joins WC Family (photos)
CRM Nov/Dec 1998 16 Model an ACR GP38-2
TRAINS Aug 2000 40 Algoma Central Adventures - ACR tour trains


Overnight at Franz - an Algoma Central Railway autumn adventure (VHS) - Canadian Caboose Press Length: 1 hour (Out of Production)

Algoma Central Railway (VHS) - Rail Innovations Length: 56 minutes (Out of Production)
This is a hard one to find. I talked to Rail Innovations, and unfortunately the master was damaged, so he cannot make ore copies. The video is from the late 1980s, and is worth it if you can actually find a copy.

The Trains of Algoma Country (VHS) - Plets Express Length: 98 minutes
This video is excellent. It provides a good overview of the ACR system around 1992-1993, especially the branch from Hawk Junction to Wawa and Michipicoten Harbour. Probably about half of the film is spent in Wawa, Michipicoten and Hawk Junction. Operation on the Michipicoten branch is well-covered, with a locomotive cab ride down to the harbour, a detailed view of operations at the harbour and a ride in the cupola of a caboose from the harbour back to Wawa. Passenger traffic is also covered, but not in-depth. Time is also spent looking at connecting roads in Sault Ste. Marie, WC and CPR. While covering Sault Ste. Marie, the film also briefly visits the boat locks in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, where a 1000-foot lake freighter is seen entering the locks.

The Tracks of the Black Bear (VHS) - Rail Innovations Length: 58 minutes (Out of Production)
Provides a good overview of modern AC operations in 1995-1996, just after the WC takeover, including the tour trains, road freights and even a short section on the ACR's way freight, delivering supplies to various lodges and camps along the line. Also features a ride in a locomotive cab down to Michipicoten Harbour.

Algoma Central Tour Trains (VHS)- Rail Innovations Length: 30 min. (Out of Production)

The Agawa Canyon Tour Train (DVD) - Rail Innovations Length: 31 min.
New DVD combining new footage of CN era tour train operations, combined some pieces of older footage.

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