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The Tidewater Division set up their modular layout with Thomas Cab and Thomas Mountain for the Greenberg's Train and Toy Show on March 5 and 6, 2016 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, VA.





Dean's Southern Berkshire (1:23)
Joe's S scale Kettle Creek Lumber Co 2-4-4-2 (1:59)
Joe's S scale Pennsy M-1 (1:05)
Ken's Oscar Mayer hot dog train (1:27)
Running S gauge trains (2:41)
Andy's NYC passenger train (1:19)
Attractions around the layout (54 sec.)
Glen's Silver Flash (52 sec.)
Joe's S scale Tuscan K-4 (1:12)
Colorful S scale trains pleasing the crowd (3:41)
Joe's S scale Pennsy 4-4-2 (1:01)

Thank you to Joe Deger and Ken McNelly for the photos and videos.

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