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Paul Sharp

Paul has two American Flyer layouts in his home. The first shown here has the older Gilbert trains and accessories and Plasticville.
A Gilbert American Flyer Northern rounds the curve pulling a freight train of Gilbert cars.

The layout has been decorated, and continues to be decorated, by Brooks Webb.

Watch Paul's S scale UP Mikado with a custom-made smoke unit (1:35)
American Flyer passenger train making a station stop.

Ken McNelly and Jeff Hill did the wiring and Ken programmed the TMCC controls for the layout.

Watch Paul's S scale Blue Comet Pacific with a custom-made smoke unit (1:12)
Another connected room with more Gilbert American Flyer on the shelves and layout.
Watch the Lionel American Flyer Baltimore and Ohio 4-6-2 steam engine pull the long string of American Flyer passenger cars. (1:20)
A Missouri Pacific (MP) passenger train starts the climb up the city incline.
Watch Paul's Missouri Pacific passenger train pulled by the matched set of A-B-A S Helper diesel engines. (1:18)
MP passenger train on the elevated line.
Watch Paul's Big Boy 4-8-8-4 steam engine pull the long mixed freight train of vintage American Flyer cars. (1:38)
There is another layout and more trains in another room. This room has trains and accessories made more recently by Lionel, S-Helper Service, and American Models.
S-Helper track is used exclusively here.
Train sets line all four walls.
There are many interconnected loops of track all controlled automatically.
Watch the vast array of trains running on this layout! (3:29)
S scale trains displayed on the layout, on the walls, and under the layout.
This layout also has been decorated, and continues to be decorated, by Brooks Webb.
Diesel engines and passenger trains on display.
Freight engines and trains on display.

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