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Jeff Hill - I.C. diesel freight units

Scroll down for videos of the engines in action.





Illinois Central passenger train pulled by a diesel locomotive and freight trains pulled by Lionel American Flyer Challenger (4-6-6-4) and Big Boy (4-8-8-4) steam engines. (1:29)
Jeff's custom-painted twin S-Helper Service Illinois Central SW9s, custom-painted American Models Illinois Central RS3, and custom-painted American Flyer NYC Hudson pulling trains on his layout. (4:07)
Jeff's custom-painted American Models Illinois Central RS3 is pullng a coal train. (1:50)
Jeff's two custom-painted S Helper Service Illinois Central SW-9s pulling a train of gondola cars (4:15)
Jeff recently had two American Models GP-9 locomotives custom painted for his layout. The Illinois Central units are shown running on his S Gauge layout pulling a 22-car hopper train of American Flyer CB&Q cars. (2:53)

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