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Kannapolis Winter Festival, Dec 2011

The Carolinas Division of the Atlantic Coast S Gaugers set up in Kannapolis, NC for the Kannapolis Winter Festival during December, 2011.
A mixed freight train passes the many wintertime accessories supplied by Calvin.
Watch an American Flyer Hudson steam engine on a long freight train and a S Helper Service switch engine on a train of Christmas cars. (29 sec.)
An American Flyer engine pulls a train past Joe's walking brakeman accessory.
A crowd plays with accessories as the Christmas train passes.
There were more than 70 buttons to push to operate accessories on the layout.
These wintertime accessories were supplied by Calvin for the entertainment of the visitors.
Santa is flying high over Nick's module.
A freight train passes the cattle loader, fox hunter, and tree swing accessories.
Watch all three American Flyer trains on the layout. (1:22)
Union Pacific passenger train approaches the cross-overs on Butch's module.
A freight train passes Calvin's winter accessories.
Work in progress on this short stretch of roadway.
Simulated snow covered the entire layout for the Winter Festival.
Uh oh! The Casey Jones engine has gone for a swim in the pond!
A Union Pacific passenger train on the outside track and an American Flyer steam engine pulling a Christmas train with a high and wide load on the inside track.
Watch the American Flyer Hudson steam engine on the long mixed freight and the Lionel American Flyer Union Pacific passenger train. (48 sec.)
Visitors enjoying Calvin's winter accessories.
The accessories on Butch's module included the factory and fire truck.
Jonathon, a new member during the show, helped run the trains most evenings.
Christmas train passing through the yard.
Nick is watching over his log loading, and unloading, accessory.
Jack's module has an airport theme with Santa taking off from the runway.
Joe's new Lionel American Flyer 4-6-6-4 Challenger steam engine.
Follow the new Union Pacific Challenger around the layout. (1:52)
There were good crowds to view the layout for the month-long show.
The six track yard has two main line tracks running down the middle and 4 more tracks for staging the next trains to run on the layout.
Union Pacific passenger train and Baltimore and Ohio Christmas freight train passing through the yard on the main tracks.
Joe and his new Challenger.

What button sequence adjusts the smoke output?

If all else fails - read the instructions!

Thank you to Butch Henion for the pictures and videos.

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