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Carolinas Division - Lionel Ambassador Program

November 2015 - Erie Steam Railsounds Boxcar - Lionel #6-48871

The Railsounds boxcar is a great way to add action to an old-school locomotive not endowed with a sound system of its own.

Our first run was at a large train show in a very noisy hall. The volume is more than ample. We could clearly hear the chuffing from all points inside the layout, and the whistle carried even farther. The car features sensors on the axles to synchronize the chuffing sounds with the speed of the locomotive. The sounds matched to the mechanics of the locomotive as well as if the sound had been built into the locomotive itself. Reliability so far has been flawless as the car ran for the majority of two days, eight hours each day.

The whistle and bell can be triggered from the buttons of a traditional transformer. No remote is required, which appealed to those who haven't invested in a control system.

The car is sized and designed to fit in well with traditional American Flyer rolling stock. Yet the paint and decoration are up to modern standards with even the smallest lettering clear and readable.

The Railsounds boxcar with the sounds of a steam locomotive is also available as a Great Northern boxcar #6-48870. There are two Railsound boxcars that have the sounds of a diesel locomotive: a New Haven #6-49064 and a Union Pacific #6-49065.

The Railsounds boxcar is a good addition to the layout.


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