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The layout has AF post-war trains on level 1 and two, an A.C. Gilbert HO train on level 3 and a little N gauge train on level 4 forcing the perspective of distance.
Mobile and Gulf refinery custom made by Stan Seponski. It's a beauty!
The beginnings of the farm populated with John Deere equipment.
Cutouts and pop-ups are necessary so every corner of the layout can be reached.
The down-scale side of town. Plans in the works to motorize the ferris wheel and merry-go-round.
What a sweet 24550 behind the roundhouse and next to the Plasticville factory.
Back of the roundhouse with a view of the railyard beyond.
Control panel with a 30B and two 18Bs with a half dozen smaller transformers.
The work car is running on the same track as the main freight train controlled by a semaphore.
Franklin cars being pulled by the 88 engine through town.
Here comes the 433 HO around the bend to deliver passengers to a holiday in the HO snow village.
A couple visitors to the train house open house. What fun!!!
Louie the oil drum loader does a great job dropping the oil drums into a gondola.
The rerailer at work putting the 312AC back on track.
The upscale side of town with the mail car post loaded and ready to be picked up.
There's a wedding at the Plasticville cathedral while a little girl swirls a red hula-hoop in the school yard.
8-bay kitbash roundhouse and Bowser S turntable.
Coal loader not yet wired while the 350 Royal Blue waits to take off.

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