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Quotes from my trips:

Quotes from my trips:


The following are various quotes either said to me or by me on my trips.


Ottawa trip 2004:


“Are you sure you don’t have a wordsearch book?”  Young Ruby who was seated near me on train 39.


Kingston Transit #7975 Charter:


“I’ll sell it {Kingston Transit fishbowl #7975} to you for a nickel!”  Driver of the chartered Kingston Transit 7975.


Farewell to Amtrak’s Three Rivers:


“You didn’t have a problem, did you?” Member of the high school dance club on the Three Rivers after the conductor stopped them from practicing their routine in the aisle.


Trip on lounge car “Glenfraser”:


“Were you the one asking about this train?” Railfan on Glenfraser shortly after I entered the car, on a post I made a week earlier on the Canadian Passenger Rail Yahoo group.


Timmins trip 2005:


“Grandma, don’t listen to what this man says” Annoying kid to his grandmother after I asked him to stop bothering me or I would tell his grandmother.


Trip on the Breeze:


“The train leaves at 8:05 am. You have plenty of time.” My aunt when she found out Amtrak train 286 departs Niagara Falls New York at 8:05 am, (I had told her that I needed to be at the station by 7:30 am to be there 30 minutes before departure.)


Farewell to VIA’s Enterprise:


“You make a better door than rug.” Me to a child throwing a tantrum in the aisle of the sleeper.


Washago trip:


“It, {the Northlander} has never run on time since it changed to the new schedule.” A Local railfan, while I was calling to find out the status of the Northlander.


Arizona trip:


“As Donald Trump would say: You’re fired!” My unsuccessful attempt to tell off someone who kept asking me for $10.00.

Halifax trip 2006:


“At least homeless people are smarter here than Tucson, Arizona!” Me, after a homeless man didn’t ask me any more when I told him I wouldn’t give him money.


Brantford trip:


“I work at Burger King, making flame broiled whoppers…” Employees at a Burger King in Brantford actually singing the infamous “Burger King song”.


Timmins trip 2006:


“Were you the guy taking pictures last year?” Timmins Transit driver after they saw me photographing buses.


Montreal trip 2006:


“There’s never a Wal-Mart around when you need it!” Me as I looked for a store that sold memory sticks for my digital camera.


Niagara Falls trip:


“It’ll go when I put my camera away.” My friend Mark while we were awaiting the Maple Leaf to depart Niagara Falls, Ontario.


Arizona Make up trip:


“Does Wal-Mart say you can go to the U.S.?” Anal customs agent questioning me on the Maple Leaf after I told her I work for Wal-Mart for a living.


Western Canada trip:


“If you miss it, {the Canadian}, I may be able to put you on a hotshot freight east.” My friend Fred, telling Mark and me “Plan B” if we didn’t get to the station in time.


Moncton trip:


“Next stop, Oshawa-uhh Kingston!” New conductor on train 57 the second time he falsely announced the next stop was Oshawa!


New York trip:


“Are the lens polarized?” Person in street mistaking my family for vendors at a sunglasses stand near Times Square.


Washington DC/Cleveland trip:


“I’m sitting next to a fat guy!” Me telling a conductor where to look when he was to give me my seat check.


Sudbury trip:


“If you get lost in Cartier, you’ve got problems!”  Fellow passenger on VIA’s Sudbury-White River train when I asked about how far away from the train station is the bus stop.


Cleveland Make-up trip:


“We were at the Comfort Inn; It’s a Yellow Cab thing.” Taxi driver explaining why they were 10 minutes late. (I was staying at the Days Inn and told them I was there.)


Adirondack trip 2007:


“At some points, the train can do 90 MPH; faster than what we’re doing now!” Dan while the Adirondack was sitting for 45 minutes waiting for a northbound CP freight to pass us.


Parry Sound trip:


“I hope we derail!” A girl who was part of family heading to Vancouver for a family reunion while on the Canadian.


Carnival de Quebec by Train:


“Either the freezing rain has started, or this castle is melting!” Me in an ice castle as it started to rain.


Boston trip 2008:


“No wonder there’s no Green Line service past Heath Street: No tracks!” Me when I got to Heath Street on the Green Line after wondering why there was no service between Heath Street and Arborway.


Orillia trip:


“Are you ready for the drum solo?” Weird Al Yankovic during the concert. The “drum solo” turned out to be two notes!


Chicago trip 2008:


“That could be the other one! {Locomotive painted and lettered for the CNW}” Karl moments after we saw CNW Dash 9 #8701.


Adirondack trip 2008:


“Either we’re approaching Buffalo Depew or that plane is flying low!” Me on the Maple Leaf when I spotted a 737 coming into Buffalo airport.


Surprise Niagara Falls trip:


“Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” Me when I heard someone shouting while waiting for Canadian Customs to finish clearing the Maple Leaf.


Dallas trip:


“This train is getting shorter all the time!”  Amtrak employee in Longview Texas commenting on the five car Texas Eagle.


Chaleur trip 2009:


“I’m going for a ride!” Me to Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board user SMS when RTL Classic #9-007 pulled up.


STO 7901 Charter:


“It will be called an altercation with the wash-rack.” Fellow charter attendee after our charter bus broke the mirror of STO Nova Classic #9402.


Halifax trip 2009:


“Why are you taking pictures of yourself?” Woman at Metro Transit’s Bridge Terminal as I was photographing a bus.


Montreal 2009/Westjet trip:


“Those not going to Toronto, raise your hand.” Westjet flight attendant after he jokingly said the plane was flying to Honolulu.


Chaleur trip 2010:


“Don’t forget to get back on!” VIA crewmember as I was filming the Chaleur coupling up to the Ocean.


Dayton BBC charter-North Carolina trip:


“First time I’ve manually wyed a trolleybus!” Fellow charter attendee after we finished dealing with the problem of dead wires.


Washington-Lancaster trip:


“This isn’t as easy as Sibley Park!”  Me as I tried to photograph the interior of Metroliner 860 at the Railroad Museum of PA.


TTS 2010 Transportation Weekend:


“Someone needs to mow the Classic!” Me when I saw former STM Classic #13-068 with grass all over its front end.


Cardinal dome trip:


“What happens in the dome stays in the dome.” Another railfan’s remark to an Amtrak conductor in the dome car.


Niagara Falls trip 2011:


“Still fighting the system like a true modern day Robin Hood.”    John Schneider and Tom Wopat’s slight change to the song “Good Ol’ Boys”; the theme song to the show “Dukes of Hazzard”.


Last Budd Ocean of 2010-2011:


“Last silver train.”     VIA employee when the Ocean arrived into Moncton station.


Montreal trip 2011:


“I haven’t seen anything older than 1994!”            Me during my search for an 11-000 or 12-000 series Classic.


Boston trip 2011:


“We’ve lost the {New Jersey Transit} PCC!”           Seashore volunteer Dan while we were looking for former New Jersey Transit PCC #5. (I eventually spotted it!)


Sudbury-North Bay trip:


“If I see the Orion {T754} in service tomorrow, I’ll buy a lottery ticket!”             Me to the driver of our charter in North Bay at the end of the charter. T754 was the most hated bus in the fleet. I did see it in service the next day and bought a lottery ticket just as I said!


Amtrak 40th Anniversary trip:


“We had four drivers call in sick this morning, so we’re scrambling.”      Burlington taxi driver explaining what was going on before dropping my at my hostel to wait for a second cab to the Amtrak station.


Niagara Falls Classic Charter:


“This is my bus!”       Me pointing to the Maple Leaf after Doug Shields told me that I should line up for the GO bus outside.”


London Classic Charter:


“This is my house and I am not famous!”    Local resident reacting to our charter at one of our photo stops.


Farewell to VIA trains 68 and 69:


“What happened to all the passengers? Did you scare them off?”             VIA conductor to me after seeing how empty the coach was.


Michigan trip:


“I have nothing better to do!”           Me deciding to ride Amtrak train 355 to Ann Arbor instead of sticking around Dearborn.


Halifax Articulated Classic Charter:


“This is CSI Mumford.”        Someone pointing out a damaged newspaper box that was apparently hit by a bus.


Woodstock Charter:


“Sounds like 16!”                  Me when I heard a GM fishbowl engine start up.


Chicago trip 2012:


“I would have liked to gone on the Dayton {BBC} Charter, but I was working.”            Russ Schultz during our private excursion on former Dayton Flyer #925 at the Illinois Railway Museum.


Sarnia-London trip:


“If this were Toronto, someone would be photographing this!”    Me when I saw the driver of a Sarnia Transit SLF park her bus and get out and talk with a motorist who stopped in the next lane.



Niagara Double Decker charter:


“SWING!”      Fellow charter attendee as we passed by a golf course.


Cornwall Classic charter:


“You must really like buses!”           Driver of Cornwall Transit Classic #9137 while I was taking a few photos at the transit center in downtown Cornwall.


Farewell to the Northlander;


“And I thought it was bad that raccoons got into the garbage!”   Me seeing a sign in Moosonee telling residents about precautions to prevent bears from getting into their garbage.


Boston trip 2012:


“My son’s really into trains.”            Father of a local railfan who I met while riding the Mattapan line in Boston.


Washington DC trip 2013:


“I have the same first and middle name as you!”    Jetblue employee who I was speaking with in regards to my lost suitcase.


Farewell to CTA’s 2200s Charter:


“We don’t speak of the curve.”         My friend Greg as the charter train went around the curve that was the scene of the 1977 fatal El crash.


Bus History Association Convention 2013:


“This bus wasn't built when we first came here. Now it's preserved!" Fellow charter attendee on ex STCUM 1985 GM Classic #55-001.


London- St. Thomas trip:


“You picked the right day to visit”   Volunteer at the Elgin County Railway Museum as they were preparing to pull Hudson steam locomotive #5700 outside.


Calgary Fishbowl farewell charter:


“I remember when {the C-Train} ran from Anderson to University”         Another person on the charter to me as we reminisced about Calgary in years gone by.


VIA Rare mileage trip:


“I guess you're not flying on Jetblue in the foreseeable future." My uncle in London after I told him about my saga with Jetblue.


Windsor trip:


“I didn’t know this was here.”          Me when I discovered the indoor water park across the street from the Windsor International Transit Terminal.


Streamliners at Spencer:


If it was on this track, there would be a head on collision.” Conductor of the Maple Leaf to passenger asking what track the Lakeshore Limited would be on.


Britain Trip:


"I feel like a celebrity."  Me after a member announced that I had ridden BBC #189 in service in Edmonton over a loudspeaker.


Six Flags Make Up Trip:


“YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”   Me cheering after finally riding Kingda Ka; the world’s highest and North America’s fastest roller coaster.


Niagara Falls Christmas Lights Charter:


“We've provided paper towels if the windows fog up, but if you don't breath, you won't have to use them."     Tim from Discovery Tours on the charter.


Ottawa trip 2015:


“I have meat but no buns!”  Hot dog vendor as I had stopped only for a drink.


Norfolk and Western #611 Excursion:


“Oh, there’s a steam train here!”     Person at my motel when I told them about #611.


Europe trip 2015:


“Close your eyes and pretend it’s a fishbowl!”        Des as I was going to board Bombardier built bus KE35 which has the same engine as a TTC fishbowl.


Kingston Day Trip:


“Lucky!”         Me in line for VIA train #52 as people who were part of the Rapido special walked past me.


Alabama Trip:


“Better get on bus fan!"        Helpful police officer allowing me to ride the historic Old Look on display for the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks' refusal to move.


Sarnia Orion 1 charter:


“We've never had a charter like this!" Fellow charter participate at the Northgate Mall photo stop when it was snowing pretty heavily in April.


N&W #611 excursion 2016:


“Too bad I didn't know you yesterday. We could have switched {dome coaches}!" Me to someone who was on the #611 excursion the next day saying he wished he was in my car and I said I kinda wished I was in his.


San Francisco Trip:


“It usually runs frequently like the Pacific Electric {painted PCC}.”       Person at the San Francisco Railway Museum on the lack of PCC #1074 operating the five days I tried to ride it.


Comic Con Niagara Falls Trip:


“…B-I-N-G-O. And Bingo was exterminated.”       Dalek (from Doctor Who) on display at Comic Con that interacted with visitors.


Ottawa Trip 2017:


“I’m going to Zellers!”          Me as I arrived at one of two existent Zellers stores in 2017.


Virginia Trip:


“By any chance were you at the Air and Space Museum?”            Me talking to Dan after we couldn’t meet in New York. As it happened, he was there right after we left.


Transit Windsor Orion 6 charter:


“You don’t see this everyday!”          Fellow charter attendee when we posed our Orion 6 with former Grand River Transit Orion 3 #534 which is privately owned.


Farewell to STM’s MR-63s:


“Nothing happens without a reason!"         Me to Mark after he got a Super NES Classic at a Toys R Us after I brought him to the restaurant with what I consider the best orange juice.


End of the Line for STM’s MR-63s:


"This is the last time I can touch them."     Transit fan as the now retired MR-63 was sitting in the station before returning to the yard.


Montreal Photo retake Trip:


“Ironic this Torontoian know more about this than these people!"          Me after I explained how to use the yellow buttons to open the doors on the commuter train.


San Francisco Trip 2018:


“I cannot allow you to respond in similar fashion as people on the river”.           Conductor on the California Zephyr explaining that sometimes people might show inappropriate body parts.


Adirondack Trip 2018:


"I'm the good witch of VIA Rail."   VIA employee in a wig and a witch hat prior to reboarding the Maple Leaf in Niagara Falls.


Kitchener ION Trip:


“Room with a view of ION.”             Me to Mark looking out the window of our hotel room at the new ION light rail line.


ERA Convention 2019:


“If you were here last week, 4614 was out everyday."         John Landrum after we learned PCC 4614 had more mechanical problems.



Ottawa Trip 2019:


“This could be my last ride on a Classic {in revenue service}.”     Me while riding STO Classic #9136 on the second day of my trip.


Dallas Make up Trip:


"Now the moment of truth..."           Me right after I got to my hotel room checking McKinney Avenue Transit Authority's website to see if PCC #4614 was running. It was and I rode it.