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Quotes from my trips:

Quotes from my trips:


The following are various quotes either said to me or by me on my trips.


Ottawa trip 2004:


“Are you sure you don’t have a wordsearch book?”  Young Ruby who was seated near me on train 39.


Kingston Transit #7975 Charter:


“I’ll sell it {Kingston Transit fishbowl #7975} to you for a nickel!”  Driver of the chartered Kingston Transit 7975.


Farewell to Amtrak’s Three Rivers:


“You didn’t have a problem, did you?” Member of the high school dance club on the Three Rivers after the conductor stopped them from practicing their routine in the aisle.


Trip on lounge car “Glenfraser”:


“Were you the one asking about this train?” Railfan on Glenfraser shortly after I entered the car, on a post I made a week earlier on the Canadian Passenger Rail Yahoo group.


Timmins trip 2005:


“Grandma, don’t listen to what this man says” Annoying kid to his grandmother after I asked him to stop bothering me or I would tell his grandmother.


Trip on the Breeze:


“The train leaves at 8:05 am. You have plenty of time.” My aunt when she found out Amtrak train 286 departs Niagara Falls New York at 8:05 am, (I had told her that I needed to be at the station by 7:30 am to be there 30 minutes before departure.)


Farewell to VIA’s Enterprise:


“You make a better door than rug.” Me to a child throwing a tantrum in the aisle of the sleeper.


Washago trip:


“It, {the Northlander} has never run on time since it changed to the new schedule.” A Local railfan, while I was calling to find out the status of the Northlander.


Arizona trip:


“As Donald Trump would say: You’re fired!” My unsuccessful attempt to tell off someone who kept asking me for $10.00.

Halifax trip 2006:


“At least homeless people are smarter here than Tucson, Arizona!” Me, after a homeless man didn’t ask me any more when I told him I wouldn’t give him money.


Brantford trip:


“I work at Burger King, making flame broiled whoppers…” Employees at a Burger King in Brantford actually singing the infamous “Burger King song”.


Timmins trip 2006:


“Were you the guy taking pictures last year?” Timmins Transit driver after they saw me photographing buses.


Montreal trip 2006:


“There’s never a Wal-Mart around when you need it!” Me as I looked for a store that sold memory sticks for my digital camera.


Niagara Falls trip:


“It’ll go when I put my camera away.” My friend Mark while we were awaiting the Maple Leaf to depart Niagara Falls, Ontario.


Arizona Make up trip:


“Does Wal-Mart say you can go to the U.S.?” Anal customs agent questioning me on the Maple Leaf after I told her I work for Wal-Mart for a living.


Western Canada trip:


“If you miss it, {the Canadian}, I may be able to put you on a hotshot freight east.” My friend Fred, telling Mark and me “Plan B” if we didn’t get to the station in time.


Moncton trip:


“Next stop, Oshawa-uhh Kingston!” New conductor on train 57 the second time he falsely announced the next stop was Oshawa!


New York trip:


“Are the lens polarized?” Person in street mistaking my family for vendors at a sunglasses stand near Times Square.


Washington DC/Cleveland trip:


“I’m sitting next to a fat guy!” Me telling a conductor where to look when he was to give me my seat check.


Sudbury trip:


“If you get lost in Cartier, you’ve got problems!”  Fellow passenger on VIA’s Sudbury-White River train when I asked about how far away from the train station is the bus stop.


Cleveland Make-up trip:


“We were at the Comfort Inn; It’s a Yellow Cab thing.” Taxi driver explaining why they were 10 minutes late. (I was staying at the Days Inn and told them I was there.)


Adirondack trip 2007:


“At some points, the train can do 90 MPH; faster than what we’re doing now!” Dan while the Adirondack was sitting for 45 minutes waiting for a northbound CP freight to pass us.


Parry Sound trip:


“I hope we derail!” A girl who was part of family heading to Vancouver for a family reunion while on the Canadian.


Carnival de Quebec by Train:


“Either the freezing rain has started, or this castle is melting!” Me in an ice castle as it started to rain.


Boston trip 2008:


“No wonder there’s no Green Line service past Heath Street: No tracks!” Me when I got to Heath Street on the Green Line after wondering why there was no service between Heath Street and Arborway.


Orillia trip:


“Are you ready for the drum solo?” Weird Al Yankovic during the concert. The “drum solo” turned out to be two notes!


Chicago trip 2008:


“That could be the other one! {Locomotive painted and lettered for the CNW}” Karl moments after we saw CNW Dash 9 #8701.


Adirondack trip 2008:


“Either we’re approaching Buffalo Depew or that plane is flying low!” Me on the Maple Leaf when I spotted a 737 coming into Buffalo airport.


Surprise Niagara Falls trip:


“Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” Me when I heard someone shouting while waiting for Canadian Customs to finish clearing the Maple Leaf.


Dallas trip:


“This train is getting shorter all the time!”  Amtrak employee in Longview Texas commenting on the five car Texas Eagle.


Chaleur trip 2009:


“I’m going for a ride!” Me to Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board user SMS when RTL Classic #9-007 pulled up.


STO 7901 Charter:


“It will be called an altercation with the wash-rack.” Fellow charter attendee after our charter bus broke the mirror of STO Nova Classic #9402.


Halifax trip 2009:


“Why are you taking pictures of yourself?” Woman at Metro Transit’s Bridge Terminal as I was photographing a bus.


Montreal 2009/Westjet trip:


“Those not going to Toronto, raise your hand.” Westjet flight attendant after he jokingly said the plane was flying to Honolulu.


Chaleur trip 2010:


“Don’t forget to get back on!” VIA crewmember as I was filming the Chaleur coupling up to the Ocean.


Dayton BBC charter-North Carolina trip:


“First time I’ve manually wyed a trolleybus!” Fellow charter attendee after we finished dealing with the problem of dead wires.


Washington-Lancaster trip:


“This isn’t as easy as Sibley Park!”  Me as I tried to photograph the interior of Metroliner 860 at the Railroad Museum of PA.


TTS 2010 Transportation Weekend:


“Someone needs to mow the Classic!” Me when I saw former STM Classic #13-068 with grass all over its front end.


Cardinal dome trip:


“What happens in the dome stays in the dome.” Another railfan’s remark to an Amtrak conductor in the dome car.


Niagara Falls trip 2011:


“Still fighting the system like a true modern day Robin Hood.”    John Schneider and Tom Wopat’s slight change to the song “Good Ol’ Boys”; the theme song to the show “Dukes of Hazzard”.


Last Budd Ocean of 2010-2011:


“Last silver train.”     VIA employee when the Ocean arrived into Moncton station.


Montreal trip 2011:


“I haven’t seen anything older than 1994!”            Me during my search for an 11-000 or 12-000 series Classic.


Boston trip 2011:


“We’ve lost the {New Jersey Transit} PCC!”           Seashore volunteer Dan while we were looking for former New Jersey Transit PCC #5. (I eventually spotted it!)


Sudbury-North Bay trip:


“If I see the Orion {T754} in service tomorrow, I’ll buy a lottery ticket!”             Me to the driver of our charter in North Bay at the end of the charter. T754 was the most hated bus in the fleet. I did see it in service the next day and bought a lottery ticket just as I said!


Amtrak 40th Anniversary trip:


“We had four drivers call in sick this morning, so we’re scrambling.”      Burlington taxi driver explaining what was going on before dropping my at my hostel to wait for a second cab to the Amtrak station.


Niagara Falls Classic Charter:


“This is my bus!”       Me pointing to the Maple Leaf after Doug Shields told me that I should line up for the GO bus outside.”


London Classic Charter:


“This is my house and I am not famous!”    Local resident reacting to our charter at one of our photo stops.


Farewell to VIA trains 68 and 69:


“What happened to all the passengers? Did you scare them off?”             VIA conductor to me after seeing how empty the coach was.


Michigan trip:


“I have nothing better to do!”           Me deciding to ride Amtrak train 355 to Ann Arbor instead of sticking around Dearborn.


Halifax Articulated Classic Charter:


“This is CSI Mumford.”        Someone pointing out a damaged newspaper box that was apparently hit by a bus.


Woodstock Charter:


“Sounds like 16!”                  Me when I heard a GM fishbowl engine start up.


Chicago trip 2012:


“I would have liked to gone on the Dayton {BBC} Charter, but I was working.”            Russ Schultz during our private excursion on former Dayton Flyer #925 at the Illinois Railway Museum.


Sarnia-London trip:


“If this were Toronto, someone would be photographing this!”    Me when I saw the driver of a Sarnia Transit SLF park her bus and get out and talk with a motorist who stopped in the next lane.



Niagara Double Decker charter:


“SWING!”      Fellow charter attendee as we passed by a golf course.


Cornwall Classic charter:


“You must really like buses!”           Driver of Cornwall Transit Classic #9137 while I was taking a few photos at the transit center in downtown Cornwall.


Farewell to the Northlander;


“And I thought it was bad that raccoons got into the garbage!”   Me seeing a sign in Moosonee telling residents about precautions to prevent bears from getting into their garbage.


Boston trip 2012:


“My son’s really into trains.”            Father of a local railfan who I met while riding the Mattapan line in Boston.


Washington DC trip 2013:


“I have the same first and middle name as you!”    Jetblue employee who I was speaking with in regards to my lost suitcase.


Farewell to CTA’s 2200s Charter:


“We don’t speak of the curve.”         My friend Greg as the charter train went around the curve that was the scene of the 1977 fatal El crash.


Bus History Association Convention 2013:


“This bus wasn't built when we first came here. Now it's preserved!" Fellow charter attendee on ex STCUM 1985 GM Classic #55-001.


London- St. Thomas trip:


“You picked the right day to visit”   Volunteer at the Elgin County Railway Museum as they were preparing to pull Hudson steam locomotive #5700 outside.


Calgary Fishbowl farewell charter:


“I remember when {the C-Train} ran from Anderson to University”         Another person on the charter to me as we reminisced about Calgary in years gone by.


VIA Rare mileage trip:


“I guess you're not flying on Jetblue in the foreseeable future." My uncle in London after I told him about my saga with Jetblue.


Windsor trip:


“I didn’t know this was here.”          Me when I discovered the indoor water park across the street from the Windsor International Transit Terminal.


Streamliners at Spencer:


If it was on this track, there would be a head on collision.” Conductor of the Maple Leaf to passenger asking what track the Lakeshore Limited would be on.


Britain Trip:


"I feel like a celebrity."  Me after a member announced that I had ridden BBC #189 in service in Edmonton over a loudspeaker.


Six Flags Make Up Trip:


“YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”   Me cheering after finally riding Kingda Ka; the world’s highest and North America’s fastest roller coaster.


Niagara Falls Christmas Lights Charter:


“We've provided paper towels if the windows fog up, but if you don't breath, you won't have to use them."     Tim from Discovery Tours on the charter.


Ottawa trip 2015:


“I have meat but no buns!”  Hot dog vendor as I had stopped only for a drink.


Norfolk and Western #611 Excursion:


“Oh, there’s a steam train here!”     Person at my motel when I told them about #611.


Europe trip 2015:


“Close your eyes and pretend it’s a fishbowl!”        Des as I was going to board Bombardier built bus KE35 which has the same engine as a TTC fishbowl.


Kingston Day Trip:


“Lucky!”         Me in line for VIA train #52 as people who were part of the Rapido special walked past me.


Alabama Trip:


“Better get on bus fan!"        Helpful police officer allowing me to ride the historic Old Look on display for the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks' refusal to move.


Sarnia Orion 1 charter:


“We've never had a charter like this!" Fellow charter participate at the Northgate Mall photo stop when it was snowing pretty heavily in April.


N&W #611 excursion 2016:


“Too bad I didn't know you yesterday. We could have switched {dome coaches}!" Me to someone who was on the #611 excursion the next day saying he wished he was in my car and I said I kinda wished I was in his.


San Francisco Trip:


“It usually runs frequently like the Pacific Electric {painted PCC}.”       Person at the San Francisco Railway Museum on the lack of PCC #1074 operating the five days I tried to ride it.


Comic Con Niagara Falls Trip:


“…B-I-N-G-O. And Bingo was exterminated.”       Dalek (from Doctor Who) on display at Comic Con that interacted with visitors.


Ottawa trip 2017:


“I’m going to Zellers!”          Me as I arrived at one of two existent Zellers stores in 2017.