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Tribute to VIA trains 68 and 69:

Tribute to VIA trains 68 and 69:


††††††††††† Prior to VIA discontinuing trains 68 and 69, VIA often used the trains to deadhead equipment between Toronto and Montreal. What follows is interesting equipment Iíve seen on 68 besides its typical LRC or Hep2 coaches.


††††††††††† First, is a Manor whose name I canít remember since I filmed the train back in 2005.



††††††††††† Next is Chateau Montcalm which my friend Jason and I saw tacked onto the rear of 68 back in 2006. Besides the deadheading Chateau, the train had F40 #6420, a VIA 1 class HEP2 coach, and two HEP2 coaches.



††††††††††† This photo shows an ex Amtrak HEP1 coach deadheading on 68.



††††††††††† The most interesting thing Iíve seen deadheading on train 68 was VIA RDC-1 #6135 which was on its way east. My friend Mark was with me when we saw this, though I knew the RDC would be on 68 that day.



††††††††††† My friend Mark and I also saw Evangeline Park on 68. Mark commented the Park car didnít look too much out of place with the Budd HEP2 coaches on the train.



††††††††††† About a month before my 2007 Adirondack trip, I saw VIA 68 with whose consist had two F40PH-2s, a HEP2 class VIA 1 coach, some HEP 2 coaches, and an ex CP baggage car deadheading on the rear. One of the F40s was obviously being moved to Montreal because the train could have easily been handled by a single unit.




††††††††††† The most recent piece of equipment Iíve seen deadheading on 68 was HEP1 dining car Annapolis. I saw it during the summer.




††††††††††† The first piece of interesting equipment Iíve seen on trains 68 and 69 was not a deadhead coach, but lounge car Glenfraser which was in service. I photographed it prior to riding train 69 with Glenfraser in May of 2005.



††††††††††† When I rode train 68 for the last time, the last LRC coach in the train was deadheading, so I've included it in this tribute.



††††††††††† I photographed these sleeping cars on 69 during my 2010 Chaleur trip.



††††††††††† There has been other equipment seen by others that I havenít photographed. These include VIAís few remaining blue and yellow ex CN coaches, the other RDCs, and the Renaissance coaches assigned to the last Westbound Enterprise after the train was discontinued.


††††††††††† I have no idea what trains VIA will use to move equipment between Toronto and Montreal with the loss of trains 68 and 69 though chances are it will be trains 64 and 65.


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