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September 25, 2016:

September 25, 2016:


I got up and had breakfast. I got dressed and went online for a few minutes. I then walked to West Oakland BART station and boarded a train for Embarcadero. I got off and headed to the San Francisco Transit Museum where Heritage Weekend was being held. I photographed fishbowl #3287 and E800 #5300.




Muni streetcar #1 arrived. I photographed it.




I then photographed Muni PCC #1063 which is ex SEPTA and painted for Baltimore.



#496 from Australian soon arrived. I photographed it before I got on.



#496 headed up Market Street to the other end of the F line which ends at Castro. However, we were made to get off at the stop before. I filmed #496 depart.


A few minutes later, PCC #1061 in the Pacific Electric livery came by. I photographed it.



I waited for the next streetcars to take me back to the Transit Museum. I wasn't sure if #496 would come before or after PCC #1061. However, #1061 came first and I photographed it before I got on.



I wasn't too disappointed that PCC #1061 came first since I love PCCs. I soon got back to the museum. A little while later, I photographed Muni #1050.



Boat tram #228 returned. I photographed it.



This time, it was going out on a trip in the direction of Fisherman's Wharf. I got on. I photographed Muni PCC #1009 which is an original San Francisco double ended PCC painted in the livery worn by Dallas, Texas which also ran double ended PCCs.



A couple minutes later, I saw another fishbowl in the distance. I attempted to photograph it.



As we went along, I photographed the PCCs painted in the liveries of Chicago and Washington DC.




We then passed historic streetcar #1 and Muni double ended PCC #.




We saw a cruise ship at the dock. I photographed historic streetcar #578.



The car didnt go all the way to the end; instead we short turned at a loop. After stopping in the loop for a few minutes, we headed back. Along the way, I photographed a former Milan Peter Witt.



When we passed by the cruise ship terminal, I photographed the ship I saw earlier.



I took a few more photos along the way.




We soon got back. I got off and photographed #228.



The other fishbowl that I saw earlier was parked where fishbowl #3182 was parked the day before. This fishbowl was #3210. I photographed it.




I also attempted to photograph #3210 with Muni #3287 departing on its next run.




I then decided to go for a ride on streetcar #578. From #578, I photographed Muni #1071 which is painted in its original Twin Cities livery.



A few minutes later, I photographed Muni #1057 in the Cincinnati paint scheme.



#1057 was the only car running that wasnt running the day before. #1057 is an ex SEPTA PCC. Car #1074 stayed in the car house again.


I eventually got off #578 and photographed it and filmed it pulling away.



Muni PCC #1063 soon came in the other direction. #1063 is another ex SEPTA PCC and is painted for Baltimore. I photographed it before I got on.



I rode back to where Heritage Weekend was being held. When I got back, I filmed #1063 pulling away and photographed some other PCCs.




I saw PCC #1061 with its front trolley pole raised and it was being wyed. I photographed it.



I filmed #1061s wye move. I then photographed PCC #1070.



I decided to ride PCC #1009 which is painted for Dallas, Texas. I photographed it before I got on.



I rode #1009 to where the E line meets the N and T lines and got off and photographed the PCC.




I boarded a T line train back to Embarcadero. I photographed the car when it arrived.



I got off at Embarcadero. The car was now running on the K line. I photographed the car and filmed it pulling out.



I then walked back to the Museum building. I saw streetcar #1 looked like it was going to board passengers for a run. I photographed the car before I got on.



It turned out that #1 wasnt going for a run, but taking a break like Boat Tram #228 did the day before. I then went for another ride on fishbowl #3287 and photographed it.



Next I decided to go for a ride on Flyer E800 #5300. The bus soon departed. At one point, we passed trolleybus #776. I photographed it.



There were a few transit fans on #5300 with me. I told them of the TTCs fishbowls and how two are in Ireland and the three ones the TTC intends to keep for historical purposes including #8058.


#8058 had been donated to the Halton County Radial Railway Museum in 2005. It was shuffled around the western end of the property for some time before it was stored in the museums parking lot with former Hamilton and Toronto trolleybuses and was left exposed to the elements.


At the Hillcrest open house in 2015, one of my friends was talking with an employee there who works with the fishbowls. The employee asked my friend how #8058 was doing up at the museum. My friend replied, Its getting worse by the year. If you dont act fast, there wont be a bus to save.


The employee then said, Ill make a phone call on Tuesday. Just over a month later, #8058 was observed on a flatbed truck arriving into Hillcrest. However, when it was being unloaded, it was found that its axle was stuck. So it will obviously need a lot of work to be roadworthy again. However, if anyone can fix it, its the people at Hillcrest shops.


The trolleybus tour on Muni #5300 was long as it is. However, we got caught in traffic due to some streets being closed for a street festival. I rode #5300 over the whole length of its route. On the way back, we passed historic streetcar #1 which appeared to be deadheading back to the car house. It was almost 5:00 so heritage weekend would be over. I attempted to photograph the car.




We got back to where the bus had started off from. I took some photos.







I was hoping to ride historic White bus #042, but heritage weekend was over and my last ride would be on #5300. I photographed bus #042 inside and out.






I then walked back to the BART station and boarded a train to West Oakland. I got off and walked back to the apartment. I watched a little TV and went online and worked on this report some more.


After awhile, I went out for supper. I bought dinner at a nearby Subway restaurant and stopped at a convenience store before I returned to the apartment. I worked on this report and called it a night.


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