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Photo Roster of train #14:

Photo Roster of train #14:


            This is the consist of the Ocean I rode on March 29-March 30.


F40PH-2 #6413: This unit led train 14 to Moncton where it was uncoupled, wyed, and led train 15 to Montreal that afternoon.


F40PH-2 #6419: This unit led from Moncton to Halifax.


F40PH-2 #6403: This unit was done up to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


Baggage car #8619: An ex Union Pacific RPO rebuilt as a baggage car.


Hep1 coach #8139: An ex U.S. coach and the first coach in the train.


Hep1 coach #8132: An ex U.S. coach and the second coach in the train.


Skyline #8512: The view is great here.


Dining car Acadian: I recommend the Chicken!


Chateau Roberval: The first sleeper on the train.


Chateau Bienville: I rode this car on my Halifax trip last year.


Chateau Closse: I rode here in room 1, (the right most window visible).


Chateau Levis: The last car on the train.