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July 1, 2017; Canada Day:

July 1, 2017; Canada Day:


            I got up and had breakfast. I got dressed and went online. I saw it was raining but I believed it would let up. It did after awhile. I eventually headed out.


            I walked a few blocks and caught a route #7 bus to the St. Laurent station. I photographed an OC Transpo double decker bus in the terminal.



            I board a crowded bus on route #94 and rode to the Rideau Center which was open for Canada Day.


            I looked around for a few minutes and had lunch in the food court. After lunch, I decided to go ride an OC Transpo double decker bus. I saw one running on route #61. I photographed double decker #8109 before I got on.



            I sat at the top level close to the front.


            There were obviously a lot of people in Ottawa for Canada Day. I took some pictures of the crowds.




            I rode #8109 to Bayview station and got off. I photographed the bus before I filmed it pulling away.



            I then went to ride the Trillium O-train line. I saw a train in the station already. I photographed it before I got on.



            The train soon departed. While riding, we passed behind a Home Depot. I saw it was closed; including the garden center.


            The Home Depot that I’ve been working at since late March is closed for Canada Day, but the garden center was open until 5:00 pm. There was a sheet for employees who want to work that day could sign up. I obviously did not. However, the Home Depot I saw the garden center was closed so I guess things are different.


            I rode to Greensboro and got off and photographed the train.




            I then boarded a bus on route #97 back downtown. However, the bus suffered problems just before the Rideau Center so everyone was made to get off. I photographed the bus.



            I decided to walk the rest of the way. I photographed a couple OC Transpo buses on the way.



            I went through the Rideau Center for a few minutes before I walked around the area.  I found what looked like an outdoor concert. There was a grassy field, though it was mostly mud. I took some pictures of the stage and a kiddie train by VIA Rail.




            The kiddie train is probably the same one; if not similar to one that was in Toronto in June for the Pride parade. I didn’t see the parade itself, but saw many of the vehicles that would be in the parade as the TTC has been using a bus in the parade every year since 2008 and 2017 was no exception.


            I looked around a bit before I photographed a sign for Canada’s 150th similar to the Toronto sign by city hall.



            I noticed the “0” in the 150 was sealed which is good considering people have been arrested for having sex in the “O” in the Toronto sign back home!


            I left the area and saw some OC Transpo and STO articulated buses providing a shuttle service in the area but I didn’t photograph or try to ride the buses.


            I walked down a path that went along the Ottawa River. I saw some people sitting in trees that leaned over the water. I photographed a boat that provides river cruises with the parliament buildings in the background.



            I then walked past the locks used from the Rideau Canal that allows traffic to safely access the Ottawa River. People were walking across them so I figured it was okay. I took some photos.








            I soon left and continued walking around. I stopped at a TD ATM and withdrew some money.


            I then made my way up to Parliament Hill. There was a huge line up to watch the fireworks from Parliament Hill. However, from where I was, I could see the Parliament buildings just fine. I took pictures of the crowd in line.




            I resigned myself to a long wait to see the fireworks. However, at one point, the Snowbirds flew above where I was waiting.




            When the Snowbirds made another pass, I filmed them. I went back to waiting.


            After awhile, I decided to go to McDonald’s for dinner. There was a line to get into the McDonald’s but I had plenty of time before the fireworks. I got my dinner and headed back to my vantage point.


            As I ate my dinner, I watched a performer juggle flaming torches.



            A little while later, I attempted to photograph an OC Transpo D60LFr which was being used as some sort of shuttle.



            Awhile later the sky got dark and it started to rain! I was in the middle of a thunderstorm! I was able to seek shelter and didn’t get too wet. The rain stopped, but an hour later, it started pouring again! I sought refused under the overhang of a nearby office building with other people. I hoped the fireworks would not be rained out. Fortunately, the rain stopped around sunset.


            I photographed a motorcade which may or may not have contained Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.



            Justin Trudeau was actually in Toronto a month ago for the Pride Parade. I had gone down in advance of the parade because in previous years the TTC has supplied a bus for the parade and this year was no exception. I left before the parade had started so I didn’t see the prime minister.


            After the sun went down, I waited for the fireworks. For some reason, I thought they would begin at 9:00 pm. However when 9:00 pm came without any fireworks, I asked a police officer when the fireworks started. He told me 11:00 pm.


            At one point, I went back to the McDonald’s where I had supper for a snack. I noticed there was a line up for the washroom. I joined the line just in case. However after several minutes the manager came and said the washrooms were closed because a pipe was leaking where they keep the food. This caused some customers to get angry. I left before they had a riot on their hands! I don’t think I’ll return to that McDonald’s on future trips to Ottawa!


            I wandered around and eventually found another washroom. I then made my way back to where I was standing.


            Soon it was 11:00 pm. The fireworks didn’t start promptly, but soon, they were going off in multiple places. I filmed them and took some photos.





No, the traffic light is not exploding. It’s just the fireworks.

























            The firework display went on for 20 minutes and 17 seconds in honor of 2017. I started making my way back to the bus stop to catch a bus back to where I was staying. As luck would have it, my bus came right away. I got on and found a seat as this bus would be a one seat ride back to Lynne’s house.


            We went through an area I hadn’t been to previously on the way there. It soon got to midnight.


July 2, 2017:


            I got off the bus shortly after midnight and walked back to where I was staying. I briefly saw Lynne’s other guests before I set my alarm and called it a night.


            I got up and had breakfast. I washed the dishes and finished packing I then left the key and headed off to the bus stop. I walked a to St. Laurent thinking the route #7 bus would come first instead of the #14 which stopped much closer to where I was staying. As it turned out, the #14 came first.


            I rode to the St. Laurent and transferred to the route #61 bus to the train station. When I got there, I got off and photographed the bus.



            I had gotten to the station shortly after 9:00 am. I had actually got there about 10 minutes before the departure to Toronto before my train was scheduled to depart! However, I decided it was too late to try to get on the earlier train. Besides, my tickets could not be exchanged.


            I did go outside and photograph VIA train #43 to Toronto and train #624 for Quebec City. I also photographed the equipment that would be my train to Toronto and another VIA train.









            I then went back inside the station. I then photographed some model steam locomotives on display.






            I then went into a snack bar in the station and got something to eat. I went back to the waiting game. After a little while, it was time to board train #45. I went to the platform and photographed my train as well as train #624 as it departed.






            I was seated in LRC coach #3308. Even though the outside of the car was still in its unrebuilt livery and still had its end marker lights (which were removed from the rebuilt coaches), the interior was refurbished. The train left six minutes late.


            I pulled out my laptop and went online. I also worked on this report for a little. The train stopped at Fallowfield.


            As we passed through Smith Falls non stop, I photographed a CP spreader coupled to a caboose and former Delaware and Hudson GP38 #7310.




            Some point later, I bought lunch. We passed non stop through Brockville. West of Brockville, VIA trains 62 and 52 passed, but I was unable to film them.

            We stopped at Kingston and departed a few minutes later. The train would be running express between Kingston and Toronto.

            VIA trains #40 and #64 passed, but I was unable to film them. I did see a Goodyear blimp and photographed it from the train.

            A little while later we passed through Port Hope and Oshawa. As we passed the TTC’s Greenwood subway yard, I filmed it from the train.

            We were soon nearing Toronto. I readied my stuff in preparation to get off. Train #45 arrived into Toronto on time. I got off and photographed the train as well as train #75 bound for Windsor. Train #75 was led by a P42 which was wrapped for Canada’s 150th birthday.





            I went downstairs and phoned my mom and let her know I was back in Toronto. I didn’t immediately go back home. It was Sunday which meant that the TTC may be running a PCC on the route #509. I had made two previous attempts this year to ride the PCC without luck. Maybe the third time was the charm. I also wanted to see a new waterfront attraction.


            I saw a mural that had a CLRV depicted on it. I photographed it.



            I then went to the Skywalk and attempted to photograph the front end of VIA train #45.



            I then went to just beyond where the covered portion of the Skywalk ended to a favourite place to watch trains and photographed a UP Express train with a car wrapped for Canada’s 150th birthday.



            I then walked past the John Street Roundhouse which is home for the Toronto Railway Historical Association’s museum. I photographed the museum’s latest acquisition; original GO Transit cab car #104 which was acquired for GO’s 50th anniversary.




            While #104 was restored to its original GO transit livery from the AMT livery it last ran it, they left a feature that was not originally from GO: the door at the cab end of the car has a window which it never had when it was in service with GO Transit.


            I also photographed former CN 4-8-4 #6213; sister to #6200 in Ottawa.



            I then walked down to the waterfront to see the new attraction: a giant rubber duck. However, it wasn’t near where I was so I walked back to the streetcar line. I looked down the line and saw a PCC heading west! I sprinted to the next stop and photographed PCC #4500 when it came.



            PCC #4500 is one of two historic PCCs in the TTC’s fleet. The other car is #4549. These were the first and last cars of the final order of PCCs the TTC bought new back in 1951. As it turns out, only Boston and San Francisco bought new PCCs after this group of cars were built. 19 of these cars were the cars included in my quest including this car.


            This would be the first PCC I rode in 2017. As it turns out this was the last westbound trip of the day for the car. I rode the car to the Exhibition Loop. On the way, I spoke with Toby from the Toronto Transportation Society about Ottawa and the TTC’s historic fishbowls.         


            When we got to the Exhibition Loop, I stepped off and photographed #4500.



            I got back on #4500 and we soon left. I attempted to photograph LFLFV #4438 which was the newest in service at the time.



            There are only 39 LFLRVs in service with TTC at the time. TTC has 204 on order and we were supposed to have more than half in service but Bombardier is having serious delays in delivering the new cars. Bombardier has said they will deliver 40 cars this year which would have a total of 70 cars in service by the end of the year.


            So far, cars #4400 and 4402-4438 are in service. #4401 needs to go back to Bombardier for modifications as it was one of three prototype cars and the only one that has yet to be modified for service. At this time, I have ridden all but #4438. Given the slow delivery schedule, it has given me a chance to ride the new cars.


            I rode #4500 to Spadina Avenue where the car went out of service to head back to the car house. I got off and photographed #4500.




            I filmed #4500 pulling away. I then walked over to the giant duck and photographed it.





            This duck cost Toronto over $100,000 which caused quite a controversy. However, I would later learn it brought in many tourists to see it so perhaps they knew what they were doing after all.


            After I was done, I decided it was time to head home. I walked back to the streetcar stop where I saw and photographed CLRV #4055 on the #509, but I was unable to ride it.



            Presently, the TTC operates the new cars on three routes 510, 509, and 514 and 510 and 509 are supposed to be fully accessible (other than when a PCC runs on #509) so a CLRV is now somewhat rare to see on #509.


            I used a fare machine at the stop to buy a ticket which was the first time I had used one as the previous times I had ridden the new streetcars, I had a day pass. LFLRV #4406 soon came. I photographed it before I got on.





            I rode #4406 to Union station. I phoned home and got on the subway. I rode to Finch where I got a ride home.



            Aside from the delays on the GO train to Union Station and the rain, this trip was excellent. I wish I could have ridden STO fishbowl #7901 in Ottawa as well as one of their few remaining 1989 vintage Classics. However, it was nice to ride some ex Calgary Classics again.


            As for me, my next trip will be at the end of the month where I will head to the U.S. since Donald Trump became president. Until next time…


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