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Ottawa Trip 2015:

Ottawa Trip 2015:




STO Fishbowl #7901 soon became the only fishbowl in revenue service in the Eastern Part of Canada. The bus was kept by STO as a historic bus some time after the charter in 2009, but due to a bus shortage, they occasionally ran it in service. I decided to go in spring 2015 to see if I would be able to ride it.


Meanwhile in 2014, Calgary Transit retired their Classics and last D40.hf The fishbowls had been retired in December of 2013. However, STO bought 10 Classics from Calgary.



Classic #5066 is one of 10 Classics STO bought. STO renumbered #5066 to #9224.


My plan was to take VIA train #52 to Ottawa in mid April. I would spend two nights in the Ottawa area before I took train #45 back to Toronto. The trip unfolded as follows:


April 15, 2015:


I left home around 7:40 am. My mom drove me to Langstaff GO station. I bought a ticket and waited for the train. When the train arrived, I photographed it.



I boarded the cab car. The train left a few minutes late. At the next stop the train crew had trouble closing the doors. The door closing chimes played multiple times, but they eventually got the doors closed. We had no further delays between Old Cummer and Union station. We got to Union Station two minutes late. I got off and photographed the train again.



I then walked to the VIA concourse. I lined up for train #52. Boarding began after 9:00 am. I was seated in HEP 2 coach #4116. I logged into the Wi-Fi on the train. The train departed on time.


As we passed Greenwood subway yard, I filmed the equipment in the yard. As we passed GO's Scarborough station, I saw the last Southbound Lincolnville train approaching on its branch.


The train passed through Guildwood non stop. We stopped at Oshawa a few minutes later.


A little while later, we stopped in Cobourg. We departed. A few minutes later, VIA train #41 passed, but I was unable to film it.


The train passed the Memory Junction Railway Museum, but I was unable to film it. I noticed some of their cars had been repainted.


The train passed through Belleville. I saw VIA train #61 at the station but was unable to film it. I saw there was a rebuilt Business Class LRC coach being used as a regular coach as there were economy coaches on either side of the car. I also saw a covered hopper lettered for Boston and Maine with relettered reporting marks.


VIA train #43 passed, but I was unable to film it.


We passed through Napanee. East of Napanee, a westbound CN freight passed. We stopped at Kingston a little while later. While we were at Kingston, a westbound CN intermodel passed. From the train, I saw a Kingston Transit Orion 6. We soon departed. As we departed, I photographed a Kingston Transit XD40 and Orion 6.




East of the station, I saw an ex Kingston Transit Classic in a parking lot. A westbound CN freight passed.


VIA train #63 passed. As it passed, I filmed it. I bought lunch. The train stopped to separate train #62 from train #52. The HEP remained on as they separated the two trains. We were soon underway and arrived into Brockville.


The train soon departed from Brockville a few minutes later. I went to the last car and found it completely empty. The train passed through Smith Falls non stop. A new Smith Falls station had been built east of the old location. In front of the old station, I filmed a CP track inspection train. I then photographed a couple CP GP38s and attempted to photograph the CP inspection train.





Just past the new Smith Falls station, we stopped on a siding to allow VIA train #47 pass. When it passed, I filmed it. We were soon underway again.


A little while later, we stopped at Fallowfield. I saw an OC Transpo D60LFr leaving the station.


Departing Fallowfield, I saw there was still snow on the ground!


We were soon approaching Ottawa. I readied my stuff in preparation to get off. Train 52 arrived 5 minutes late. I got off and photographed the train.





I then walked to the parking lot and photographed the train again.



I then waited for the train to leave. When it departed, I filmed the train departing and took one photo of another VIA train in the station.



I then got on a route #95 bus and rode to Campus. It should have taken me 15 minutes to get to my hotel. Unfortunately, I got poor directions from OC Transpo's trip planner which the final step was to walk 11 minutes to {hotel's address}. As a result, it took over an hour longer. At one point, I photographed STO Classic #9106 which was painted all white except for the STO logo.



I first thought #9106 was an ex Calgary Classic because they are painted just like #9106 but I later found a roster and #9106 was not an ex Calgary unit. I eventually took a taxi to the hotel. I checked in and went to my room. I called my mom and let her know I was at my hotel.


A little while later, I headed out. I caught an Orion 7 NG on Elgin and rode it to the Mackenzie- King Transitway stop. I photographed a few OC Transpo double decker buses before I boarded #8013 and went for a short ride. I got off and photographed #8013 and filmed it pulling away.



I then walked down to watch some STO action. I photographed some STO buses










STO Classic #9014 came. I photographed it before I got on.



I rode #9014 into Hull, Quebec. On this trip, I would keep going in between Ontario and Quebec on STO. I got off and filmed #9014 pulling away.


I boarded an STO Nova LFS and rode back into Ottawa. I got off by the Rideau Center. I photographed STO #9108; another original STO Classic painted white.



I filmed #9108 pulling away. I photographed a few more Classics.




Since I was last in Ottawa, STO opened their own version of the Transitway. I decided to go for a ride. I boarded an articulated LFS and rode to the Les Galleries de Hull station. I attempted to photograph the bus but it pulled away.



I saw some Classics deadheading back to the garage.


I eventually caught a bus back into Ottawa. I got off at the Rideau Center and looked around. I then decided to go ride the O-Train. Since I was last in Ottawa, OC Transpo bought some new cars built by Lint. The original cars built by Talent have been stored; maybe retired even though they're less than 15 years old.


There was a train at the station already. I photographed it before I got on.



I sat down and the train departed. In addition to the new cars, they installed two passing sidings. As a result, there are four trains on the line instead of two as when I first rode the O-train.


I filmed the other trains as they passed. At Greensboro, I photographed the train when I got off.





I then bought dinner at a restaurant and went back to my hotel. I noticed there were lots of Canadian and Indian flags as the Prime Minster from India is visiting Canada. I watched the latest episode of Survivor though I missed the first 5 minutes.


A little while later, I went out. I eventually bought two large white milks at a Subway restaurant. I went back to my hotel and eventually called it a night.


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