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Amfleet 2 Lounge Interiors:

Amfleet 2 Lounge Interiors:


            Since they were delivered in 1982, Amtrak’s Amfleet 2 lounge cars have had three interior configurations. The following show all three interior configurations.


            This is the original interior of the Amfleet 2 lounge cars. I took these photos of the interior of car #28010. This car was on train 49 on my Arizona Make-up trip.






            In the late 1990s-early 2000s, Amtrak modified the interiors of some of the Amfleet 2 lounge cars to include a smoking lounge at the shorter end of the car. However, Amtrak banned smoking from most of its trains in 2004 making the smoking lounges redundant. After, the train crew used the former smoking lounge as their own room. The following photos were taken on my Arizona trip and my Arizona Make-up Trip.







            The third interior configuration was unveiled in late 2006-early 2007 as the diner-lounge. They were first used on the Cardinal and then they replaced the heritage dining cars on the Lakeshore Limited and a Horizon café car took over the roll as the lounge car on the Lakeshore. However, I took the following photos on my Cleveland Make-up trip when the car was being used as the lounge car at the time. The cars have steam tables and a large reefer. A Steward’s office was also installed.






In the future, the Amfleet 2 diner lounge cars will replace the dining cars on the Silver Star, Silver Meteor, and the Crescent.


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