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     BNSF ES44DC  Heritage 3 yellow letters                      First BNSF SD70ACe that I saw in Tulsa, OK 



My name is Ken Madison and on this web page I hope to share with you some of the pictures that I have taken and information that I have learned while I am enjoying one of my favorite hobbies, railfanning.

The majority of the pictures will be of the BNSF, KCS and UP railroads that run through central, eastern and northeast Oklahoma.  On occasion I travel to Arkansas, Kansas and Texas and hope to include pictures from those journeys.
Hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks for looking.
My first entry is of the Operation Lifesaver Special that came through Oklahoma on Sunday, November 12, 2006.  The S-CBLI (Special-Council Bluff, Iowa to Livonia, Louisiana) traveled south down the UP Cherokee-sub (formerly Missouri-Kansas-Texas) from Parsons, Kansas and I caught up with it in the town of Muskogee, Oklahoma.

S-CBLI coming through downtown Muskogee, OK.

S-CBLI Muskogee

 S-CBLI departs Muskogee, OK city limits.

S-CBLI soth muskogee

S-CBLI on Lake Eufaula causeway south of Eufaula, OK.

S-CBLI south Eufaula, OK

S-CBLI crosses ex-Katy bridge over Lake Eufaula just north of Canadian, OK.
S-CBLI on Lake Eufaula Bridge.

On September 28, 2006, my birthday, the United Way UP SD40-2 was lead unit on the M-MUDN (Manifest, Muskogee, OK to Denison, TX) when I caught it in Muskogee, OK.
Here the conductor it climbing back on after throwing switch to enter main 1 (southbound) from yard tracks in downtown Muskogee.

M-MUDN proceeds onto main 1.
m-mudn up

Closeup of cab on UP 3300

Side shot of UP 3300.

Tuesday 1/30/07

I am sitting here waiting for the 2nd winter storm that is forecast to hit NE Oklahoma this January & the 3rd of the winter season.  Going to be working alot again to clear snow from airport taxiways & runway.  Anyway back to the trains.

I have been fortunate enough to catch a few rare engines that have come through Oklahoma on occassion.

The first one was a MRL (Montana Rail Link) F45 that was on the train H-PASFTW (Priority manifest, Pascoe, Washington to Fort Worth, TX)  that I caught May 7, 2006 on the BNSF Red Rock-sub just south of Perry, OK.


Also another MRL entry, on April 1, 2005 an SDP40 was part of the consist on the H-AMSTUL (Priority manifest, Amarillo South Yard, TX to Tulsa, OK).


Next we head down near Heavener, OK for a Kansas City Southern engine, an SD40X, of which there were only 4 produced.  On Sunday, February 26, 2006, this SD40X was lead unit on the M-KCSH (manifest Kansas City, MO to Shreveport, LA) was sitting on Main 2 at South Howe Control point. 

Heavener, OK is a KCS crew change & engine service stop & usually provides plenty of activity for railfans. In the fall the hills and trees provide a beautiful background for pictures of KCS trains when they are climbing the many grades that climb through the Quachita Mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma & Western Arkansas.

Here is another shot of the M-KCSH at the signal located at South Howe, OK.

sd40x #2  

On May 26, 2006 in Tulsa, OK I caught one of the two remaining BNSF SDP40's as it came in BNSF Avard-sub on the  M-FTWTUL (Manifest- Fort Worth, TX to Tulsa, OK).  


Posted Thursday 2/1/2007

On September 10, 2005, I took a trip to Parsons, KS on a tip that the UP "Miss Katy" SD70ACe would be in town.  When I arrived, I was not disappointed for working in the yard was "Miss Katy".

For a few hours in the Parsons, the Katy railroad has returned for the afternoon on the UP train M-KCFW (manifest Kansas City, MO to Fort Worth, TX).

Here is Miss Katy doing working in the yard.

Miss KAty

Looking down into the yard. 


M-KSFW consist included a former Souther Pacific SD40T-2 tunnel motor.


One more picture looking down into the yard in the afternoon right before I began my drive back to Tulsa, OK.


On the way back home, a quick stop at the UP Coffeyvillle, KS yard yielded a nice clean NS CW40-8. I had previously photographed this engine in Tulsa, OK still in Conrail blue.


Until next time, enjoy the pics.

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