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Sunrise Division Meeting Oct 09 Minutes
Volume II     Issue 7                             RMR Division 2                             Aurora, Colorado                             Rock-tober 2009

NMRA Notes

On-line Printable Membership Renewal Form - After due diligence by your Secretary, the NMRA's online printable Renewal form has been revised to include space for your name, address, and membership number. Just minor items. They left off e-mail address but I guess that would be hoping for too much. The missing data was noted by yours truly when downloading the form to provide for members at meetings. The form had previously been revised in June 2009. After originally being snubbed for recommending these modifications, Harold Huber, your Region President, came to all members' rescue and brought down the "sledge hammer" on National to wake 'em up. Since then, yours truly received a nice 'thank you' for bringing this to their attention and the form was promptly fixed!

Rocky Mountain Region Notes

2009 Fall Board of Directors Meeting Highlights Summary -

  • Meeting was held in Colorado Springs, September 20th.
  • AP Program - 2 new recent MMRs in the Region; Richard Sons and Irving Johnson.
  • 2009 Greeley Convention Report - The convention was very profitable and made money for the region. Rick Inglis commented that the Region convention forms should be reviewed for lack of versatility, e.g., spouses and miscellaneous expenses are not covered.
  • 2008 Albuquerque Convention Report - Resolution over previous report.
  • 2010 Convention Bid - Since Fred Carlson is recuperating from cancer treatments and is still physically weak, the 2010 convention planning has been turned over to a committee to be formed from the Sunrise and South Suburban Divisions. Everyone certainly appreciates Fred's efforts but his recovery is everyone's greatest priority, and it is past time to let someone else handle these responsibilities while Fred gains back his health.
  • 2011 Convention Bid - A group of 12 NMRA members in the Salt Lake area, but not the Wasatch Division, put forth a bid to hold the 2011 convention at the Salt Lake Fairgrounds, which was accepted. There will be no official hotel, or banquet. The convention is scheduled for 26-30 May 2011. Registration would include a UTA Mass Transit ticket to enable transportation around the area.
  • 2012 Convention Bid - Mid-Continent Region would like to hold a joint convention with the RMR Region during Railroad Days at North Platte (late September). One concern was possible conflict with the National Narrow Gauge convention in North Carolina. The bid is under review.
  • Nametags - The board approved making official nametags for the BOD officers. It was suggested that the nametags could be made for Division members and provided at cost.
  • Bob Haggart has assumed the duties of USPS Mailing Chair from Rick Inglis.
  • Contest Chairman's Report - Bill Tulley reported that contest entries were up. The program that paid a dollar to entrants per entry has been ended, after mixed results. Bill provided a handout about the Model Contest to solicit comments from the membership. Read about the Model Contest discussion here. E-mail your comments to Bill Tulley.
  • By-Laws & Constitution - should be reviewed regarding convention rules and how funds are divided.

    Great Train Expo - Denver - November 7-8, 2009
    The RMR NMRA Booth is planned for the Great Train Expo. RMR Promotions Chair Rich Flammini is taking sign-ups for people interested in helping man the booth and/or volunteer clinics. We experience very high interest level in clinics with new as well as long time modelers. It is a great way to share the hobby with others, visit the train show, and have a great time. We are looking for other Denver area Divisions' members to participate as well. e-mail: Rich Flammini to sign up.

    Great Train Expo - Colorado Springs - January 16-17, 2010
    The winter Great Train Expo goes to Colorado Springs this year, and will be at the Phil Long Expo Center. Rich Flammini is again coordinating to have the NMRA booth at that show as well. e-mail: Rich Flammini to sign up.

    2009 RMR AP Certificate Awards
    (as listed in Scale Rails Jan - Dec 2009)
    Master Model Railroader
    Irving Johnson
    Richard Sons
    Golden Spike

    Robert Charles
    James Harper
    E. Sherman Storm
    John Ruhr
    Master Builder - Cars

    Don Bailey
    Association Volunteer

    Jerald Hanz*
    Fred Morton*
    Gary Myers*
    Model Railroad Engineer - Civil

    Richard Sons
    Master Builder - Structures

    Irving Johnson
    Chief Dispatcher

    Bill Sedivec
    Model Railroad Engineer - Electrical

    Irving Johnson
    Bill Sedivec
    Jerald Hanz
    Master Builder - Scenery

    Bill Sedivec*
    * first certificate

  • Sunrise Division Notes

    General Business

  • Attendees (16):Nate, Larry, Dave, Rich, Don, Tom, JohnG, Dick, Albert, JohnK, Gary, Byron, Ernie, Bob, Glenn, and Louis
  • We will hold a convention committee meeting at Dick's house, Thursday, October 8th at 7 PM, to begin discussing preliminaries. Anyone interested is welcome.
  • Upcoming Events Slim Rails Model RR Swap Meet, Oct 17, Colorado Springs (see Calendar).

    For details and more events, check our home page 2009 Calendar

  • 2009 Division Election: Send nominations and/or volunteer to run for an office to Nate.
  • Monthly Meeting Show & Tell Themes
    Jan*HOLIDAY BREAK*JulBuildings
    FebPassenger CarsAugSteam Locomotives
    MarDiesels & ElectricsSepVehicles
    AprTrack StructuresOctMOW Cars
    MayCaboosesNovFreight Cars (Closed Loads)
    JunFreight Cars (Open Loads)DecPhotos/Slides/Videos

    1 Rock-tober 2009 Meeting Activities

    October Show & Tell: MOW Cars
    Caboose Hobbies Gift Certificate
    Random Draw Participant Winner: Tom Frerichs
    Work Train
    (N Scale)
    Tom Frerichs
    Shop Foreman's Car
    (HO Scale)
    Bob Slattery
    Street Sweeper
    (HO Scale)
    Rich Flammini
    Work Train
    (HO Scale)
    Don Francis

    Making Deciduous Trees

    Clinic: Don Francis showed how to make simple decidous trees from preformed armatures, metal castings, and sage branches.

    Video: Following the clinic, we watched a 1960s Morris-Knudsen video "Railroading with the Rio Grande".

    Dessert: The meeting adjourned about 9 PM, at which time most of us "reconvened" at the Village Inn at Mississippi and Abilene for coffee & pie.

    NEXT MEETING: November 5th
    Clinic: TBD
    Show & Tell Theme: Freight Cars - Closed Loads.

    (Photo Credits: Gary Myers)

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