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Sunrise Division Meeting Sep 08 Minutes
Volume 1     Issue 5                             RMR Division 2                             Aurora, Colorado                             November 2008

NMRA Notes

On the NMRA home page is a link to a convention survey for anyone to fill out before Nov 30th. They ask you to rate the National Convention vs your likes and dislikes, as well as comparisons with other conventions you may be familiar with. The survey will hopefully target areas to improve in future conventions.

Rocky Mountain Region Notes


  • If you did not receive the November e-Callboard, send a note to Nate, or contact Chris Fallis or click on this link to the November Callboard.

    Great Train Expo
    Sunrise Division once again manned the NMRA booth at the Great Train Expo with several volunteers, Nov 8-9th. We were unprepared with virtually no pamphlets for the convention, as the Northern Colorado Club had planned to attend with their own booth teamed with the Greeley Freight House Museum. Unfortunately, the Northern Colorado group did not attend nor provide convention flyers, because of work sessions scheduled at the Museum. Fortunately, some of the vendors in attendance did have 2009 convention flyers and gave us some to distribute.

    At this show, we had a small static display and a test track to run an engine back and forth, as well as Tom's N-Scale locomotive running continuously on an oval. We definitely attracted more interest than we did at last February's GTE, by having moving trains and train displays at the booth. We also seemed to have a fair increase of visitors, and interacting with the public by talking to them individually seemed to make some impressions. Some people were NMRA members that really didn't know anything about the Divisions, some had questions about the convention, some people just asked questions on how to get started in the hobby. Some parents walked up with a kid who got to run an engine back & forth on the test track for probably the first time. Those interactions made the whole experience worth doing, and should payback with new interest and new members in the hobby and maybe even the NMRA.

    It was also quite apparent that having continuous running is a necessity while engaged in conversation, having done so with other folks amongst the modular clubs, while having dedicated operators who are unable to really stop and talk.

  • Sunrise Division Notes

    Layout Tour
    Last month instead of a meeting, we toured Don Francis's & Stewart Jones' layouts. We had a great turn out of folks, more than we get at Division Meetings, so we will have to do more events like that in the future. If you missed the tour or want to see the layouts again, check out our Member's Layouts webpage.

    2009 Election
    Nominations for Superintendent, Asst. Superintendent, and Treasurer were unopposed for Nate Bryant, Don Francis, and Bill Johnson. With closure of the nominations, our 2008 officers officially continue for another term through 2009. I, (Gary Myers), volunteered for another year as Secretary (but I tried to nominate somebody!).

    Sunrise Module Group
    Gary and Dick from the design committee presented intial section concepts & proposal to the Division.

  • The layout will consist of 14 sections, that can only be set up in the same pattern, with some removable.
  • The layout will be designed for two person setup in about 2 hours.
  • The layout is designed to be transported and stored in the Division's trailer, without structures mounted on it.
  • Initial construction costs for the modules were estimated, including miscellaneous costs for modifications required for the Division trailer.
  • The committee proposed start-up costs from the Division to begin construction, which was approved.
  • Alternate funding considerations were discussed briefly.
  • Other features of the layout were that structures/scenes were to be Divison and /or member supplied, changing from show to show by laying out track with generic footprints for structures to sit on or replace. Tracks are to weave and flow through the scenery, not necessarily fixed at the same location - thus, regulating the setup to a specific arrangement.
  • A very preliminary track arrangement was shown, that was designed for maximum trackage/cost to start backing off from.
  • No layout design meeting for November 27th (Turkey Day). The next layout design meeting is tentatively scheduled to meet Dec 11th.

    Upcoming Events
    For details and more events, check our home page calendar and on-line at: I am working on the 2009 Calendar of Events, which should be available soon. BTW, if I miss an event, send me a note at:

  • 6 November 2008 Meeting Activities

    Show & Tell: Open Loads / Anything off your Layout!
    (Photos by Gary)

    Don's layout:
    Gary & Alex's
    D&RGW hoppers
    for their
    Tunnel Motors:
    Some of
    Rich's open loads:
    Jim's Kemtron
    & from Stewart's
    Boreas & Saguache:

    Slide Show:
    Dick presented an in person view of Omaha's 2008 Annual Rail Fest

    Tom, Don, Bill, DaveS, JohnK, Stu, Gary, Jim, Byron, Dick, Rich, Louis, Al, Devon, & Thomas

    NEXT MEETING: December 4th: Holiday treats, Tecatta Trains, and show & tell theme TBA

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