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Sunrise Division Meeting May 08 Minutes
Rocky Mountain Region                   Sunrise Division                 Volume 1       Issue 1         May 2008

NMRA Notes

No news reported.

Rocky Mountain Region Notes

Model Train Show & Swap Meet – Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, Aurora, 26-27 April 2008
A few of us from the Division manned a booth for the Region. The attendance for this first annual show was extremely low. Even so, Dick managed an estate sale he acquired Friday and sold off completely Sunday afternoon.

Rich volunteered to continue working with the Great Train Expo and shows to have a Rocky Mountain Region NMRA booth.

Rails Along the Rio Grande, 2008 Convention

  • The special $99/night rate on hotel reservations has been extended an additional week.
  • The Thursday Train ride has been moved to Sunday.


    The e-Callboard has been sent out over a week ago. If you have not received yours, or would like to receive it electronically (and save on Region mailing expenses), contact Chris Fallis.

    Region Election

    Nate passed out election ballots and collected from those present. Don't forget to mail in your ballots. Since the Vice President position was open, write in candidates will be accepted, and there was a suggestion by Dick to write in Bill as a candidate. Bill served aas Election Chairman and acting Director, but did not offically run.

  • Sunrise Division Notes

    Sunrise Module Group
    The module group has been holding meetings more frequently, with our next meeting scheduled next week at Dick's house, Thursday night. Progress has been made determining overall size and basic dimensions. Lightweight construction techniques are still being evaluated. Contact: Dick.

    Upcoming Railroad Events
    Oct 4-5 Western Colorado Railroad Extravaganza - Montrose
    Information about this show as well as their vendor form is now available on-line on our webpage.

    Check our home page calendar and on-line at:

    5/1/08 Meeting Activities


    While we were waiting for the monthly meeting to start, Dick entertained us with a photo show presentation on his trips to the Durango & Silverton. Dick will be showing his presentation again as a clinic at Rails Along the Rio Grande.

    Show & Tell: Transformers (Rolling stock changed to a different purpose)
    ( Photos by Gary)

    A converted Combine
    A Candy Cane Special
    Rich's Collection
    An odd looking caboose, no end platforms,
    is actually an old caboose shell
    on a Centerline Products Track Cleaner
    DaveC's Collection
    Here is an AHM Krauss-Maffei shell
    combined with an E7 chassis
    DaveC's Collection

    Show & Tell II: FASTRACKS
    ( Photos by Gary)

    While Tom was setting up his clinic, Gary did a very brief presentation on building turnouts with FASTTRACKS assembly jigs. The following portrays the tools used/required for building FASTTRACK turnouts.
  • NMRA Gauges
  • 10" Single Cut File
  • PC Ties
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Completed DG turnout
  • First: Frogs
  • Second: Guard Rails
  • Short Guard rail lower right
  • Bends for guard rails above & below short jig
  • Rail Nippers
  • Sharp Xacto
  • Fiberglass Weathering Brush (removes solder on rail)
  • Jeweler's saw for rail cuts
  • FASTTRACKS Point & Frog Filing Jig & wrench
  • Pliobond & Walthers tips for gluing ties to switch
  • QuickStix Precut Ties
  • Belt Sander for grinding flange off stock rails for point nesting
  • FASTRACKS Template showing tie & rail cuts, assembly order
  • Ohmmeter for isolation checks
  • Razor saw for tie isolation cuts
  • Felt Fine Point for marking everything: isolation cuts, rail bends, grind spots, tie & rail cuts
  • Very Fine Point, high heat, high watt soldering iron & stand
  • Very fine solder, Acid Flux and old brush for flux
  • Clinic: XTrkCAD - Freeware Symposium, presented by Tom
    ( Photos by Gary)

    I was going to mail out the install file for XTrkCAD, but I realized that it is an “.exe” file and many mail clients will block it. Therefore, I did a quickie page on one of my web servers and dropped the file there. You can download by going to and clicking on the link. The size is 1.89 MB.

    If folks don’t want to download it from me, they can go to the wiki (link below) and find directions to download it directly from SourceForge. They can also get a Linux version if they are so inclined.

    I’ve also included two links that may be of interest. The first is the wiki for the program, and the second is the Yahoo group that does offer some support. The files section for the Yahoo group, in particular, has a number of additional parameter files that may not be included in the “official” release. However, keep in mind that some of the parameter files (buildings, etc) that were first posted on the Yahoo group have been incorporated into the release. A quick comparison of filenames and dates will ensure that you have the latest version. I’ll be honest— I’ve looked at the N-scale stuff and have not paid any attention to the HO-scale files.

    Perhaps the most useful postings on the Yahoo site are the directions on creating buildings, etc, from scratch.



    Additional XTrk CAD comments from DaveS:
    Since my initial download a couple years ago, the program was improved by a few interested individuals and a new version has been made available. I downloaded it too and it works fine. There are still a few guys around that are continuing to make the program even more user friendly.

    If you wish to use the program, (it includes some turnout data... but not all of the ones I wanted) there is a specific procedure for loading the parameters needed for many of the turnouts those of us in the US need and use. The parameters are in the Yahoo Group files and virtually all of them you might want and need can all be added all at once in a minute or so. Procedure to do so is buried somewhere in all the Yahoo Group messages, but it's not hard to find. Also many Walthers structures are in the groups files and can be downloaded in a near identical methodology.

    Rich, Jerry, Tom, Dick, Bill, Nate, DaveC, & Gary

    NEXT MONTH: June 5 Division Meeting Activities:

  • Convention Highlights
  • Clinic: TBD
  • Show & Tell Theme: TBD

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