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Sunrise Division Meeting June 08 Minutes
Rocky Mountain Region                   Sunrise Division                 Volume 1       Issue 2         June 2008

NMRA Notes

Last week we received a letter concerning the NMRA challenge to the sound decoder patent, which had gone unresponded past the US Patent Office response deadline. Good news for manufacturers and modelers as well. See Patent Challenge Letter.

Rocky Mountain Region Notes

Rails Along the Rio Grande, 2008 Convention

  • A great convention and fun time was enjoyed by all who attended. Our Division was well represented by several members.
  • Rich Flammini won third place in the Model Contest Structures Off-line category.

    (Photo Credits: Gary)
  • Financial figures and numbers from the convention were not available; however, there were approximately 188 registrants.
  • Nate has the Board of Directors minutes from the Board meeting, if anyone would like to see them.


  • The e-Callboards for Nov 2007 and May 2008 have been placed on the Region Division website.
  • Fred Carlson is taking over as editor of the Callboard, for Dick Hunter who had volunteered as interim editor for the previous two issues.

    Region Election Results

  • President: Harold Huber
  • Vice President: Bill Johnson
  • Secretary: Greg Long
  • Treasurer: Don Francis
  • 2008-2010 Directors: Chris Fallis
    Gary Myers
    Martin Pirnat
  • Change to the Constitution: Approved

    Congratulations to the elected and thankyou to all the nominees for their participation.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time and voted.

  • Sunrise Division Notes

    Sunrise Module Group
    The module group has been been making progress with module structural design, for a lightweight, permanent track design with variable scenic concept. We are meeting twice this month and are in the mock-up phase. Contact: Dick.

    Upcoming Railroad Events

  • Nate reviewed the events coming up in June & July. Notably: Limon RR Day
    Thomas at Durango & Silverton RR
    Big Boy Day at Forney
    Father's Day Steam Up in Golden
    Lone Star Divison Iron Horse 8 Convention
    Rocky Mountain Prototype Modeler's Meet in Littleton
  • Mizell Trains will be holding large estate sales in July.

    For details and more events, check our home page calendar and on-line at:

  • 6/5/08 Meeting Activities

    Operation Lifesavor

    Rich noted that while we rode the Rail Runner during the Convention, the horn was constantly blowing for grade crossings, with only a few seconds (or none) in between. The proper signal for a grade crossing is "Long-Long- Short-Long". This prompted some discussion.

    It was noted that the Rail Runner would be removing whistle signs ("X") where crossing gates were installed. Commerce City already has stopped grade crossings horn blasts. We shall see after accidents increase if this decision gets reversed!

    One legend where the "Long-Long-Short-Long" signal came from is that it was the international code for "Q", which was used for clearing the way for Queen Victoria's Launch. Our own Victoria's Secret, eh? .

    Show & Tell: Passenger Cars
    ( Photos by Gary)

    Car 1: Kitbashed Athearn RPO & Baggage cars
    Car 2: Diner Lounge kitbashed from a MDC Harriman roof Coach & Diner
    Car 3: Walthers PRR Diner with Cape Line chairs and plastruct made furniture and interior
    Car 4: Observation & Dome kitbashed from Rivarossi cars, with a lighted and scratchbuilt interior. All cars have body mounted KaDee long shank couplers.
    (Stu's Collection)
    Duckbill Bachmann combine (obtained on sale for cheap!). Repainted, new trucks, & couplers.
    (John's Collection)
    Scratchbuild of prototype D&RGW #1231. Ski Train, and Prospector and probably Royal Gorge usage. Orange sides were clear plastic, which were painted with windows masked out. Interior painted black, to yield black gasket look around windows. Roof and fluting from ConCor car, with tin foil worked onto the fluting applied with an adhesive.
    (Bill & Chris's Collection)

    More cheap Bachmann cars, RPO and coach. The long D&RGW lettering was masked, and the original Grande gold and silver paint stripped off the roof, sides and ends. The cars were airbrushed Pullman green for the sides & ends, with roofs black. Gold dry transfers were used for the new lettering & numbers. The trucks were re-used with ReBoxx wheels, and #58 KaDee couplers were body mounted in coupler boxes. Interior clerestory was lined with dark green transparency cut to fit, clear transparency was used for window glass. Also in the coach, the seats and floor were painted shades of red & purple, with a few cheap seated figures. The end railings were handpainted to a brassy finish.
    (Gary's Collection)
    Branchline CN Pullman - John Jacob Astor. Underframe details and center frame were eventually removed or cut back to permit trucks to run on tighter radii. (Rich's Collection)

    Clinic: Handlaying Track, Part I, presented by Bill
    ( Photos by Gary)

    Bill presented a clinic on many techniques and tips used for handlaying track, which is becoming more into vogue again. Bill had several displays of handlaid track and described many methods and his preferred style to achieve the best results.

    Time ran out and so Bill was unable get to "Handlaying Turnouts", which we decided we would like to see as Part II next time.

    Rich, Tom, Dick, Bill, Nate, DaveC, John, Stu, & Gary

    NEXT MONTH: No Division Meeting !!

    NEXT MEETING: August 7 Division Meeting Activities:

  • Clinic: Handlaying Turnouts, Part II, presented by Bill
  • Show & Tell Theme: Scratch build projects of any kind

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