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Sunrise Division Meeting Dec 08 Minutes
Volume 1     Issue 6                             RMR Division 2                             Aurora, Colorado                             December 2008

NMRA Notes

No news reported.

Rocky Mountain Region Notes


  • If you did not receive the November e-Callboard, send a note to Nate, or contact Chris Fallis or click on this link to the November Callboard. Apparently quite a few people did not receive an e-mail with the e-Callboard.

    Great Train Expo Thankyou
    Rich Flammini would like to thank everyone who volunteered for manning the NMRA booth. I think everyone had fun as well.

  • Sunrise Division Notes

    2009 Election
    2009 Officers for Superintendent, Asst. Superintendent, and Treasurer were formally voted in for Nate Bryant, Don Francis, and Bill Johnson.

    Sunrise Module Group

  • The layout committee submitted a request for funds from the Region, and await official response. So far, approval is mixed but looking unfavorable.
  • Our next layout design meeting is scheduled in January.

    Miscellaneous Items

    The Snow Train
    Rich passed along a link to this interesting Snow Train; a wedge plow ahead of two SP units:

    What's New at Caboose Hobbies - Bill

  • Broadway Limited 2-10-2 Hybrid UP TTT
  • KaDee Plastic Coupler Height Gauge (No more shorting out the rails!)
  • Rapido New Haven, VIA Passenger Cars
  • Brass Krauss Maffei's ($1400) in SP Aspen Gold Livery

    Division's Old 21" TV and Stand

  • TV will be donated to a family in need.
  • The old heavy metal stand will be scrapped.

    Division Roster
    Gary has continued updating the Division roster adding more area members to our e-mail distribution list.

    Upcoming Events
    For details and more events, check our home page calendar and on-line at:

  • 2008 Calendar
  • 2009 Calendar

  • 4 December 2008 Meeting Activities

    Show & Tell: Layout Track Structures
    Don brought some of his Pacific Fast Mail Signal tower semaphores.

    Video Show:
    We enjoyed a 'remake' of Toccata for Toy Trains, which featured a journey through an old time toy train layout, while we enjoyed some Xmas treats!

    The few braving the storm that night:
    Tom, Jerry, Don, Bill, Al, Stu, Gary, & Dick

    NEXT MEETING: February 5th: Show & tell theme TBA. NO MEETING ON JANUARY 1st!!

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    Last modified 14 December 2008