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Sunrise Division Meeting June 08 Minutes
Rocky Mountain Region                   Sunrise Division                 Volume 1       Issue 3         August 2008

NMRA Notes

    Anaheim Special,2008 National Convention

Bill noted that Z-Scale won 1st, 2nd & 3rd module competition. Anyone from the Division attend?

Rocky Mountain Region Notes

Promotions Chairman

  • Congratulations to Rich Flammini for stepping forth to volunteer as Region Promotions Chair and being accepted.
  • Rich's first task is coordinating the Region's booth for the Great Train Expo at the National Western Complex in Denver, 8-9 November 2008. Dick suggested we may want to get some floor interlocking foam pads for standing on the concrete floor. Dave noted that they are on sale periodically at Harbor Freight.


  • The August e-Callboard draft has been reviewed and should be published very soon.

  • Sunrise Division Notes

    Sunrise Module Group
    The next module group meeting (2nd and last Thrusdays) is scheduled to meet next week. Contact Dick for details.

    Aug 14th Open House

  • Pat Tillery is converting to Sn3, and will hold a final Open House for his HO L&N layout next Thursday.
  • The layout is open at 6:30 PM, contact Bill for directions.

    New Products

  • Rapido's new Turbo Trains are expected in the next coupple of weeks
  • Mountain Model Imports have released their On3 & On30 D&RGW K-36's
  • Athearn is coming out with a Turbine

    Upcoming Events
    For details and more events, check our home page calendar and on-line at:

  • 8/7/08 Meeting Activities

    Show & Tell: Scratchbuilt Projects
    (Sorry, no photos this month, my battery died!)

  • Rich displayed his HO shed and oil can stand. Rich used tape to allow the doors to swing open and closed.
  • Stu blew us away with his Rock Product Bunker, which he made based on some photos of a model in a magazine article. The model included conver belts to distribute aggregate into 6 different bins, a loading bucket conveyor from track level. The structure used styrene to form a "concrete" base. The main structure was primarily strip wood, and was an impressive sized structure. Campbell corrugated siding was used for roofing. Ladders were from Central Valley. Fine Scale Miniatures now makes a similar structure.
  • Dave brought his model of a Fertilizer Elevator, from Spanish Fork, UT. Dave did a lot of research on this project, also taking measurements of the actual structure, and taking photographs. This structure still stands on a double switchback but is no longer used. Fertilizer was lifted out of hoppers by auger into three bins. Trucks entered the elevator to be filled with fertilizer for distribution to specific customers. The structure was built with an internal metal frame, which was itself encased by a wooden frame, and then covered with plastic corrugated siding. Dave made his model from styrene, and continues to add some fine details.

    Clinic: Handlaying Turnouts, Part II, presented by Bill

    Photo Credit: Gary
    In Part I in June, Bill presented a clinic on many techniques and tips used for handlaying track. This month, Bill continued by demonstrating turnout building techniques.

    Rich, Tom, Dick, Bill, Nate, Jerry, JohnK, JohnH, Stu, Byron, DaveS & Gary

    NEXT MEETING: September 4th Division Meeting Activities:

  • Clinic: TBD
  • Show & Tell Theme: Your favorite Diesel

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