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Motor Cars

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Motor cars

On August 25, 2001 a hoard of motorcars again invaded our sleepy little town of Emmett.

This time I happened to stop and talk to some of the owners of the little critters and found that they are from many clubs that put on these rides all over the US. Most of this particular group is from California, Oregon and Washington.

Found some great sites on the web for more information:

NARCOA - North American Railcar Operators Association
Pacific Railcar Operators - PRO Online (they show some great speeders for sale too!)

If anyone on this excursion would happen to see this, please contact me, I didn't get any names.

This was a fine running little machine, smooth and quiet. It looked so complete and modern, I expected it to have Air Conditioning!

To load, most of the owners simply pushed their motor cars to their trailers, this fellow used his hydraulic 'Bat turn' lift to get it off the track and proceeded to drive it down the sidewalk!

Loading up to go, here comes the 'Pocatello signal shop' motor car, driving across the lot!!


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Updated 31.08.2001