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This is my original page, simply reformatted. I will be posting more information soon. The photos are not up yet, they are at my other computer in Emmett, which is having connection problems....

This page is currently just some pictures I took of a rumored Sumpter Valley caboose I found one day in Ontario, Oregon beside an antique store. Its exact origin is unknown to me, but it does appear to be quite old, modified over the years and of possible logging origin. More details when I know them.

It really is quite funky, with just one end platform, the overly large cupola windows, different grab irons on each end of the car and the poorly attached link pocket on the B end. The air line is just a pass through, no brakes on the car. It definitely looks homemade.

At the end of the page is my own sketch for a 18" gage work caboose of a similar design, without trying to copy anything but the proportions of the Ontario car.


updated 31.08.2001